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  • AirSelfie 2 review: selfies from the air


    Perhaps many have had difficulties in order to make a group shot or capture a loved one on a beautiful background during the trip. In such cases, the AirSelfie 2 flying drone will help out. It fits easily in the palm of your hand and can follow the owner to photograph it. We’ll tell you more about the gadget.

    AirSelfie 2 review

    Why do you need a selfie drone

    In contrast to conventional (even foldable), quadcopter drone AirSelfie 2 lightweight and compact. It weighs only 80 grams, it does not need to be registered, and thanks to its modest size and flat rectangular shape fit in any pocket. In size, the flying gadget is even smaller than a smartphone.

    We can say that this is an advanced alternative to the selfie stick. AirSelfie 2 is controlled by a smartphone, flies over the owner, follows him and takes pictures from unusual angles. The battery lasts for five minutes of flight, and the range is about 20 meters.

    AirSelfie 2 review

    Such a drone can be used in different situations. Of course, it will be most appropriate to look during travels. It is worth taking it with you to get non-trivial photos - of yourself, and family, and even a large group of friends. Unlike the monopod, the quadrocopter will allow you to capture more than just faces - you will see the landscape, which usually remains outside the frame.

    Not afraid of falls

    Case material - a strong and light alloy of aluminum. The metal shell is not susceptible to corrosion, almost does not scratch and easily survives falls from a decent height. During testing, the drone fell 20 times, including on asphalt. There are almost no traces on the gadget.

    AirSelfie 2 review

    The plastic screws are securely hidden inside the case. They do not break when an unsuccessful landing or collision with the walls, and it is impossible to scratch them.

    On the bottom of the case are an optical height sensor and an acoustic surface sensor. They are needed to track the location of the device. On one of the ends is a camera, on the other - a USB Type-C connector for charging.

    AirSelfie 2 review

    By screws

    To use the selfie drone, you need to download the application on your smartphone. All control takes place directly from it via Wi-Fi, no additional remotes are provided. The program step by step explains how to connect to the drone, it takes no more than a minute.

    AirSelfie 2 review

    There are three control modes: simple, intelligent and expert. It's funny, but it was the last option that turned out to be the most understandable and convenient for flying.

    It took several days to learn how to fly the drone. In the first of them, the quadcopter got acquainted with all the walls in the apartment and bushes in the yard. That is, just taking and immediately after the purchase you can’t start the camera for cool selfies will have to get used to sensitive virtual joysticks.

    AirSelfie 2 review

    The drone is launched from the hand. You need to open the application, select the control mode and put the gadget in the palm of your hand. Next, you need to click on the flight enable button in the program - this launches the propellers. For the drone to fly up, it needs to be thrown.

    There is one important nuance: due to the miniature size, AirSelfie 2 is very sensitive to wind. The slightest breeze blows the drone away. It was originally planned to test the gadget in Crete. Beautiful bays, beaches, rocky shores - all this would ideally look in the pictures. However, it turned out that there was a strong wind on the island, with which the quadrocopter constantly carried away either towards the sea or mountains.

    AirSelfie 2 review

    During the test of the device, not everything was smooth. The drone flew into the bushes, onto the trees and even onto the roof of the garage. It took a ladder to pull it off. To search for a quadrocopter, there is a function to turn on the audio signal, but it does not work if the device flew further than 20 meters. Therefore, once I had to look for a small gadget, which was blown away by the wind into the tall grass, about half an hour.

    On about the third day, the quadrocopter still managed to curb. The fingers remembered in which direction the virtual joysticks should be turned so that he would fly near the owner and more or less resist the light wind.

    AirSelfie 2 review

    How to shoot

    The camera is represented by a 12-megapixel Sony sensor with optical and electronic stabilization. A wide-angle lens without autofocus with a viewing angle of 81 degrees is installed. This is enough to fit in the frame a maximum of objects without distortion and fisheye effect. The lens eye is tilted down a bit. When the drone flies next to the operator, there is no need to move further away - the camera captures it in a frame.

    AirSelfie 2 transmits photos and videos to a smartphone through the application, the internal memory of 16 GB is enough for a thousand shots or several hours of video.

    The quality of the shooting is comparable to the capabilities of the front camera of some top-end smartphone. The pictures come out bright, with the correct color reproduction and good detail. Optical stabilization helps to make clear shots with a minimal amount of rejects.

    Video is shot in 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second. Thanks to high-quality stabilization, the picture is smooth.

    How long does it fly

    As already mentioned, the drone can stay in the air for about five minutes. This is enough for one or two launches. A little, but there is the opportunity to purchase AirSelfie 2 in the Power Edition version with a special charging case: just put a quadrocopter into it so that the battery is fully charged in 30 minutes. The case has a built-in 10,000 mAh battery. It is enough for about 15 full recharges of a flying selfie camera. The case also charges via USB Type-C.

    AirSelfie 2 review


    AirSelfie 2 is suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle and likes to shoot everything that happens around. The gadget requires habituation, skill, and calm weather, but these disadvantages are offset by advantages such as high-quality shooting and compact size.

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