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  • BMW introduced the concept of the future electric sedan i4

    BMW introduced the concept of the i4 electric sedan, revealing in detail its design and some technical characteristics. The main thing is that this is not just an idea of a car that will never go on sale, but a prototype of an electric car that is being prepared for the upcoming release.

    The BMW i4 looks similar to the previously introduced BMW Concept 4, at least from the front. However, the huge "nostrils" in this electric car is more of a design solution, since the electric car does not need to be cooled while driving.

    BMW introduced the concept of the future electric sedan i4

    Externally, the electric car looks modern, but at the same time not too futuristic, which distinguishes it from many other concepts. An interesting detail is the panoramic glass roof, without any full-length partitions. However, it is not clear whether BMW will retain this design in a commercial model.

    BMW Concept i4 BMW Concept i4 BMW Concept i4 BMW Concept i4 BMW Concept i4 BMW Concept i4 BMW Concept i4 BMW Concept i4 BMW Concept i4 BMW Concept i4

    The concept is based on the fifth-generation eDrive transmission and a 390 kW electric motor, which is equivalent to 530 horsepower. Declared the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in about 4 seconds. The maximum speed is not declared. The 80 kWh battery power reserve is about 435 km on the EPA cycle and 600 km on the WLTP.

    BMW introduced the concept of the future electric sedan i4

    Minimalism prevails inside the electric car. So, in front of the driver is a huge curved display, information on which changes dynamically during the ride. It is expected that it will move to the production version of the car. An interesting part of the BMW i4 is the "voice-over" during driving, opening doors, and other actions. It is reported that all the sounds were created by the famous composer Hans Zimmer, who wrote music for many cult films like "Gladiator", "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "The Dark Knight".

    Commercial production of the BMW i4 electric sedan is planned for 2021.

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    • By M. Konwar
      Tesla introduced the Model Y car in March last year, deliveries to customers started on March 13, 2020, so it's time to consider the difference between the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 electric cars, these models are the cheapest in the Tesla lineup. But before that, let's generally understand what kind of cars the Tesla lineup consists of. The company offers us: Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y. Have You ever thought about the differences between all these models? For example, I do not. But now we'll figure it out. The Model S is a luxury sedan, expensive big and fast. Model 3 — the cheapest model of the company, a budget sedan. The Model X is a fancy crossover, similar to the BMW X5, and it is also the most expensive in the line, but the Model Y, in my opinion, the most interesting option is a crossover that is comparable in price to the cheap Model 3, but in all respects exceeds it.

      Tesla Model Y, although built on the basis of Model 3, offers increased ground clearance, high landing and much more room for passengers. This is a compact crossover, the electric car of which delivery to customers started only in mid-March 2020.
      Why did Tesla decide to release this model?
      Firstly, the company did not have a cheap crossover, and secondly, in the world - and especially in the USA, and in Russia - it is crossovers that are getting more and more popularity, and Model Y in this matter due to new technologies and relatively low cost can become probably the most successful Tesla product.
      Model X doors are called "gull wings". Let everyone think you have a Model X until you open the doors to your Model Y

      Tesla Model Y looks like both a family car and a youth car at the same time
      The advantages of Tesla cars are also that they have special filters that allow you to activate the ”mode of protection against biological weapons". In this mode, the car protects passengers from viruses, bacteria, mold, and pollen entering the passenger compartment. Thus, on Tesla, you can easily navigate through Wuhan, which became the source of the COVID-19 coronavirus.
      Before comparing Model Y and Model 3, you should understand one more thing. Tesla sells 3 modifications of its cars:
      Regular version "Long Range" - a version that features increased mileage from a single charge, increased power and improved acceleration. The performance version, it can differ from “Long Range” with improved acceleration (it uses 2 times more engines than the standard model), power and reduced distance that the car is able to travel from one battery charge. Performance versions can easily overtake Ferrari and Lamborghini. A few words worth mentioning about the engines. The standard versions use one engine and one drive, while the Long Range and Performance versions use two four-wheel-drive engines.
      Features of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
      Tesla Model 3

      Basic version - acceleration to 100 in 5.3 seconds, max. speed 225 km/h, cruising range 402 km. "Long Range" - version: acceleration to 100 in 4.4 seconds, max. speed 233 km/h, cruising range 518 km. "Performance" - version: acceleration to 100 in 3.2 seconds, max. speed 233 km/h, cruising range 518 km. Tesla Model Y

      Basic version - will be available in spring 2021. "Long Range" - version: acceleration to 100 in 4.8 seconds, max. speed 217 km/h, range 508 km. "Performance" - version: acceleration to 100 in 3.5 seconds, max. speed 233 km/h, range 507 km. First of all, the Model Y is a crossover, so its main difference is in its size. Model Y is only slightly smaller than the Model X. However, it is worth noting that the Model X costs about $100,000, while the" Long Range " version of the Model Y can be purchased for only $53,000, the version with increased power (Performance) will cost 61,000, which is also good.
      Model 3 is still the company's cheapest electric car. On the official website, the car can be purchased for $40,000, while the BMW 430i, which can be compared to the Model 3, is sold for $44,000 in the United States. Of course, the difference is small, and probably sports car enthusiasts will choose BWM, but Tesla is about technology. The competitor of the Model Y can be called the BMW X3, the both have similar dimensions, but it is worth noting that the X3 is priced at 42 thousand dollars, which makes it a more interesting option for those who want to save money.
      Dimensions Model Y
      Model Y is a compact crossover. In size, it is significantly larger than the Model 3 sedan, and this despite the fact that it is built on the basis of Model 3 (75% of the components of these cars are common):

      Dimension Comparison Model Y and Model 3
      The luggage carriers of the car are much larger than those available in Model 3. Yes, electric cars do not have a motor, which means there are two luggage carriers. Model Y offers 1.5 cubic meters of luggage space compared to 0.14 cubic meters of Model 3. Model Y has 3 rear seats, and now they can also be folded with buttons inside the trunk, in Model 3 they can only be folded through the handles on the rear seats. In addition, if in Model 3 they were folded in a ratio of 60/40 (two seats or one), in the case of the Model Y, you can separately fold each seat, including the Central one.
      The seats in Model Y are very similar to those used in Model 3, but they are mounted on special racks, which makes the landing much higher. Legroom in Y for rear passengers increased by 15%, and for front passengers by 2%. The distance above the head in Model Y is almost the same as in Model 3 - the difference is 1-2%.
      Features of Model Y
      Model Y can offer its owners a panoramic roof for both front and rear passengers. In the new model, the company additionally placed a gasket inside the front hood cover to prevent water from entering the front trunk. Many people scolded the car for the lack of additional mechanical door opening handles for rear passengers in case the car's battery ran out. Model Y fixed the problem - now all passengers in an emergency can open the doors of the car.
      In the Model Y, there is a wireless charging device for the smartphone under the front screen, which is not present in Model 3. In addition, the Type-A and Type-C ports are located under the charge, whereas the Model 3 had only two Type-A ports. The rear passengers received two Type-C ports instead of two Type-A ports. The disadvantage of the Model Y is the increased turning radius (in the Model 3 — 11.8 meters, in the Y — 12.1 meters).

      Interior of the Tesla Model Y is the iPhone in the car world
      A few words should be said about the wheels. In Model Y, they became noticeably wider, this will allow the car to stay on the road and enter corners better, and at the same time in Model Y significantly improved mileage from a single charge (up to 508 kilometers), in Model 3 the basic version is able to travel only 402 kilometers (price 39,000 dollars). Which, however, is also not bad. And, probably, it would be more correct to compare Model Y with the “Long Range” - version of Model 3, which can travel 518 kilometers from a single charge and is priced at 49 thousand dollars. In this case, of course, Model 3 looks more attractive.
      What to buy: Tesla Model Y or Model 3?
      Today, more and more consumers are opting for crossovers, because it is a convenient body type. And the option with the Model Y in comparison with the Model 3 seems more attractive, it is something between a full-size crossover and a regular sedan, and this is its plus. It is compact enough that it can be conveniently moved along narrow city streets, and, meanwhile, it is not so small and is perfect for a large family. Model Y is the perfect car for practical people who want to be in the trend and sometimes like to go out in nature.
    • By M. Konwar
      In September last year, Hyundai showed the concept of an electric hatchback of the future called "45" with an unusual design, and a month ago, the premiere of the futuristic electric car Prophecy with a joystick instead of a steering wheel took place. Usually, such models do not go beyond demonstration samples, but suddenly the South Korean company announced the imminent release of both cars.

      Hyundai Prophecy looks like a Porsche sports car, but in a more futuristic design. The sedan received a panoramic roof and doors that open in different directions. It also uses led pixel lights and a glowing logo.
      Inside, the Hyundai Prophecy has a fairly spacious interior with a huge display instead of the dashboard. The main feature of the electric car was a joystick instead of the usual steering wheel.

      The Hyundai 45 received a minimalistic design with chopped body shapes, sliding doors, 180-degree front seats, and a huge touch-screen display instead of the dashboard.
      It is known that both electric cars will be based on the proprietary Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). The company promises that the Hyundai 45 will be put into production by the end of 2020, while the Hyundai Prophecy will be released in 2021 as a replacement for the Ioniq model. It is unclear how many commercial versions will differ from prototypes.
      Hyundai also announced that by 2022 it will release 13 electric vehicles based on the E-GMP, and another 9 models will be released over the next three years.
    • By M. Konwar
      Lenovo, known as a manufacturer of laptops and smartphones, has expanded its range of branded products and entered the electric vehicle market. The company introduced its first electric scooter called M2 Electric Scooter. The model features a lightweight folding body, a decent range of travel, and an affordable price tag.

      The claimed maximum speed of the new product is 25 km/h, and on a single battery charge, the scooter with an electric motor can travel up to 30 kilometers without "refueling".  Lenovo M2 Electric Scooter is equipped with a triple braking and shock absorption system, the maximum load on the body of the scooter is 120 kilograms.

      The two-wheeled vehicle in a minimalistic design made of aluminum alloy is protected from splashes and dust according to the IP54 standard, and its 10-inch inflatable wheels have a water-repellent protector. The scooter is easy to carry thanks to its folding design and light weight, which is 15 kg.

      On the steering wheel of the model is an LCD display that displays the speed, transmission, and remaining battery charge. You can also use the mobile app to view this data.
      The Lenovo M2 Electric Scooter has already gone on sale in China for $282.
    • By M. Konwar
      Canadian startup Alpine Riding has introduced what is claimed to be the most advanced electric scooter ever. A-Ride has an unusual design and versatility, which allows you to use it in different conditions - from quiet city walks to extreme off-road races in bad weather.

      A-Ride is devoid of any seat and provides only a standing position during the ride. The user stands on a special platform, and due to the unique design and low center of gravity, high stability is achieved, which allows you to make even sharp turns without losing balance.
      The scooter uses an electric motor with a power of 1000 watts. According to the creators, it is so powerful that they had to limit the maximum speed at 32 km/h to meet American safety standards. However, in other regions where there are no such strict restrictions, you can unblock up to 56 km/h. It is stated that it is possible to ride a roller coaster with an angle of 30 degrees without problems.
      On a single charge, the A-Ride can travel up to 80 kilometers, and a full charge takes 5 hours. The scooter is equipped with a 3.5-inch display that displays speed, distance covered, battery charge, time, and other information. The built-in USB port allows you to charge your smartphone while driving.

      You can order an A-Ride electric scooter at Indiegogo for about $2,595. Deliveries are expected in September this year.
    • By M. Konwar
      The Italian company Aznom Automotive has unveiled a very unusual premium off-road sedan. The new car was named Palladium, which means citadel or palace. According to Carscoops , the car will be released in a limited edition of 10 pieces. The prices for the car will be announced later.

      The car was built on the platform of a RAM 1500 pickup truck. The developers themselves call Palladium "off-road limousine". The Palladium is 5960 millimeters long. When developing the design, Italians were inspired by sedans of the 1930s, which were intended for diplomats and heads of state. The car received narrow LED headlights: 22-inch wheels and an unusual radiator grille with vertical slats. The car lacks a traditional trunk. Instead, the car was delighted with a pull-out storage compartment.
      The interior of the new car, which has received wood and leather trim, is equipped with a 22-inch touchscreen multimedia system, a rear two-seater sofa, a minibar and a refrigerator. The car also received a Harman/Kardon speaker system, special Microsoft Surface Pro X tablets for passengers, and a gold and palladium watch that was installed on the console. If desired, the handmade chronometer can be taken with you to decorate your home interior.
      Palladium Palladium Palladium Palladium Palladium Palladium Palladium Palladium Palladium Palladium

      The weight of the car is almost three tons, and the roof and hood of the car are made of carbon fiber. Aznom Palladium received a 5.7-liter V8 gasoline turbo engine. The power of the unit is 710 hp. and 950 Nm of torque. The engine works in conjunction with an eight-speed "automatic". Acceleration to "hundreds" takes 4.5 seconds. The maximum speed is 210 kilometers per hour. The drive is plug-in full.
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