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  • Google showed a more convenient YouTube interface for smartphones


    YouTube is one of the most popular mobile apps in the world, so Google is constantly working to improve it to make it easier to use. Now the company has launched testing a new, more convenient interface of the famous service.

    Google showed a more convenient YouTube interface for smartphones

    The main change to the updated YouTube was the moved block with comments on the video. In the current version, it is located at the very bottom of the page under a large number of recommendations, stories and other things. As a result, some users are not even aware of the existence of comments in the video hosting mobile client.

    In the new version of the YouTube app, comments are displayed immediately below the video description. However, not all, but only the last three, by clicking on which you can view the rest of the reviews to the video and write your own. Video playback does not stop. According to Google, such a change will make it easier for users to access comments and discuss videos.

    The company notes that the new interface is being tested among a very small percentage of users. So far, the developers are collecting feedback from the participants of the experiment, after which they will decide to implement the change for everyone.

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    • By DeZire
      Hi, guys. In this article, we will talk about how to add links to your YouTube channel so that guests and subscribers can go to your other resources and social networks.
      Links in the channel header play a significant role, they are very often used by YouTube users. By inserting links to your social networks, project groups, or website, you are guaranteed to convert some of the traffic from YouTube to subscribers on these resources.
      You can add any links there, even to affiliate products on your main topic. Many people do this, thereby monetizing their channel from scratch.
      If you have a new channel, the links in the header are not displayed immediately.

      To add links to the YouTube channel, you need to go to the "About" section, where we made a description of the channel yesterday, and find the "Links" button below the description.

      Or the second option is to move the cursor over the channel heading and click on the pencil that appears in the upper right corner, where you need to select the “Edit links”.

      A maximum of 5 links can be displayed in the header, you can select the desired number and click "Add".

      Click "Finish" and see what happened in the header.
      Everything is fine, if necessary, then you can change something.
    • By DeZire
      In the previous article, we figured out how to choose the necessary keywords for your YouTube channel theme, and in this article, we will make a good description of the channel on YouTube.
      Why do you need a YouTube channel description?
      Any text is the best source of information for search engines. The search robot will not be able to recognize and understand images, videos, or audio as accurately as text. This is why channel descriptions, titles, and video descriptions play a very important role in successful development on YouTube.
      Moreover, you only need to spend 20-30 minutes writing the text once and then make adjustments if necessary. Don't be lazy, read on, and make your project one more step more successful.
      Writing a cool and original description
      In general, the description should fully reveal the idea and subject of the channel. Tell the user who will read what it is about.
      You need to keep within 1000 characters. It is advisable not to write the text in one continuous paragraph, but to break it down nicely and make it easier to read.
      To begin with, you can type a template for your description in any text document, and then copy it and paste where necessary.
      A few recommendations:
      Use keywords in the text. You just need to insert them naturally, and not just solidly separated by a comma. Search engines are not fools either, they will see all re-optimization, apply filters, and “publicly lower” you in the search results. Do not forget about brand queries. Do not try to sell something in the channel description and insert links. The links will still be inactive. Describe about the project, what it does, and what videos are published on it. Show your expertise in the niche that the channel is dedicated to. You can tell something interesting about yourself or other authors of the channel. You can specify the days and times when new videos are released. If you have any contests for subscribers on your channel, you can make an announcement and talk about prizes. At the end of the description, you can add a small call to subscribe. Adding the description on YouTube channel
      To add a description on your YouTube channel click on the "customize channel" button on the main page.

      Now on the customization page navigate to the "About" section and click on the "Channel description" button.

      Write your channel description in the box and click "Done" when finished.

      That's all sorted out.
      If there is anything to add about the description of the YouTube channel, then write in the comments.
    • By DeZire
      This is the third step in which we will figure out how to choose and where to write the keywords for the YouTube channel.
      Do not confuse channel keywords with tags that are written separately for each video. We'll talk about tags when we upload a video and optimize it. Yes, in fact - it is the same, but we will consider them a little differently.
      How to choose keywords for the channel?
      Keywords are popular user queries that describe the direction of your channel. They are needed to make it easier for search engines to determine what your channel is about.
      To recognize them, you just need to think logically. Determine who your audience is and what they should search for in order to reach your channel. Next, several services are included that will allow you to find additional ideas for keywords.
      Sort your theme into keywords
      We recommend opening a text document and writing out all the queries that come to mind first.
      For example, the subject is sports. Let's say that a channel with this theme will publish videos about how to do exercises, nutrition tips, recipes, motivational videos, weight loss, and so on.
      We think that your target audience will gain in the search.
      We write out all the ideas, then we select the best.
      Analyze competitive channels
      Here we'll use a special plug-in for YouTube, which allows you to spy on the keywords of any channel for free. It is called vidIQ Vision.
      Register an account at www.vidiq.com. Install the vidIQ Vision plugin for the browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox) Go to YouTube and log in to the plugin. You will notice it, it will be displayed to the right of the video. After authorization, the statistics for each video will also be shown on the right. After you install this plugin, go to any channel on your subject and see all the keywords that are used on it.
      So you need to go around various projects in your subject and write out all the relevant keywords in the table.
      Brand Queries
      We recommend adding brand queries to the list of keywords. Those queries will be used to search for your YouTube channel. This can be the project name, first and last names of the channel's authors, nickname, and so on.
      Use search engine hint services
      The last step is to use Google or other search engine tooltips and keyword databases.
      It is easier and more convenient to use the Google service. Now we need to select the most popular and appropriate search queries, as well as find additional words.
      Thus, you will create a list of the main keywords for the YouTube channel in your niche.
      Where to add channel keywords?
      It remains to add the keywords to the settings. But first, in a text document, you need to put all keywords that consist of more than one word in quotation marks, otherwise, they will be split into separate words.
      "cheapdeveloper.com" "remote work" "freelance work" "free guides" "earning on the Internet" Next, follow the instructions
      Go to YouTube Studio.
      Click on settings and select channel
      Enter your keywords in the keywords box and save it. We'll go back to this tab later to configure other features. We have already sorted out the keywords.
      Write the remaining questions in the comments, and we will be happy to help.
    • By DeZire
      Is a good channel name important?
      In general, yes - the "name" of the YouTube channel is a very important element in its further promotion, it is your brand, which, in order to become successful, must be remembered and spread throughout the Internet.
      But no matter what ingenious name you come up with, success will still depend on the quality of the content you upload. Therefore, do not get too hung up and do not think that your channel is not gaining popularity from the chosen name. Come up with a simple and understandable name for your target audience.
      A few principles of what it should be:
      Simple. Easy to read. Easy to remember. Not long. Transmitting the meaning of the channel and its theme. In English, or translate. Consider your primary audience. Also, do not violate the basic rules of YouTube and create an account with the name or nickname of a famous person or project.
      How to come up with a YouTube channel name?
      Instructions that are suitable for both boys and girls. Let's start generating options.
      It's better to write down all your ideas!
      First of all, we recommend opening a text document or taking a blank sheet of paper with a pen, where we will write down everything that comes to mind.

      Even the most stupid ideas. Usually from the most stupid ideas, brilliant options appear. When the whole list is in front of your eyes, it is easier to come up with something new and play word forms with those that already exist.
      Based on channel content
      What topics are you planning to shoot and upload videos to YouTube? Think about how you can combine all this in one title. So that a person who gets on your channel immediately understands what they can find on it, and whether they should subscribe to it.
      Give the channel your name
      We want to say right away that the channels on which the author’s personality is revealed become faster successful and popular. It’s more interesting to follow a living person who is doing something than a channel that just uploads videos, and it’s not clear who the author is.
      Channels are often called by their first and last names. A name becomes a brand, it is listened to and trusted. The more trust you have, the more your product or service will be bought, the more advertisers will want to buy ads from you, and so on. Your brand on the Internet is a lot of money.
      Analysis of competitors and popular channels
      After you have brainwashed yourself, remove all ideas from your head, you can turn to the search. See the names of similar and popular channels.
      Tip: beginners should not compare themselves with such large projects that have millions of subscribers. But when you watch their videos, try to find constant ideas and tricks that they use, and apply them to your project.
      Many people use various additions in the names, such as: TV, channel, shows, club, vlog, diary, magazine, etc., somewhere they are really consonant and are well suited to the name or nickname. Try it, maybe something will suit you. When compiling a list of options, read them out loud and listen to how they sound, like or not.
      Name for the channel's subject
      In another way, we can say that the names are sharpened for the search query of users. When the name makes it completely clear which videos are placed on it.
      For example: cartoons, travel, earning money on the Internet, recipes, and others.
      Generate names for your channel with keywords, but make sure that it is not long.
      Use other people's brains
      You can find creative guys on any freelance exchanges or you can arrange a contest among your acquaintances and friends for free somewhere on a social network, maybe they will give you cool name and fun ideas.
      Take your time and work with the list
      Now that you've added dozens of name ideas to your list, play with phrases, rhymes, synonyms, and so on. Choose the best option, you can consult with your friends, read them the options and listen to their opinions.
      If you don't have any more ideas, postpone this session until the next day, in the morning, or during another session, you may come up with some original ideas. Usually, this happens when you sit and strain, nothing comes up, and you go with friends to walk on the street or play sports, different brilliant ideas start to climb into your head, just have time to write them down.
      We hope this article will help you in choosing the name for your YouTube channel.
      If you have questions or suggestions, then ask in the comments. We wish you all good luck.
    • By DeZire
      In the previous article, we took a step-by-step look at how to start managing your channel,  and today we’ll deal directly with creating your own YouTube channel and then setting it up.
      Without a Google account, you won’t be able to create a YouTube channel. If you previously registered and created a single account on Google, then in order to create your channel, you need to log in to it. In this case, you can skip the instructions for creating a new account and go to the section "How to create a channel on YouTube".
      Well, and who is a complete beginner, let's start by the procedure.
      How to create a new Google account
      Step 1
      We go to www.google.com and in the right corner click the blue "Sign in" button.

      Step 2
      In the login window that opens, click "Create Account".

      Step 3
      We fill out the standard form, all the necessary data to create a new profile.

      You don't need to fill in your phone number, but in the future, in order to make all the features available (official affiliate programs, monetization, etc.), YouTube will still ask you to enter and confirm the number. So it's better to use your number right away.
      We also advise you to do double authentication via SMS after creating your account, then no one will be able to log in to your profile without your permission with all Google services, including YouTube.
      Step 4
      Click "Next" and confirm that you agree with all the rules of Google. That's it, a new account has been created, you can create your own channel on it.
      How to create a YouTube channel
      Creating a channel is even easier.
      Step 1
      Go to www.youtube.com and sign in with your Google account, in the left column click on the "Settings" tab and you will see a window for creating a new channel, or click on the profile on the upper right-hand corner and select "Create a channel".

      Step 2
      A window appears where you need to write what your channel will be called.

      There are 2 options for creating a channel:
      If a personal channel, you can create using the name and picture on your Google account. You can use a custom name for your channel (the name of your project). In this case, enter your desired channel name and confirm that you agree with all the rules of Google. That's it In any case, you can change the name of your channel in the future.
      Congratulations! You have created a completely empty new YouTube channel. Now we will look at how you can create a second channel and the main account settings, and in subsequent articles, we will focus on configuring the channel itself (appearance, optimization, design, etc.).
      How to create a second channel
      You can create multiple channels on one Google account. To do this, go back to "YouTube Settings."
      Instead of the button where it was simply written “Create a channel”, you see the button “Show all channels or create a new one”.
      Next is the standard procedure for creating a new channel.
      Let's look at the necessary account settings
      General information
      In this section, in the future you will be able to change the channel name, password, view all your channels, and create new ones.
      By clicking on the "Advanced" button, functions will open, with the help of which you can:
      Set a custom URL. You can move your channel to a brand account Delete your channel. Notifications
      Notifications are channel news that comes to your inbox. For example, when someone subscribes to a channel or leaves a comment under a video, you receive an email. In order not to flood the mailbox with such garbage, you can turn off unnecessary alerts.
      Here you can configure what your preferences will be shown to users and subscribers. You can hide which videos you've liked, subscribed to, and uploaded.
      Connected accounts
      In this section, you can connect YouTube with other apps and manage all the sites authorized to access your Google account.
      What to do next?
      We can say that we took the first big step - we created our own YouTube channel. What's next? Further, we will continue to gradually configure our channel, we will study the issues:
      How to configure the channel? How to create playlists? How to upload a video to the channel? How to optimize the video? That’s all for today. Congratulations on creating your YouTube channel. We hope you begin to seriously engage in it, and we will help you with this. If you have questions, then ask in the comments and go to the next article.
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    • OPPO Reno 3 review: Quad camera and lots of memory

      Last year's OPPO Reno 2 smartphone was remembered for its almost flagship characteristics. In the new generation, the emphasis has shifted - the role of the top-end device has been assigned to the Reno 3 Pro, and the standard “three” has become a mid-budget phone. However, Reno 3 received a powerful quad camera, high-quality screen, and a large amount of memory. We find out how good the new product is.

      Four rear modules and a 44-megapixel front-facing camera
      The main camera of Reno 3 received four modules, as in the top-end device of the series - Reno 3 Pro. However, there are some functions missing, such as interpolation up to 108 MP. All the blocks are arranged in a line on an islet that protrudes noticeably upwards if you wear the gadget without a cover.
      The main module has a 1/2-inch sensor with a resolution of 48 MP and a lens with an aperture of f/1.8. As usual, in standard mode, it produces 12-megapixel images, and if desired, you can take photos in full resolution - 48 MP. Telephoto is based on a 13-megapixel sensor and a lens with an f/2.4 aperture. The ultra-wide Angle is equipped with an 8-megapixel sensor and a lens with an f/2.2 aperture. Finally, the 2 MP sensor is designed to assess the depth of the scene.

      Telephoto, in addition to 2x optical zoom, provides a 5x hybrid zoom. The photo app allows you to quickly switch between four shooting modes: ultra-wide angle, 1x, 2x, and 5x.
      All modules can function together with HDR. This option works perfectly in Auto mode, improving both the light and dark tones of contrasting scenes. Artificial intelligence confidently recognizes the scenes being shot and selects settings.
      However, in non-standard lighting conditions, if you choose wide-angle optics, the color rendering will not always be accurate. This does not happen with the main module and the telephoto lens.

      The main module paired with the auxiliary module gives clear portraits and realistic blurs the background
      Reno 3 shoots well in mixed and artificial lighting, as well as in the absence of light in the dark. In the most problematic cases, the Night program helps out. It combines several shots and works out all the tones of contrasting scenes. For shooting with manual settings, an Expert preset is provided.
      Multi-megapixel selfies
      The front camera is built into the display and is located in the middle of its upper edge, in the "drop". The camera is equipped with a 44-megapixel sensor and a wide-angle f/2.4 aperture lens. The default settings are set to a 40-megapixel resolution of images. And the full one is selected by pressing a separate on-screen button. The image quality in both cases is approximately the same. Sharpness appears only from a distance of about 30 cm, that is, for example, it is impossible to obtain a macro photograph of your eye. It seems that the calculation was made for shooting with outstretched hands or a selfie stick. For self-portraits, there are traditionally many beauty options: smoothing the skin, correcting the shape of the face and nose, eye size, and so on.

      Selfies in 44MP mode
      The smartphone records 4K videos at 30 fps. The supported format is Full HD with 30 and 60 fps, as well as slow-motion clips in HD and Full HD. During movie shooting, you can freely switch the zoom.
      In 4K mode at 30 frames per second, the gadget produces a picture with the correct color reproduction and high definition. But when working with hands, stabilization is noticeably lacking.
      Shooting in Full HD at 60 fps uses Ultra Steady Video 2.0 stabilization, which makes the picture smoother.
      Work and entertainment without lags
      Reno 3 is built on an eight-core MediaTek Helio P90 chipset. The new product in AnTuTu gives out figures comparable to the results of Kirin 970 and Snapdragon 712, and slightly ahead of Snapdragon 710. And in the Geekbench 5 rating - is on par with Snapdragon 845. This speed is sufficient to avoid slowdowns in any applications.
      8 GB of RAM allows you to run multiple programs simultaneously. The built-in fingerprint sensor acts quickly and accurately. There are no performance problems in games. In the popular WoT: Blitz with default graphics settings, the frame rate is confidently kept at 60 fps.

      The device has only one main speaker, which produces clear sound without distortion up to about 90% of the volume. Plus, there is support for Dolby Atmos. In this software add-on, you can add surround sound and a bit of bass - a great option for multimedia applications.
      Unfortunately, you will not be able to create a full stereo pair, because the speaker is quieter than the main one. But in Reno3 Pro two speakers shake as if you are holding a good Bluetooth speaker in your hands. Complete in-ear headphones deliver high-quality sound. Thanks to the audio jack, you can connect your favorite accessory.

      The built-in storage is not too large: 128 GB. But it is easy to increase it by using a microSD memory card. It is placed in a triple slot next to two nano-SIM cards. We had a 512 GB test card at hand - it worked without problems.
      High autonomy
      The gadget is powered by a 4025 mAh battery and supports VOOC 3.0 fast charging technology. A 20 W adapter and a complete cable during the test provided recharging at high speed. For example, from 33 to 78%, the battery was charged in 13 minutes, and up to 100% in 27.
      An hour-long shootout in WoT: Blitz (display brightness - 50%) consumes 11 percent of the battery. That is, without going to the outlet, it is about 9 hours of offline gaming. In Flight-mode, with the same brightness, about 4.4% of the battery charge is spent per hour playing the video in Full HD. Therefore, you should expect 22 hours of offline video viewing. Excellent results!

      If long-term autonomy is not so important, you can disable power consumption optimization in the settings and select "High performance". In this case, the device will work a little faster, and the battery consumption will be stronger.
      Great screen
      Reno 3 is equipped with an AMOLED panel with a diagonal of 6.4 inches, a resolution of FHD+ (2400x1080 pixels), and an aspect ratio of 20:9. The display occupies 90.8% of the front panel area, has a teardrop-shaped cutout for the front and thin frames. The image is clear, with rich but natural colors. The viewing angles are large, and the brightness reserve is sufficient for using the phone on the street in any weather. With minimal screen light, it is comfortable to read in a dark room. And at night, you can switch to "Dark mode" - in fact, this is an inverse version of the design: with a black display and a white font. Many people will find it even more convenient, and it also saves battery life.
      Branded shell of the seventh version
      Reno 3 is running a proprietary ColorOS 7 shell based on Android 10. When comparing with the previous version, you can see that the font has not changed, but many icons have been redrawn. However, their shape and size can be easily changed at your own discretion. The screen can be converted to a split format - just make a three-finger swipe up.
      Specifications of OPPO Reno 3
      DISPLAY: 6.4 ", FHD + (2400x1080), 20: 9
      CHIPSET: CPU MediaTek Helio P90 (MT6779V), 2.2 GHz, GPU PowerVR GM 9446
      RAM: 8 GB
      STORAGE: 128 GB
      MAIN CAMERA: main - 48 megapixels (f/1.8) + 13 megapixels (telephoto) + 8 megapixels (wide-angle) + 2 megapixels (scene depth sensor);
      FRONT CAMERA: - 44 megapixels with f/2.4 aperture
      BATTERY: 4025 mAh
      FEATURES: a sub-screen fingerprint sensor, an NFC module, an audio output, support for microSD cards up to 256 GB (without SIM replacement), a proprietary shell ColorOS 7, three body colors: black, white and blue.
      Test results
      ANTUTU: 223,438
      GEEKBENCH: 5 428 single-core, 1568 multi-core
      AUTONOMY: about 22 hours of video playback

      The OPPO Reno 3 is an interesting device with balanced characteristics. From the first minutes, the beautiful design, slim body, and high-quality 6.4-inch screen make you happy. Later on - high performance, fast recharging, and good battery life. The advantages include the photo-filling, including a 44-megapixel front camera. In addition, the built-in drive can be expanded with a memory card, but not to the detriment of the second SIM card - a trifle, but nice.

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