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  • Porsche conducted extreme tests of its first electric car

    On the eve of the release of its first serial electric car, Porsche has published the results of an unusual test of the future new item. To test the "endurance" model Taycan, the car is not just placed on the race track - it had to cut circles during the day at a speed of about 200 kilometers per hour.

    Porsche conducted extreme tests of its first electric car

    The German automaker has already tested the electric car for "endurance", performing 30 consecutive runs from zero to 200 kilometers per hour to check whether the batteries and the engine will retain high power output in such conditions. The next test was even more difficult: the car moved on the race track at a speed of 195 to 215 kilometers per hour for 24 hours. Stops were provided only for charging — at the same time drivers were replaced.


    "Taycan has no trouble with this ambitious test of endurance. The result highlights the advantages of the unique 800-volt technology and its high level of maturity. Before Taycan will appear on the market in the end of the year, we will travel over six million kilometres around the world," said Vice President for production line Taycan Stefan Weckbach.

    Porsche conducted extreme tests of its first electric car

    The manufacturer stressed that the experiment was conducted at an air temperature of 42 degrees Celsius, and the road surface was heated to 54 degrees. Despite the extreme testing conditions, the Porsche Taycan completed the tasks without a break.

    Porsche plans to present the production version of its first fully electric car on September 4, the price and detailed specifications will be announced later.

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