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World Of Tanks or War Thunder? what to choose once and for all

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Very often there are disputes of choice between these two games. As an experienced fighter in World Of Tanks (25k battles) and War Thunder (~ 600 hours), I can advise you on what to choose. Let's start with the pros and cons of these games.

World Of Tanks or War Thunder?  what to choose once and for all

Pros of WoT (World Of Tanks):

  • Ease of mastering the gameplay, in War Thunder the first time you come up with a lot of questions, but just a couple of days and you get comfortable. In WoT, this problem is not relevant, beginners in the first minutes understand about what and how.
  • The mechanics of playing WoT are terribly simple, even if you shoot a heavy tank in the commander’s tower and destroy it, everything depends on the strength of the tank. 1600 hp etc.
  • Often fast fights, up to 10 minutes.

World Of Tanks or War Thunder?  what to choose once and for all

Pros of War Thunder:

  • Realistic destruction of tanks, a whole modular system, for example, shooting the engine at least 1000 times, you can never destroy an enemy tank.
  • Combining aircraft and tanks in one battle, which will greatly diversify your game.
  • A large number of modes (Arcade battles, Realistic and Simulation, for yourself you will definitely find something). Also in one client of the game immediately tanks, planes, helicopters, and ships.
  • Donat does not give a significant advantage if you bought Gold in WoT and bend anyone you want, it doesn’t work here, the only thing donat affects here is the speed of pumping the equipment.

World Of Tanks or War Thunder?  what to choose once and for all


Still, I advise you to play both games, WoT is really a little easier and so most of them choose it, but after 25K fights in WoT, I decided to play War Thunder and did not regret it. In more interesting situations, rarely fights are the same type.

Write in the comments what you think is best :classic_smile:

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