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The creators of Land of War told how they are working on the game world

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MS Games Studio has released another developer's diary dedicated to the future military shooter Land of War - The Beginning. And it was dedicated to the environment and work on it.

Land of War - The Beginning

Land of War begins in Poland during the outbreak of World War II, in 1939. The creators of the game emphasize the realism of showing a page of history that is not reflected in the games, and for this, they conduct research in archives and collect documents of that era.

They also try to make the environment realistic - of course, as much as the limitations of the engine allows. However, sometimes they have to deviate from realism for other reasons: for example, there are no photographs in the archives of some territories of that time, or the artists want to emphasize a certain idea.

Land of War - The Beginning will be released on Steam in the first quarter of 2021.

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