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Hair care after Botox for hair: recommended products and procedures



Beautiful and well-groomed hair is the dream of any woman. Proper care of them takes a lot of time. Many experts offer various methods in the fight for beautiful and manageable curls. Botox is one of the most common procedures. Reviews about it are mostly laudatory. To maintain the positive effect, you need proper hair care after Botox. For hair, you need to organize the necessary restoration procedures.

How to care for curls in the first days

For the first 2-3 days, it is not recommended to wash your hair, so that the active substances of the drug are absorbed into the curls and scalp. This will allow you to maintain a positive effect for a long time. It is best to wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo 2 days after the procedure.


An inexpensive product that includes plant extracts is suitable. It can be included in comprehensive care and conditioner. It is best to use the tools of the same manufacturer:

  1. The use of therapeutic masks. This is not necessary, because a vitamin complex is present in the composition of the product.
  2. Be sure to use balm. It is not recommended to be applied to the roots in order to preserve the volume of the hairstyle.
  3. Curls should not be pinned with elastic bands and collected in a tail. This can damage the strands.

Hair care after Botox for hair does not cause special difficulties for women but requires careful compliance with individual recommendations. This will help to maintain a positive effect for a long time.

Important Tips

After the Botox hair treatment, care should consist of the following points:

  1. A great positive effect can be obtained if you take a course of taking vitamins. This will benefit not only the hair, but the whole body.
  2. If you need to color your curls, it is best to do it 2 weeks before the Botox procedure. To do this, use unstable dyes that do not penetrate deep into the structure of the strands.
  3. Hair after Botox is best not to expose to moisture and other negative effects. This will negatively affect their condition. If the street is snow, rain or just wet weather, it is best to use a hat.
  4. In the first 2 weeks after Botox, you need to make oil masks for hair. This will affect the curls positively. Experts advise you to continue using nutritional masks. They should be performed 1-2 times a week.
  5. Styling products have a negative effect on Botox. Therefore, you need to give up all this.

Trichologists also advise women to eat properly. It is best for them to exclude fried, fatty and other harmful foods from their diet. The menu should be balanced, and it must include fresh vegetables, fruits, and legumes.

How to wash your hair

It is very important to properly care for your hair after the Botox procedure. Otherwise, the positive effect may come to naught. It is important to wash your hair correctly:

  1. When the procedure can be performed. Due to the fact that Botox contains a lot of useful and active components, hair nutrition continues for several days after it. In order not to reduce the positive effect, the curls are not washed for 3 days.
  2. Beauticians recommend using cool and boiled water for the procedure.
  3. It is best to wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoos. The product should be chosen for normal and healthy hair. A small amount of shampoo is applied to the root zone and then distributed over the entire length of the strands.
  4. It is recommended to use the shampoo 2 times. Be sure to massage the scalp in the process to stimulate the growth of curls.
  5. Dry your hair with a hair dryer is allowed but in cold air mode.
  6. You must use the towel correctly. You need to start from the ends of the hair and move to the roots.
  7. It is best to comb your hair only after it is completely dry. The comb should be made of natural materials. It is important to comb the curls correctly. You need to start from the bottom up.

Women who are used to washing their hair daily, it is best to get rid of this habit. Botox has the ability to rinse off quickly. It is necessary to wash the curls as they become dirty. Do this with the use of special hair care products.

Sulfate-free shampoos

Honma Botox hair care includes the use of shampoos that do not contain harmful substances. These include sulfates. Until recently, curls could not be produced without this substance, and therefore their cost could be several times overstated.

After the appearance of sulfate-free shampoos, many women use them constantly, because their effect on curls is only favorable. After all, they have a sparing effect on the strands.

The list of shampoos after Botox for hair includes:

  1. “Recovery with Cashmere” from Vitex. Shampoo made in Belarus. It will allow hair to remain healthy after Botox.
  2. Kapous Professional. It has an average price but belongs to the professional. It provides an excellent effect even for problematic hair. Paul Mitchell. A professional tool that is used in the best beauty salons. It consists of proteins and panthenol. The shampoo has a gentle and restorative effect.


It is necessary to apply the product along the entire length. It is recommended to use shampoo for care after the Botox hair treatment twice. The first time they simply wash off the fat, and then dust and dirt are removed. Wash off the soap solution with boiled and slightly cool water.

No need to comb wet strands. They can only be slightly dried with a hairdryer. Hairbrushes should be carried out carefully.

Aroma combing

Honma Tokyo Botox hair care includes aroma combing. Thanks to this procedure, the curls become soft and silky, acquire a pleasant aroma and shine.

If there is no allergy to the components that are part of essential oils, then the aroma combing can be performed twice a week.


The procedure consists of the following steps:

  • a few drops of essential oil, which has a special aroma, are applied to the wooden comb;
  • the curls are thoroughly combed.

Aroma combing does not take much time, and it is quite simple to perform.

Use of oils

Home Botox Hair Care uses essential oils. The most useful of them include:

  • Almond oil. Despite the high cost, its use is justified. The composition of the oil includes a unique set of nutrients.
  • Burr oil. It is considered the most effective treatment for hair. The oil has a moisturizing and softening effect.
  • Jojoba. A well-known oil that has a softening effect on the skin and hair. You can use the product daily before going to bed.


In addition to these oils, you can use others, such as olive oil. A useful mask is prepared from it.

A small amount of oil is heated over low heat. Then the warm product is applied along the entire length of the hair. Wash off the mask after 40 minutes. The product fills the curls with shine and vitality.

Nourishing Hair Masks After Botox

To maintain a positive effect for a long time, it is necessary to properly care for curls. Of particular benefit are masks, here are the most popular ones:

  • Kefir mask. To prepare it, you need to take a little dairy product. Then it is heated over low heat. Kefir should not curl. You can just put it in a warm place for 2-3 hours. Then kefir is evenly applied to the strands. Leave for 15 minutes. Wrap hair is not recommended. As a result, the hair becomes soft and docile.
  • Glycerine mask. It restores hair. To prepare it, you need to take: 5 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of glycerol. Mix all components of the product. Apply to curls for 25 minutes.
  • Ginseng mask. The product strengthens the hair structure, fights dryness. Ginseng tincture is bought at a pharmacy. Combine 15 ml of the product with 10 g of cream. Mix thoroughly and add the yolk. Apply to the entire length of the hair and hold for 15 minutes. Wash the curls with water.
  • Mask of egg yolk. In addition to the main component, the product includes 100 ml of white yogurt, 10 ml of coconut oil and aloe juice. The last ingredient can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepared yourself. Coconut oil is heated in a water bath. Add yogurt and crushed yolk. Last of all, aloe juice. The mask is applied to the hair and kept on the hair for 30 minutes.


Masks can be done no more than 2 times a week. More frequent procedures are prohibited.

Can I use a hairdryer

Leaving wet curls is not recommended, so the use of a hair dryer is a mandatory part of the care after the Botox procedure for hair.


To do this, it is recommended to use warm or cool air, but in no case hot. Blowing power should be either medium or low.

Is it allowed to curl?

The use of forceps or Curling irons is highly undesirable. Heating elements that are in direct contact with the hair, can have a negative impact on them. As a result, the outer layer of hair is damaged and nutrients are "evaporated".

It is best to stop using these devices after Botox in order to preserve the positive effect of the procedure for a long time.

What is not recommended

Hair care after keratin and Botox should be carried out correctly. The following is not recommended:

  • After Botox, do not use styling products and hair dye. They include substances that have a detrimental effect on Botox. They destroy the resulting smoothness of curls, harm the structure and negatively affect their health. The use of such tools should be reduced to a minimum.
  • Moisture also should not affect curls for a long time. If the contact with water is minimal, it will prolong the positive effect for a long time.
  • Combing wet strands are also not recommended, so as not to stretch and injure them.
  • Hair should be washed as it becomes dirty.

Thanks to these simple rules, you can keep the structure of curls for a long time. It is important to follow the rules of hair care after Botox for hair.

Women's opinions

Reviews about hair care after Botox are largely positive. Women are satisfied with the result of the procedure.

One group of girls has hair that has a fine structure and curls from nature. Because of this, they are difficult to put in a hairstyle, and the appearance of the curls is not very beautiful. Thanks to Botox, the hair became smooth, shiny and manageable. The right move, including a sulfate-free shampoo and nourishing masks, allowed it to last on the hair for 1.5 months.


The second group of women has problematic hair with split ends, as well as early gray hair. To hide these defects, they constantly dyed their curls. This negatively affected the appearance of the hair. After the procedure, the curls became beautiful and shiny. Proper care in the form of nourishing oils, aromatherapy and the use of sulfate-free shampoos allowed to maintain a positive effect for a long time.


Hair care after Botox for hair gives an excellent result. The strands remain beautiful and healthy. To maintain a positive result, it is important to constantly look after curls. To do this, use sulfate-free shampoos, nourishing masks, and oils. This will help maintain an excellent hair appearance for a long time.


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