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  • Tesla electric cars will become more reliable

    Regardless of the type of car engine, its operation is impossible without a large number of electronic components. Sometimes the failure of one wire is able to completely immobilize the vehicle. Modern solutions in the architecture of transaction based on the obsolete designs and do not involve the backup of the important parts of an electric circuit. Tesla decided to change that.

    Tesla electric cars will become more reliable

    The company's new patent describes a new approach to the organization of automotive wiring. Instead of twisting the duplicate cables into thick bundles, Tesla proposes to organize a parallel connection of electronic components to the on-Board computer. For example, the autopilot can be connected to all kinds of sensors and the CPU is not sequentially, and ring all the components in one network. This will allow data to be transferred over an alternative channel if the primary fails. In the future, the new wiring design will also increase the speed of data transmission in future models of electric cars.

    This is not the first Tesla patent related to the architecture of electronic connections. Earlier this year, the company filed a patent application simplifying the design of the electric vehicle. In particular, it is suggested to use the universal port for the connection components. For example, using a single connector, the door will connect to the main computer without using multiple connectors of different types.

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