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Half-Life: Alyx: Valve announced the exact release date

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Announcement of Half-Life: Alyx made a lot of noise. It is no wonder: gamers have been waiting for an incredibly long time for a new chapter in the history of the legendary shooter and were happy even to an action movie in virtual reality. This can be judged at least by the eagerness with which they bought up Valve's VR helmets, whose owners, by the way, will get the game for free. The developers immediately said that the release of a promising adventure will take place in March.

Valve has announced the exact release date for the new Half-Life.jpg

Half-Life: Alyx will be released on March 23. Valve announced this on its Twitter page. Of course, it was not easy for gamers to refrain from jokes about the fact that the company still knows the number 3. Users who place a pre-order between March 2 and March 8 will receive bonuses, including a special theme and a three-dimensional interface for Steam VR Home.

By the way, gamers who for some reason have not yet familiarized themselves with one of the most important game series in history can try out all half-Life releases for free until the release of Alyx. For those who have already walked the length and breadth of the original, but want to nostalgia, you can recommend the recently released beta Black Mesa fan remake.

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    • By M. Konwar
      After the release of the second episode for Half-Life 2 in 2017, the famous universe froze, but gamers are still waiting for the continuation of the adventures of silent Gordon Freeman. As it turned out, a couple of years ago Valve still worked on the game based on the shooter. Although it was not the long-awaited third episode, and very atypical for the series real-time strategy, exclusive to the portable Nintendo console.
      Information shared channel Valve News Network, specializing in rumors about the canceled games Studio. The source reports that since 2016 the company Gabe Newell engaged in the strategy of Half-Life: Tactics at the direct request of Nintendo. Valve employees did not make promises, but imbued with the idea and got to work. Reportedly, they were impressed by the concept of Nintendo Switch and they wanted to meet personally with the hybrid console.
      According to reports, the events canceled Half-Life: Tactics unfolded during the seven-Hour war when the earth was captured by aliens. Play offered for the rebels and scientists, and the famous Gordon Freeman had to show only in the final. However, the development frankly did not go: RTS first made a step-by-step strategy and they did try to turn it all into an RPG. None of the options further than the prototype has moved, and in 2017-2018 the project was canceled altogether.
      Note that the video above shows Lambda Wars-modification for Half-Life 2, which turns the shooter into a strategy. As reported, Half-Life: Tactics even to such a state at the development stage and did not get.
      Many fans would certainly be happy to look at the famous franchise in the form of strategy, but apparently not fate. However, for Valve it is rather common practice — the company has canceled at least 30 projects.
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