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There are about 2.9 million apps in the Google store. According to statistics, about 700 thousand games were available by the end of 2019. Each quarter, the number of games increases by about 50,000. And in all this mass of content, it is quite difficult to find something really high-quality. The main screen of Google Play, of course, offers a lot of interesting options, but, of course, it is quite difficult to weed out really high-quality games from the entire stream. In this article, we will offer our readers the best gaming solutions at the beginning of 2020. So let's get started.

Best Android Games in 2020

Call Of Duty Mobile - first-person shooter

You should start with the popular COD series. On October 1, 2019, TiMi Studio and Tencent released the mobile version of Call Of Duty, which is owned by Activision. The game is developed on the Unity engine. Probably, it makes no sense to talk about what needs to be done in COD. This is a typical multiplayer first-person shooter. But probably the best for Android at the moment.


Fortnite Mobile - the most popular royal battle

Fortnite is still one of the most popular games in the whole game. This is an online game in the genre of the royal battle when players are placed in closed territory, and the survivors should be left alone. At the same time, the playing area of the map narrows gradually, which complicates the survival process. The game was released in September 2017.


PUBG Mobile - realistic battle royale

This is an analog of Fortnite but in the usual design. You can’t build structures in PUBG, and there is no cartoony graphics, it is for those who like a realistic picture in the setting of the royal battle. PUBG Mobile was launched back in March 2017 - even earlier than Fornite - but still enjoys considerable popularity. You can rate the gameplay in the video above.


Minecraft - classic lovers

Minecraft Pocket Edition appeared on Android devices back in 2011. Since then, users have acquired 176 million copies of the game on various platforms. This is one of the largest indicators in the history of games. She is probably only Tetris behind. In Minecraft, you need to survive by crafting various items from blocks. Blocks can be obtained from anything, the whole world in the game consists of them. Okay, we’re not going to talk further about the idea of Minecraft because it looks stupid. It's hard today to meet a person who would not know what Minecraft is and how to play it.


Mindustry - the best tower defense

This is an interesting real-time strategy in the tower-defense genre, where you need to build structures, collect resources, and fight waves of enemies. The main feature of the game is its great flexibility. There are many structures, various conveyor belts. You will need to carefully consider the supply of raw materials, based on territorial features.


Fallout Shelter - for those who value Fallout

Another game that made a good impression on me was the Fallout Shelter. In the game, you need to survive in a bunker consisting of capsule compartments. The player will be allowed to build his underground settlement and create an army to fight monsters and enemies.


World Of Tanks Blitz - the best tank game

Surprisingly, the game is still very popular. Blitz is about tanks. Here you can buy new equipment, new equipment in order to destroy the enemy. The game offers rounds, on each of which the players are divided into two teams. Different classes of tanks can be represented in the rounds, but at the same time, the forces of the teams, as a rule, are the same, which creates some excitement and balance during the battle.


What games do you find most interesting in 2020? Share your opinion in the comments.

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      In addition, PUBG Corporation will open a local office and hire 100 employees in India to improve its services.
      Just two weeks ago, the PUBG Corporation studio officially announced that it was terminating all services and access for PUBG Mobile users in the Indian market.
      Now it has been announced that PUBG Mobile is returning to India. The PUBG Corporation, which recently acquired the distribution rights for the game from Tencent, made a statement to that effect. PUBG Mobile India will now be called PUBG Mobile India. The company claims that the game was created specifically for the Indian market, and its content will "reflect local requirements and laws."

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      Make the blue blood in PUBG can simply typing in the command  -koreanrating  in the startup parameters of the game. To do this, open the list of installed games and choose PUBG. Next, click on "Properties" and "Set launch options". After that, you can run and start the game.
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      Tips for beginners in PUBG, which will help you learn the basics of the game faster.
      1. Pre-select the place where you want to land. Talk it over with your teammates if you're playing as a team. Do not jump as soon as possible. So will make most other players. It is better to wait for a little and fly away from the trajectory of the aircraft.
      2. You can control the parachute in order to fall faster. Thus, you can get a small advantage. You can land on the roof of the house.
      3. During the fall, try to keep track of where your opponents landed. Do not be amiss to look at the availability of transport near the roads.
      4. After landing, your first goal is to find a firearm. Guns in PUBG are ineffective. Use them solely for self-defense, not for attack. Shotguns are a very effective weapon for the houses. They will help you easily deal with enemies at a short distance. Then try to find a machine for short and medium distances and a rifle for long distances. Do not be amiss to install the found modifications and sights on weapons.
      5. If after landing you are attacked hand to hand, you can easily defeat your opponent with one well-aimed blow to the head during the jump. Practice this skill a little and you will win each fight.
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      9. The red zone is the place of shelling. It can be safely waited out somewhere in the house.
      10.  Always try to find shelter during shootings. This way you will have time to recharge and restore your health.
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