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  • How to make the blue blood in PUBG?


    If desired, PUBG can make the blood is blue, as in the Korean version of the game. According to some players, it helps them to better identify enemy positions during the shootings. Does it help you to play better - a moot point, but no one stops to try.

    blue blood

    Make the blue blood in PUBG can simply typing in the command  -koreanrating  in the startup parameters of the game. To do this, open the list of installed games and choose PUBG. Next, click on "Properties" and "Set launch options". After that, you can run and start the game.

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    Guest Vendetta


    This doesn't work I have tried everything I only get green blood, even when I change the color blind settings its always green.

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    Guest pubg pro


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    • By DeZire
      Tencent Gaming Buddy is the official Tencent emulator to run PUBG Mobile on your computer. You can download the program for free. So you can comfortably play with the keyboard and mouse.
      System requirements:
      You must have 3 GB of RAM or more.
      Download Tencent Gaming Buddy
      1. Copy the link of the official website — https://tgb.qq.com/en/games/pubg.html and open it in your browser.

      2. Click on the "Download" button to start downloading the program.
      3. Open the installation file.

      4. Click on"Customize".

      5. Next on "Browse" and choose where you want to install the emulator. We advise you to install the games on the disc.
      6. Click "Install" and wait for the emulator to finish loading.
      7. The emulator will now automatically install the engine. After that, the download and installation of the game will begin. This may take some time, so please be patient. We wish you a pleasant game!
      Before you start playing PUBG Mobile on a Windows computer, you should make settings to get good performance and graphics. Unfortunately, the default settings do not provide the best performance. To start the settings, click on the menu icon in the upper right corner of the emulator and select “Settings ”.

      In the “Basics” tab, I recommend unchecking the box next to “Run at startup” so that the game does not start automatically when you turn on the computer. This option is enabled by default, and if you have an old computer or do not have a fast SSD drive, the emulator can affect the overall speed of the computer.

      In the "engine" (Engine), you must select "Priority dedicated graphics processor" (Prioritize Dedicated GPU). Thus, the emulator will use a dedicated graphics processor on your computer. This will significantly increase productivity. If you do not have a dedicated GPU, enabling this option will not affect performance.
      Gameplay on the emulator
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    • By DeZire
      Instructions on how to solve the problem with the white screen in Tencent Gaming Buddy. It also helps if you don't have textures and other similar problems.
      Solution No. 1
      Update your version of DirectX
      Often the problem occurs because the user is using an older version of DirectX.
      If that doesn't work or you can't install the latest version, try solution no 2.
      Solution No 2
      Change the rendering type
      1. Start Tencent Gaming Buddy.
      2. Click the three horizontal lines at the top right.
      3. Now open "Settings".
      4. Go to the "Engine" section.

      5. In the "Rendering" section, select the "OpenGL+" option. Sometimes it can be "OpenGL".
      6. Click "Save" to save the settings and restart the emulator.
      Additional measure:
      Update your video card drivers. Reinstall the emulator. The second method is universal and should help almost everyone. If you did not help either the first or the second tip, then write in the comments. We will try to help individually.
    • By DeZire
      Instructions on how to change the color of the sight in PUBG. This can be done in a few simple steps. Standard white sight is easy to lose sight during the game. Because of this, we advise you to use a red sight. It does not merge with the overall color scheme. Therefore, it will always be easy for you to aim at the target.
      How to change the color of the sight in PUBG?

      Open the settings menu by clicking on the gear icon at the top left. Select "Settings" (settings). Go to "Game progress" (Gameplay). In the "color of the crosshairs", we choose "Custom" (Custom). The sliders that can generate the desired color appear below.
      Red sight:
          R — 193.
          A -255
      Green sight:
          G — 247.
          A -134
      6. Now you need to click "Apply" to make the settings take effect.
      How to change the color of the collimator and triple sights?

      1. Set your sights on the weapon.
      2. Aim and press "Page up" or "Page down" to select the desired color.
    • By DeZire
      The event mode "Zombie: Survival till dawn" appeared in PUBG Mobile. Players can fight hordes of zombies. And also with zombie bosses from Resident Evil 2. The event will be available for a limited time. So don't miss the chance to play with your friends. While the mode is still available.
      How to play zombie mode in PUBG Mobile?

      Click On "select mode". Go to "Event mode". Click OK and start searching for a match. We wish you a pleasant game!
      Mode features
      At the end of each round of the game, night comes. At this time you need to survive the attack of the Zombie Horde. Remember that zombies are not the only danger. Other teams will also stand in your way. They, like you, fight for survival and want to win the match. In zombie mode, you can find a unique weapon. For example, a knife or a flamethrower.  
    • By DeZire
      You can change the appearance of your character at any time. There is a special menu for this in PUBG. In it you can choose the desired sex, face and skin color. As well as hair and hair color.
      How to change the appearance of the character?
      Go to "Appearance" (Customize). Go to the Appearance menu.
      Select the options you want. 4. Press "Confirm" (Confirm). Now you can start playing with a new hero. Good luck!
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    • Void Bastards Review: Heir to System Shock

      From the archives of the "Ark": "Day 10th - the search for a laser printer continues. On the way to the ship with the required equipment, the X-75 client, dying of starvation, moored to the “Eugene” dreadnought. Unfortunately, instead of eating, he discovered a mutant breeding ground and an army of pirates. Note in the margin: give the next prisoner more ammo. And an extra dry bag. ”

      Aces in the sleeve
      As soon as you find yourself on the Void Bastards page on Steam, the hand involuntarily reaches for the credit card. Indie-novelty lures juicy comic picture and intriguing annotation. A revolutionary strategic shooter? From people who had a hand in System Shock 2 and BioShock? "Forget everything you know about first-person shooters!" - convinces trailer voice of the narrator, a friend of The Stanley Parable.
      Sunset, admittedly, the most powerful - so many hooks, so many reasons to buy. But is there anything in the creation of Blue Manchu besides the flowery wrapper and references to the hits of past years?
      Rescue drowning
      Void Bastards tells of the misadventures of the prison transporter "Ark." On the way to places, not so remote the ship falls into the Sargasso Nebula - a kind of Bermuda triangle of universal scale. Things instantly take a nasty turn.

      The crew perishes under the influence of ominous radiation, the FTL-engine fails, and around only dozens of helplessly drifting ships, space whales and pirates armed to the teeth. The situation, to put it mildly, is bad, and there is absolutely no place to wait for help.
      The action plan is obvious: the computer randomly selects one of the prisoners, and for some time he becomes the “last hope” of the stalled cruiser. A hero in an orange jumpsuit is handed a weapon, a set of cartridges and a couple of sandwiches, after which he is sent to brush through the nebula in search of salvation. Die - do not worry, send another. Do prisoners have a choice?

      The essence of star odyssey is extremely simple: gamers need to explore the ships, fight with terrible monsters, fill their pockets with pieces of iron, and then, sitting in a cozy shuttle, make useful equipment.
      Immediately upset the fans of the classics: despite the mention of System Shock above, it makes the novelty only a first-person view and a similar entourage with a legend. The rest of the works are strikingly different. After all, Blue Manchu made a typical roguelike rather than a “strategic shooter”. The signs are obvious: a plot for a tick, procedurally generated locations, the lack of quick save, cruel fines for death. Right FTL: Faster Than Light, unless you take up arms at times more often. Yes, and the highlight is it's own.

      The most curious finding is related to the prisoners of the Ark. They are not just idols, but characters with unique characteristics that directly affect the gameplay. Smokers involuntarily cough, attracting the attention of opponents. Crazy hear voices. Awkward rokhly constantly drop objects, and dwarfs suffer from short stature. Say, nonsense?
      Thanks to such a bright find, the loss of a character is not perceived as acutely as in other bagels. On the contrary, untimely death only stirs interest in what is happening. Each Game Over is like a box of chocolates: you never know what the filling will come next time.

      This Void Bastards and captivates - the authors approach the familiar rules. Nothing prevented simply writing in the plot apparatus for regeneration or other futuristic nonsense a la Borderlands. But designers have dug deeper: they have non-trivially beat one of the most familiar genre mechanics, thus emphasizing the surrounding cynicism. Such witty and far from useless parts are more than enough.
      For example, all the monsters are talking loudly, giving out a presence ahead of time, and in battle, they also cover charmingly English. Carpets on cruise liners hide the noise from the run, and flying heads are not able to open the door - they have no hands. Even comic stylistics have found the practical application: the inscriptions in the spirit of "top-top-top" suggest whether there is anyone in the next rooms and whether the grenade has finished the monsters around the corner. All this is very nice, useful and very creative for a small indie release from a little-known team.

      However, the novelty is strong not only in trifles. Here and the arsenal inspired by BioShock (with a cannon shooting office staplers!), Enemies designed for different approaches, and excellent jokes in the traditions of “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy” ... Despite the meager budget, Void Bastards immediately shows what its experienced professionals made. From immigrants from Irrational Games, however, and not expect anything else. Despite the abundance of amusing strokes, Blue Manchu action has a drawback. Only one, but global.
      Short meter
      At a certain point, the game, no matter how demanding it was at first, becomes obsolete. The campaign lasts 12-15 hours, most of the time to deal with the same one, time after time. And in the scenery, which too quickly begins to repeat. Various exotic conditions are called to brighten up the situation: for example, ships without light or with a lot of smoke. Alas, this variation is much less than we would like. After a couple of dozen walker corners of all locations are memorized by heart. Tense first races eventually lose their former urgency.

      This mainly concerns the upper layers of the nebula: here, as a rule, harmless opponents, few firearms, and new equipment are created indecently for a long time. The farther into space, the more complex and varied the adventure becomes. But the golden mean (2-3 zone) lasts much less than we would like. However, they do not indulge in surprises there either: know yourself, walk along familiar corridors, search the trash can and drive the accustomed bullets into the forehead for a long time.
      Closer to the final, fatigue from the boring surroundings gives way to frustration. Turrets overgrow with self-guided rocket launchers, squeaking cameras start to enrage, and tanks they call for - annoying ... After running for a hundredth through a familiar luxury cruiser (with mandatory checking of four identical hotel rooms), you dream of one thing: “ As soon as possible, the end is over!” Not because it is difficult. Just a little tedious, as if you are watching a five-minute short film stretched for a couple of hours. But happiness was so close.
      Fatal Mistake
      Void Bastards sincerely want to love, praise, cherish, good reasons for this abound. Alas, instead of a small masterpiece, what a shooter seems at first, Blue Manchu has turned out another “just a good roguelike”. With an excellent entourage, a funny world, a couple of brilliant ideas - nothing more.
      Colorful, hilarious, surprisingly addictive space odyssey on a terrible galactic anomaly. A great way to spend a couple of summer evenings.
      Content is not enough even by the standards of the roguelike genre. Therefore, Void Bastards sometimes feels like a very long demo. It remains to rely on the sequel.
      PLATFORMS: PC, Xbox One DEVELOPER: Blue manchu PUBLISHER: Humble bundle LOCALIZATION: interface and subtitles RELATED GAMES: FTL: Faster Than Light, System Shock 2, Deep Sky Derelicts IS IT WORTH BUYING NOW: Yes, but you can wait for the summer sale Download on PC
      Download On Xbox One

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