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  • DRL Racer4 Street: racing drone with a maximum speed of 145 km/h

    On August 11, the new season of the annual Drone Racing League (DRL) started. The main condition of the championship is the use of the same drone by all participants. This year, the organizers have specially developed a racing model DRL Racing4 Street with impressive speed characteristics. Now the company offers the opportunity to purchase a new product to everyone.

    To make the drone lighter, the body was made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Over the entire area of the LEDs. The model is equipped with four propellers, at the same time, according to the manufacturer, the lifting force of each is 1850 grams. The maximum speed of DRL Racer4 Street can reach an impressive 145 km/h.

    Stabilization and flight control system, motors, consisting of a hundred LEDs programmable backlight and built-in camera operate on a battery capacity of 2200 mAh. In contrast to the exclusively available version of the championship drone, the serial DRL Racer4 Street will be supplied with components that are easy to find on sale.

    DRL Racer4 Street

    Now the project is at the stage of fundraising at the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Of the $350,000 requested, the race organizers have already raised more than $58,000. The campaign is 54 days away. Early investors can order a drone for the price of $599. The first deliveries of the drone are scheduled for April 2020.

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