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  • TrendVision aMirror 7 Android: the most intelligent mirror?

    Many car recorders, navigators, radar detectors and other devices are mounted on the windshield, thereby closing the review. In the case of TrendVision aMirror 7 Android, the situation is different: it is installed instead of the regular mirror. So in the car appear to the Registrar and the Navigator, and even a rearview camera. The device combines many of the necessary gadgets and does not take up too much space.


    The size of the gadget does not differ from the standard rearview mirror in foreign cars. Behind it is a camera with a resolution of Full HD, which can be rotated to adjust the desired angle. The camera with the sensor NT99142 works on the processor MT6582, video quality allows you to distinguish the numbers of cars from a distance of seven to eight meters. Due to the viewing angle of 150° in the lens gets all the space of the road up to four or six bands. On top are two slots: for microSD cards (up to 32 GB) and SIM cards, as well as a mini-USB port to connect the DVR to the computer.


    The seven-inch screen occupies most of the mirror area. It is covered with an anti-reflective film, it is a pity that auto-darkening is not provided. For safety, there is a function to turn off the display while driving, so watch videos and read articles on the Internet is better only in the Parking lot.

    Frst of all, the screen is needed, of course, for navigation. The gadget is already built "Yandex Navigator", well-established on the roads of Russia. However, since this "auto-combine" works on the basis of Android 5.0, the owner is free to download any application-Navigator from Google Play - there are no restrictions. In General, the use of Android in such devices expands the functionality and the number of available scenarios. So, on TrendVision aMirror 7 Android you can run not too demanding games or watch videos on YouTube.


    In addition to the built-in Navigator, the device has an application for the warning about stationary radar systems and video cameras. The database of cameras is constantly updated automatically. Especially pleased with the accuracy of radar detection, for which we must thank the remote GPS-module - now there are only the most advanced models.

    In addition to the front camera is included and the back-it is best to fix it under the rear window. The camera is connected with a cable and starts working automatically. The picture quality is worse than the main one, but it is enough to recognize the numbers. When reverse gear is engaged, the camera acts as a Parking assistant. The image is immediately displayed on the display with marking lines that will help you maneuver.


    In terms of installation TrendVision aMirror 7 Android is slightly different from conventional recorders and navigators, as it can not be attached to a Velcro or Suction Cup. A skilled motorist will need some time to remove the complete mirror, install a new one and stretch all the wires under the skin. But after the car will be a neat and smart assistant with a rear-view camera. By the way, outside it can not be distinguished from an ordinary mirror, which positively affects the overall security. Complete with the device has everything you need: power wires, rearview camera, and remote GPS-module. The wires are securely braided and long enough to hold them in any machine. Definitely, numerous advantages of TrendVision aMirror 7 Android clearly outweigh not the most convenient and simple installation.

    Everything is clear with the main functions, but the chips of the model are not limited to them. In TrendVision aMirror 7 Android has a module Wi-Fi, with which you can make a gadget access point and distribute the Internet from a SIM card to all devices in the car. Bluetooth is available for file transfer and hands-free calls. The developers have equipped a mirror and FM-transmitter, so it is easy to arrange to listen to music from Google Play Music through the car radio.

    Overall results

    Every day a modern person has more and more gadgets. In the case of a car installation of several on the windshield affects safety - the driver does not see the whole way. Come to the aid of multifunctional "combines" such as TrendVision aMirror 7 Android. It replaces a stationary mirror and combines several necessary devices behind the wheel. Here and DVR, and Navigator with informer about the cameras, and even hands-free to talk on the phone. In General, a great thing for those who care about the comfort and safety in the car.

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