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  • Fresco Reverie: two seconds to a hundred and a maximum speed of 300 km/h

    To date, Norway remains the leader in the number of electric vehicles operated by the population. The country's fleet of almost 60% of electric cars will soon be supplemented by a solution to domestic production. Norwegian company Fresco Motors will soon release a model with high-speed performance racing car.

    Fresco Reverie

    Fresco Reverie is positioned as a high-performance premium sedan. From 0 to 100 km/h the car accelerates in just two seconds, and the maximum speed of the electric car is 300 km/h. To implement such high-speed characteristics, the company plans to use a four-speed automatic transmission with an additional upshift, which will be activated on motorways.

    It is known in absentia that Reverie will become a competitor of Tesla Model S, but there are no additional technical characteristics of the car yet. The manufacturer only States that with its electric car the buyer does not have to worry about the range of arrival.

    Fresco Reverie

    The development of Fresco Motors will be retractable battery blocks of modular design for a quick change of failed cells. Electric cars will be recharged using special power supplies without wires.

    All that the company has provided to date — impressive renderings of the car. Whether there is a real prototype of Reverie is not specified, but according to the General Director of the company, the car has already been booked by about 70 residents of Norway.

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