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  • VoloCity - In Germany introduced the first serial flying taxi

    The German startup Volocopter announced the completion of the development of the first VoloCity serial production aircraft - a hybrid of a drone and a helicopter, which will serve as a public air taxi. Testing of the device is planned to be held in the near future.

    VoloCity - In Germany introduced the first serial flying taxi

    VoloCity is able to reach a maximum speed of 110 km/h. The flight range of the device is 35 kilometers. The taxi cabin is designed for two people with hand Luggage. Instead of placing a classic helicopter propeller, engineers installed 18 rotors with small blades. Thanks to this solution it was possible to significantly reduce the noise produced by the vehicle.

    The presented prototype is the fourth in a row. Modifying the first three generations, Volocopter engineers conducted more than a thousand test flights.


    "Thanks, VoloCity we can open the first commercial routes, and finally implement the idea of urban aerial mobility. The vehicles of our company fully comply with the standards of the European aviation safety Agency", — General Director of Volocopter Florian Reuters.

    VoloCity - In Germany introduced the first serial flying taxi

    The management of Volocopter faces the task of creating an ecosystem for the transport of the future. Now considered a key location to accommodate the so-called VoloPorts — compact air terminals.

    Development of air taxi VeloCity is conducted since 2011. In eight years, the startup has attracted about €35 million of investments. Daimler and Intel became one of the most reputable investors. The fourth version of VeloCity is planned to be tested in Singapore before the end of 2019.

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