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Not only PUBG and Fortnite - 5 best “Battle Royale” games for smartphones

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The Battle Royale genre has long captured the minds and gadgets of people from all over the world. Although the main glory went to Fortnite and PUBG, there are enough decent games in this genre. Meet - five best alternatives to the famous "battle royale". We ran all the games on our Vivo v17 in a special game mode: it blocks the notification shows the load of the smartphone and selects the optimum graphics settings.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

The main competitor of the famous two. When the mobile Call of Duty first came out, it was downloaded several million times on the first day. A month later, the audience grew to 148 million people - a real record. What is the reason for the popularity? Strictly speaking, Call of Duty is not just a Battle Royale. There is also a normal network mode, as in "adult" shooters: you fight in team matches, grow in levels, get cool equipment, and so on.

By itself, "Battle Royale" is not much different from the competition, except that there are more bonus special attacks. However, Call of Duty has nice graphics and a strong community: you can quickly put together a team and engage in real tactical battles, talking with your partners. If you don't want strangers to hear your voice, it's easy to change it - for example, Vivo v17 has this feature. You can set the baritone of a cowboy or the sound of a child.

Knives Out

Knives Out

Knives Out is not a detective thriller with Daniel Craig, but Battle Royale from the Chinese corporation NetEase. As elsewhere, here the gamer is pushed out of the plane onto an extensive map, after which the mess begins.

The difference, however, is also noticeable. Firstly, there are five people in your squad - in other games, usually no more than three. This expands the space for tactical delights: for example, you can split up and clean the house from different entrances. Secondly, the action takes place not in an abstract village, but in various parts of Tokyo. You can fight both in typical Japanese two-story houses and from the roofs of skyscrapers.

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction

This hit tore mobile charts long before the release of the portable PUBG and Fortnite. Now the popularity of Creative Destruction has declined, but millions are still chasing the shooter. What's the secret?

The thing is that Creative Destruction is very different from its competitors. There is ... let's call it construction. You are allowed to put large square slabs: they are easy to build an improvised house, build a ladder to the roof or banal to close from enemy fire. Available and destructible - it is not difficult to blow up someone else's building. Because of this, the gunman is demanding of hardware and battery. However, a mid-range smartphone can handle it - our Vivo V17 easily overcome the release, and the battery drained by only a few percent in half an hour of the game.

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

Perhaps you hear about this “royal battle” for the first time. In many counties, it is really not on the radar for some reason. What can not be said about Asia - there are hundreds of millions of people being hacked in Free Fire, and some bloggers have even built a career with it.

Why the game is very popular in the East. There are many exotics here: for example, you can land with a snowboard on your feet, cover the body of a character with tattoos, dye your hair the craziest color, etc.. Want to unload after a serious Call of Duty and Knives Out? This way.

Pixel Gun 3D: Battle Royale

Pixel Gun 3D: Battle Royale

Visually, Pixel Gun really copies Minecraft. Everything in the world out of cubes and around cubic life: angular buildings run out angular gremlins that pour you angular lead. However, this is a lot of fun.

Unlike other extremely harsh "battle royals" of this list, Pixel Gun allows you to relax. Don't worry about the rating, weapons, and stars. The game is undemanding, but you need a big screen for a good overview. There were no problems with the image on our 6.38-inch Vivo v17 display.

As you know, the Battle Royale genre is strong not only thanks to Fortnite and PUBG. If you like “battle royale”, pay attention to the games from this list - for sure something will be to your taste.

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