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  • Dreame XR review: five types of wireless cleaning from Xiaomi


    More vacuum cleaners: light, wireless and different! Apparently, this motto was used by Xiaomi, since the company's catalog already contains several series of similar devices. And all of them successfully replace the bulky and noisy vacuum cleaners of the classic form factor. Today we are testing Dreame XR Premium from one of the brands that are part of the Xiaomi Corporation.

    Dreame XR review: five types of wireless cleaning from Xiaomi

    Portable power

    The manufacturer managed to fit a fairly powerful brushless motor into a light and compact body, which allows the vacuum cleaner to successfully deal with debris that gets in the way. The suction power is 145 W, approximately the same as that of the Roidmi X20 model.

    The Dreame XR weighs only 1.5 kilograms. There is a lever at hand for easy switching between the three available power modes. When working in standard mode, you can safely vacuum to music at medium volume: Dreame XR works quietly.

    Dreame XR review: five types of wireless cleaning from Xiaomi

    Once inside the vacuum cleaner, dust and debris pass through five stages of filtration, including the HEPA filter, and settle in a container of 0.5-liter capacity. There is a mark on it that tells you when it is time to empty it, you can do this using the highlighted button. The same applies to connect accessories: with one click it turned out to quickly change the nozzle without wasting time and battery power. There are five nozzles in the kit: standard for cleaning the floor with a large-diameter roller, a soft brush for cleaning carpets with a double internal spiral, a combined 2-in-1 flat brush (cleaning with and without bristles), a nozzle for processing fabrics, and also a brush for ridding of bed linen and clothes from dust mites. The last two can be combined with the flexible extension hose included in the kit to crawl into crevices and bottlenecks, that are not accessible when using a standard straight metal tube.

    Dreame XR review: five types of wireless cleaning from Xiaomi

    Autonomy and charging

    Speaking of the battery: with the usual (the weakest of the three) power levels, the vacuum cleaner worked for an honest 60 minutes. If you set the average mode, then Dreame XR will ask for the outlet in almost 40 minutes. The maximum power completely discharged the built-in battery (2500 mAh) in 10 minutes. The indicators are generally standard for this class of devices. Of course, there is something to work on, given that it takes three and a half hours to replenish the charge to 100%.

    Dreame XR review: five types of wireless cleaning from Xiaomi

    For ease of charging, the kit includes a wall mount, which serves as storage for nozzles. The solution is reasonable: everything is at hand both at the beginning of cleaning and after it.


    The device design is neutral. The white frosted plastic of the case is harmoniously combined with a metal tube and a copper-colored filter cover. In general, the gadget looks futuristic, which is typical for Xiaomi. From the point of view of ergonomics and assembly, everything is on the level: the vacuum cleaner is easy to operate with one hand, all connections are reliable, and there are no extraneous sounds during operation.

    Dreame XR review: five types of wireless cleaning from Xiaomi

    There was also a small minus: when working, you need to constantly keep the start button pressed. Of course, it is not tight at all, but it would still be nice to provide some kind of blocker. And someone will miss the wet cleaning mode that is available in more advanced models. However, its absence does not seem surprising, given the cost of the Dreame XR.

    Dreame XR review: five types of wireless cleaning from Xiaomi

    Impressions and conclusions

    Dreame XR claims to be a universal cleaning assistant. Floors in the house, car interior, workplace, various sofas with lots of pillows — it can almost do everything except wet cleaning. Ergonomics, rich configuration and technological design enhance the pleasant impression of the gadget. The model is perfect for those who are looking for a wireless vertical vacuum cleaner for a reasonable price.

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