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  • Tesla Cybertruck rival on hydrogen fuel announced

    The American company Nikola Corporation announced the release of the Badger pickup truck, which features the original power plant. The car generates electricity for the engines literally on the move, and thanks to the special shape of the body and a special braking system, it differs from competitors with impressive acceleration indicators and a large power reserve - about 1500 kilometers.

    Tesla Cybertruck rival on hydrogen fuel announced

    The design of the new product provides a container with hydrogen, which supplies the engines with electricity. In addition, the car received traditional batteries that can be used as an independent power source. According to the manufacturer, a similar hybrid scheme is used in its heavy-duty tractors, which accelerate twice as fast as diesel models.

    A pickup truck with a total engine capacity of 900 horsepower accelerates to "hundreds" in just 2.9 seconds. Badger will be able to drive 965 kilometers on hydrogen, and 480 more on battery power.


    "Better aerodynamics, energy use without idling, regenerative braking, highly efficient electric motors and fuel cells are new factors that give Nikola an advantage when it comes to fuel economy," the electric car's developers say.

    Tesla Cybertruck rival on hydrogen fuel announcedTesla Cybertruck rival on hydrogen fuel announcedTesla Cybertruck rival on hydrogen fuel announcedTesla Cybertruck rival on hydrogen fuel announced

    According to the company's CEO and founder, Trevor Milton, he has been working on the electric pickup program for years and believes that the market is already ready for models that can work all day without refueling. When creating Badger, the company works with OEMs that provide components and manufacturing facilities, but specific partners have not yet been named. The vendor also announced plans to build a network of hydrogen gas stations for its transport.

    The start date and price of the Nikola Badger pickup will be announced later.

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