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What are the benefits of flax seeds



Flax seeds are an amazing superfood that combines a huge variety of different nutrients and is useful for all body systems. Even in ancient Greece, a decoction of Flaxseed was used as an anti-inflammatory agent, and for more than two thousand years, doctors have strongly recommended adding it to the diet. What is so useful flax seeds and how best to use them in food, we tell in our material.

Flax seeds

What are the benefits of flax seeds?

Flax seeds contain the plant compound linamarin - it evenly envelops the walls of the stomach, creating a protective film on it that prevents harmful toxins from being absorbed, and protects the stomach mucosa from ulcers and gastritis. In addition, the high concentration of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids in flaxseed significantly increases the elasticity of blood vessels and heart muscle, strengthens them, and helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Even if you don't have heart problems right now, regular consumption of flax seeds reduces the risk of them appearing in the future.


Flaxseed is a source of antioxidant compounds. They protect body cells from free radical damage and have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Antioxidants are the real elixir of youth: they nourish the skin from the inside, prevent the signs of aging and hyperpigmentation and protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Flax seeds are rich in magnesium and phosphorus, which are essential for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. They increase concentration and performance and improve memory. A number of active substances in flaxseed strengthen bones, muscles, and tendons, prevent respiratory diseases, and restore the acid-base balance of the body.

What's more, flax seeds are essential in your diet if you are looking to lose weight. They help burn visceral fat, and due to their high nutritional value, they provide long-term satiety and significantly reduce the risk of overeating.

Flax seeds

How to add flax seeds to your diet?

The most important thing: it is useless to add whole flax seeds to food - the hard shell of the seed is beyond the strength of our stomach, which means that not a single nutrient will be absorbed by the body. The seeds can be crushed, or they can be soaked in warm water for 1-2 hours (then the shell will become soft and easily digested, and useful substances will enter the body).

flax seeds

Further, in chopped or soaked form, flax can be added anywhere - here you are limited only by your imagination. Flax seeds are a great addition to your morning porridge, smoothie, or avocado toast. They can be sprinkled on salads, vegetables, and meat dishes, added to cream soups and stews.


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    • By Priyanka in Food
      Flax seeds are an amazing superfood that combines a huge variety of different nutrients and is useful for all body systems. Even in ancient Greece, a decoction of Flaxseed was used as an anti-inflammatory agent, and for more than two thousand years, doctors have strongly recommended adding it to the diet. What is so useful flax seeds and how best to use them in food, we tell in our material.

      What are the benefits of flax seeds?
      Flax seeds contain the plant compound linamarin - it evenly envelops the walls of the stomach, creating a protective film on it that prevents harmful toxins from being absorbed, and protects the stomach mucosa from ulcers and gastritis. In addition, the high concentration of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids in flaxseed significantly increases the elasticity of blood vessels and heart muscle, strengthens them, and helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Even if you don't have heart problems right now, regular consumption of flax seeds reduces the risk of them appearing in the future.

      Flaxseed is a source of antioxidant compounds. They protect body cells from free radical damage and have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Antioxidants are the real elixir of youth: they nourish the skin from the inside, prevent the signs of aging and hyperpigmentation and protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.
      Flax seeds are rich in magnesium and phosphorus, which are essential for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. They increase concentration and performance and improve memory. A number of active substances in flaxseed strengthen bones, muscles, and tendons, prevent respiratory diseases, and restore the acid-base balance of the body.
      What's more, flax seeds are essential in your diet if you are looking to lose weight. They help burn visceral fat, and due to their high nutritional value, they provide long-term satiety and significantly reduce the risk of overeating.

      How to add flax seeds to your diet?
      The most important thing: it is useless to add whole flax seeds to food - the hard shell of the seed is beyond the strength of our stomach, which means that not a single nutrient will be absorbed by the body. The seeds can be crushed, or they can be soaked in warm water for 1-2 hours (then the shell will become soft and easily digested, and useful substances will enter the body).

      Further, in chopped or soaked form, flax can be added anywhere - here you are limited only by your imagination. Flax seeds are a great addition to your morning porridge, smoothie, or avocado toast. They can be sprinkled on salads, vegetables, and meat dishes, added to cream soups and stews.
    • By M. Konwar in Film
      Square Enix published a translation of the session of answers to investors ' questions about its financial results in the first half of the current fiscal year. Chief Executive Yosuke Matsuda confirmed that sales of "The Avengers" were below expectations and that the action role-playing movie has not yet paid off its production budget.

      Earlier it became known that Square Enix sold only 60% of the planned circulation of "The Avengers". It is estimated to have a budget of between $170 million to $190 million, with initial sales of only about 3 million copies. Because of this, the company's HD division lost approximately $ 62 million in the second quarter.
      Matsuda noted that if The Avengers hadn't been released last quarter, the HD division would have remained in the black. However, the losses were caused not only by the non-recouped development costs, but also by the marketing campaign, which suffered due to delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
      That being said, Square Enix still intends to make it profitable with post-release support. Last week, the developers announced that Kate Bishop will appear in The Avengers on December 8th.
    • By Sophia in Culture
      Wedding is considered to be one of the most important event in life. Many prepare for it in a special way, and some begin training in just a few weeks. There are families who do not celebrate this event, and there are those who celebrate in the family circle. If we talk about Turkmenistan, in national families this event takes place in a special way. Turkmen wedding is a long-awaited event in the life of every girl of this nationality.
      If the city residents celebrate it in more modest conditions, the wedding takes place in auls in all traditions. The Turkmen observe all the conditions for the celebration.
      Ancient traditions

      A long time ago the Turkmen wedding according to traditions and customs was a little different from the modern one. Marriages were concluded when the bride and groom were at an early age. The parents themselves chose the pair, so matchmaking was not, everything was already decided for them. The Council of relatives, which was called "genesh toy", decided on the date of the wedding and the conditions of the celebration.
      Most often, the wedding tried to do on Monday, because this day was considered the most successful. The heralds - "Darcy" - was announced in almost all the plain on this festive event. After that, the next day, the most respected woman in the village came to the bride to start sewing wedding clothes. Also gathered all the necessary things for the future life of the young: carpets, household items and more. In order to sew a dress, also selected a special day.
      But the fabric on the sewing it was supposed to deliver from the house of the groom. Open the dress was engaged in a respected woman, who was also a mother of many children. The remains of the tailoring of the dress disassembled the young bride, it is believed that it will bring happiness in family life.
      Bride's dress

      In the Turkmen wedding, the girl's dress was always decorated with a large number of jewelry. They were sewn in the chest area, usually it was done not only for beauty, this location served as a talisman.
      When the bride went, the dress issued a characteristic ringing, it scared away the evil spirits that have always surrounded the girl, because they were amazed by her beauty. In Turkmenistan, the bride has always tried to protect from evil forces not only melodic sounds, but also a variety of amulets, such as braids of camel hair, pig teeth, and even on the hands of the bride wore protective bracelets. Thus, the wedding dress could weigh up to 40 kg.
      Place of celebration

      Often the wedding in Turkmenistan takes place in the groom's house, but it begins with the bride. They slaughter as many cattle as the groom's family will. Most often it was about 10 goals per family.
      On the solemn day to the bride came early in the morning girlfriend, they sang funny songs and escorted her into family life. Daughter-in-laws girls also sang songs, but the way they were humorous, they were discussing the various qualities of the groom. But his relatives, on the contrary, tried to praise him, and talked about the best traits.

      Was a comic tradition which talked about the fact that the bride have to put on the wedding robe-a Bathrobe. It was called "Puranic". All this happened before the arrival of the wedding caravan.
      Wedding Costs
      All funds that go to the wedding are provided by the groom's family. The tradition of bride price still exists today. In the modern Turkmen wedding it is also customary to give feces. In all regions it is different. It can range from three to ten thousand dollars.
      It is very expensive to play a traditional Turkmen wedding. Usually a large number of people are invited, even in the smallest villages it is not accepted to invite less than 300 people. After all, if someone is not invited, it will be resentment for the rest of your life. In large cities, the number of guests can reach thousands. Usually called the famous singer, who also need to pay, plus the cost of the toastmaster.
      Dowry for the bride
      Most often it includes gold jewelry. But not only they, also to the dowry are different types of fabric: velvet, satin and large scarves, they differ in size and color. Even there includes carpets, rugs, coats, and recently - even plasma TVs and other equipment and equipment.
      Preparation for the celebration
      According to the traditions of the Turkmen wedding, the young married for love. All preparation required considerable material and moral expenses. In rare cases, the bride was taken from distant relatives.
      If earlier permission from the girl was not asked, now the parents consult with their son or daughter, after which there is a matchmaking. Young people are allowed to see each other, to agree on any issues and the date of the wedding. Very important on a special day is the role of the priest, call him Mullah, he makes the engagement before the young go to the registry office.
      The Wedding Planner

      In the bridegroom's house is kind of chaos. Many guests also take part in the preparation. National dishes are prepared in the yard: pilaf, shurpa, baked Katlama and chelpek. After all, without these dishes, the Turkmen wedding will not be considered real.
      By this time, the groom is dressed in national clothes for the wedding: boots, Turkmen hat "silkme-telpek", belted with a sash. Only after that, with his close friends and relatives, he goes to the house to the bride in elegantly decorated cars.
      At this time, the bride is already dressed in her special outfit. There comes a time for redemption, then the young go to the registry office and to local attractions. It is mandatory to visit the "Eternal flame", where they lay flowers, leave coins and finally released into the sky pigeons. This is done for family happiness. For Europeans, this is also a common thing.
      The most interesting point is athula - a ceremony in which guests view the gifts and the bride's dowry. During the wedding, sweets are placed everywhere, coins and toys are scattered. Gifts for guests and relatives are also provided. Wedding jewelry of the bride is very hard, they can reach up to 30 kg Outfit it special, but after the wedding she turns into a woman.

      During the celebration, the couple sit with the guests, the girl's face is closed. But every time many people want to open it to see a little bit young. At the same time, wishes for a happy life are pronounced. After the guests have eaten, they leave the groom's house, and the heroes of the occasion go to the restaurant to continue the evening.
      In the evening, the young change into a more familiar modern outfit. Usually it is a black suit for the groom and a white dress for the bride. After the celebrations it is customary to cut the wedding cake, the couple is doing. The first pieces are given to parents, and only after that to all other guests. This is how a new family appears in Turkmenistan.
      Wedding is one of the most important events in life. You can see the Turkmen wedding in the photo in this article.
    • By Sophia in Culture
      Recently, young people began to show a genuine interest in the old traditions of Slavic weddings. Original and largely unique customs of their ancestors often quite organically woven into the modern wedding.
      Wedding - an event incredibly important in the life of every person, requiring careful preparation and marks a new stage in the life and relationships of lovers. Ancestors with due respect and awe treated this event and therefore does not cause any surprise attraction of traditions of the Slavic wedding for the betrothed nowadays.
      Traditions, customs, and rites
      The ancient Slavs considered the creation of a family one of the most important stages of their lives, hoping at the same time for the mercy of fate and favor from above. The word "wedding" consisted of three parts, fully expressing the attitude of ancestors to this event: "SVA" meant the sky, "d" — the earthly act, and "BA" — blessed by the gods. This transcript could be formulated as "an earthly act blessed by the gods in heaven." The statement determined the character of all the rites of the ancient Slavic wedding.
      The Union of two people has always been traditionally associated with procreation, and the birth of children was strongly encouraged. The ancient Slavs in this regard gradually formed several restrictions and prohibitions for candidates for potential bride and groom. The age limit for newlyweds was very reasonable: a young man must be over 21 years old, and the girl must be 16 years old. For known reasons, the family of the groom and the bride's family should not have crossed too close.
      There is a popular misconception that young often combined in marriage against their will. In fact, the traditions of the Slavic wedding suggested the presence of a special, harmonious relationship between the newlyweds. It was thought that life itself and the gods had sent them to the arms of each other.
      If we talk about the old Slavic traditions and customs, to date, they have repeatedly undergone changes due to permanent resettlement and warfare. The birth of Christianity in Russia marked a change in wedding ceremonies, the wedding was held in the Church, and the blessing of the young gods on the temple was forgotten as one of the many pagan traditions.

      Style and symbolism
      The style of Slavic wedding was based on the idea of unity with nature and respect for traditions. Clothes and surroundings do not involve the excesses and extravagances of modern weddings, not exuded excessive pathos and formulaic style. The atmosphere, as a rule, is maintained in the old Russian key. Decoration of the festival place with as many natural elements as possible and the absence of synthetic and plastic parts are welcome. Usually, the color palette of costumes, decorations, and backgrounds is based on white and red colors, but blue shades are also acceptable.
      Ancient amulet called Bridal, denoting the creative and destructive beginning of the sun and therefore has a double force, can rightly be called the main symbol of the Slavic wedding. This talisman personified in a General sense the Union of the two clans protected the future family from the evil eye and all the troubles, and also brought prosperity, mutual understanding, and happiness to the house of the married. Give svadebnik traditionally the parents of the young at the conclusion of all ceremonies.

      The ancient Slavs believed that this talisman had magical properties that helped create the family climate, helped the early appearance of healthy offspring and protect spouses from the squabbles and quarrels. One of the rites of the Slavic wedding prescribed after the birth of the first child to hide the wedding with a veil, dress and other attributes of the celebration in the chest. However, some couples still left the symbol in the most prominent place in the house.
      Nowadays it has become popular to apply the image of this talisman in the form of the same tattoo to both spouses. It is worth noting that according to the old Slavic traditions such amulet is not considered real and does not have magical properties. According to the ancient customs, svadebnik produced by natural embroidery thread on the white piece of cloth. Then the mascot could hang on the wall like a picture. Preference was given to fabrics of linen origin. Some have opted for a wooden talisman made of beech, oak, ash or birch.
      Wedding scenarios
      The essence of any scenario of the wedding in the old Slavic style is the naturalness of the theme. From a variety of well-established wedding, templates should be immediately abandoned. The atmosphere of celebration, bright colors and unbridled fun — the Foundation for writing the script for the Slavic wedding. Already at this stage, it is time to decide who will get the lead role. Professional toastmaster is likely to cope with this task better, but it is necessary to warn in advance about the style of the celebration and discuss all the details.

      Photo: boho-weddings.com
      According to Slavic customs, the wedding is made up of a wedding train, which necessarily presents the bride and groom, parents on both sides, friends of the groom and bridesmaids, as well as professional musicians. The young man, accompanied by his retinue, goes first to his beloved, and then with her goes to the place of the wedding ceremony. At this time, guests are already waiting for the start of the celebration. Contrary to the established European traditions, the bride should not lead to the altar of her father, and the groom himself. Then begins the official part of the event, during which the couple swears to each other in love, exchange wedding rings, sign the consent to the marriage and kiss to the applause of the guests.
      In the scenario of the Slavic wedding will fit well the old folk entertainment and colorful competitions of those times. The audience will appreciate the tug of war, brook, tag, and competition in the towns. The degree of fun will increase the ancient Russian fun jumping over the fire. Of course, with full compliance with all security measures. Heroes of Slavic folklore and folk tales will only decorate the holiday. Charming mermaids, frightening goblins and mysterious brownies perfectly fit into the atmosphere of this Slavic wedding.
      For the delight of hearing guests can invite musical groups performing songs under Russian folk instruments like gusli, domra, wheel lyre or the well-known balalaika. Strings it is recommended to Supplement wind instruments: the pastoral pipe, zhaleika, kaluli, a pipe or horn. Keep the rhythm of cheerful Slavic dances and dances should be assigned to a group of drums, consisting of tambourines and bells, rattles and rattles. The size and composition of the Slavic orchestra will depend only on financial possibilities. Under the provocative music, guests will appreciate the flashy fisticuffs. Undoubtedly, it is best to use the services of professional artists for such fights.
      Wedding table decoration
      Banquet in the organization of the celebration in the old Russian traditions plays a special role. Making a table at a Slavic wedding should be done as diverse and rich. The inhabitants of Ancient Russia gathered for such events whole villages, and therefore the tables almost sagged under a huge number of treats for every taste. Dishes invariably included various pastries, meat and fish dishes, and at the head of the table, there was always a loaf, which was entrusted to bake married women from the bride's family. Of course, the organization of the Slavic wedding now allows the order loaf in the bakery. The most interesting thing is that a large loaf can fully replace the wedding cake and once again emphasize the Slavic flavor of the event.

      It is also necessary to determine the list of dishes to the table, which will be both delicious and relevant to the overall style of the celebration with a Slavic bias. Banquet menu, in this case, may consist of an impressive selection of treats:
      pies, pancakes, and fritters, baked fish and salted herring, game and skewered meat (rabbit, pork or beef), pickled mushrooms and various pickles, caviar and sauerkraut, suckling pig as an exquisite delicacy. The list of drinks includes compotes, fruit drinks, jelly, and compote. The latter are decoctions of boiled water with fruit and berry and wine additives to taste. In principle, traditional wedding drinks like champagne and any strong alcohol is quite acceptable to leave on the menu. If you pour strong alcohol in stylized Slavic life jugs and decanters, it will only benefit the atmosphere of the holiday.
      Wedding gifts
      The ancient Slavs strictly followed the established procedures and always knew who and how much had to be presented as a gift, so that all those present were satisfied. Give then all could, that could come in handy in everyday life and represented the viability and prosperity. In the course were poultry and animals: young gave geese, ducks, chickens, pigs, cows, bulls and calves. It was not forbidden to provide even food as a gift. From what to give for a wedding in the Slavic style now, we can mention towels without fringe, which were a symbol of unity and love of the married. By the way, the ancient Slavic customs prescribed to make gifts of something in large quantities and always a multiple of ten. For example, a hundred boxes of chicken eggs or ten geese.

      The oldest relative in the groom's family traditionally gave him a whip. The groom was supposed to place this whip on a prominent part of the wall in the house. The symbolism was, in this case, a demonstration of the husband's power over his wife. Other relatives were also supposed to present certain gifts according to the traditions and customs of the Slavic wedding. For example, future mother-in-law usually gave her daughter-in-law some valuable family heirloom. This gift mother-in-law bequeathed to keep the family tradition in the house of the future couple. As a relic was a ring or any other decoration.
      Of course, many will consider for a modern wedding gift like geese and whips slightly strange. However, in old Slavonic times, young people were often given fine furs and textiles, as well as beautiful jewelry as a gift. These gifts are unlikely to ever go out of fashion. Also, always relevant as a present will remain ordinary household items. It will not be difficult to find a useful gift from the kitchen and household appliances, sets and tableware, sports equipment and entertainment devices.
      An interesting tradition was the so-called "gifts". In the first six months of family life, the husband and wife evaluated the gifts of guests at the wedding. After that, they necessarily paid a personal visit to each guest and presented him with reciprocal gifts that cost more than the wedding gifts given to them earlier. The meaning of this custom was that the family showed the value of the gifts received and how these gifts increased their family well-being.
      Folk songs for wedding
      No wedding Banquet can not do without singing positive songs, and at the Slavic wedding even more so. At the same time, guests of the celebration and the newlyweds themselves can sing, as well as professional musicians performing songs to the accompaniment of old Slavonic instruments. The repertoire should be selected in the preparation of the wedding scenario or independently, or listen to the ideas of musicians who are planned to be hired.
      In Ancient Russia paid special attention to ritual chants. Slavic folklore singled out wedding songs as one of the four main genres. At the celebration, they served as a visual and expressive means with a number of literary techniques: personification, the presence of constant epithets, comparisons and diminutive suffixes to refer to the bride, groom and all members of the young family.
      In fact, the ritual songs of the Slavs were a unique combination of folk eloquence, Slavic mythology, elements of oral poetry and an encyclopedia of the life of ordinary peasant people of those times. Many songs use the method of idealization of the image and characters of the bride and groom, have an extraordinary brightness in the image of the plots. At the head are also the motives of wealth, happiness and well-being of the young. The groom is often compared to a Drake or a Falcon, and the bride - to a duck or a cuckoo. Interestingly, the image of the cuckoo symbolizes the funeral. The ancient Slavs associate this with the rite of initiation, according to which the future bride had to "bury" her past life and start a new, joint life with her husband from scratch. The symbol of the cuckoo is mentioned in the songs at the bachelorette party and during the departure of the girl to the crown for the wedding ceremony.

      The repertoire of Slavic songs for the wedding offers dozens of works that will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the holiday even today. A list of the most popular of them can be found below. Spelling and style of writing are preserved. For the most part, the titles are the first line of the lyrics, on which the relevant information resources can easily find the full text.
      Lyrical songs for the wedding in the Slavic style, performed directly at the Banquet, are as follows:
      "Bowed birch forest dark...". "At sea, Utica no kubalasa...". "That you are a birch beam, do not burn brightly...". Ritual and ritual songs for the wedding in the Slavic style:
      "Like a matchmaker in the yard..." - the song announced the beginning of the ceremony to congratulate the groom and sounded exactly at the moment when the bride's parents gave their consent to the wedding. "Plant Milenka like our girls..." - tells of a ceremony in the bride's home. "All the boyars moved into the yard..." - it was sung either at the bachelorette party or by the arrival of the groom. Allowed performance and at the wedding. "And sailed Utica..." - to sing the song relied on a bachelorette party when the bride unbraids his hair. "Cuckoo cuckoo in the garden..." - this song is sung at the celebration, symbolizes the symbol of the wedding process with the help of visual means of allegorical speech. "At the gate birch stood..." - is a calendar ritual song. Involves the joining of the bride in the new role of a mother and continuers of a sort man.
      Choice of the wedding dress: dresses for the groom and guests
      Without the characteristic costumes is simply impossible to fully convey the whole flavor of the celebration. In addition, made at the Slavic wedding photos of guests in the appropriate style of the event outfits will be a great memory for the newlyweds. Even more responsible to approach to the selection of wedding dresses for the bride and attire for the groom.
      Usually, the bride's attire suggests the presence of a white sundress with red ethnic patterns in the traditional style. As a little less authentic option suitable white and red dress, which is sure to be found in any wedding salon. If the combination of red and white is not satisfied, you can try a combination of white and blue shades. Many organizers insist that the design of the Slavic wedding was designed in the same colors as the bride's dress.
      From shoes is to look at the red shoes or fabric boots in the old Slavic style of the same color. For a winter wedding, the bride is well suited patterned white boots in combination with a fur coat, Muff and winter hat. In spring and autumn, it is permissible to cover the top with a colored shawl or scarf.

      One of the most suitable hairstyles for Slavic style experts believes loose curls and slightly careless styling. The custom in Ancient Russia ordered the girls to wear one braid before marriage, and after the braid unraveled, and then it was supposed to braid two braids. It is necessary to clarify that the veil at the wedding in the Slavic style is missing, instead, put on a kokoshnik or wreath. Modern girls prefer to leave their heads uncovered and decorate their hair with a barrette. If the wreath is still there, then after the official paintings at the wedding, the bride should give it to her mother.
      If the newlyweds have decided on a suitable dress for a Slavic wedding of the bride, it remains to choose the best authentic stylish suit to the groom. You can choose from two main styles of color dress: red and black colors with Golden patterns or a completely white outfit with an ornament of ethnic patterns. On his feet, the groom usually wears cloth boots. Mandatory elements regardless of the color palette are bloomers and a long shirt, tied up with a sash.
      It is necessary to accurately comply with the patterns on the suit of the groom and the bride's dress. Ornaments on Slavic ceremonial weddings usually denoted one of the ancient gods and were something like an offering for the protection and blessing of the Union by higher powers.
      The requirements for the color scheme for the dresses of the guests were not as strict as the heroes of the occasion. Costumes of all-natural colors, including green, blue or orange, were allowed. Girls are free to choose dresses of any length with the observance of authenticity and the General stylistics of the Slavic entourage. Men's suits mainly need to be made of trousers and long shirts with sashes.
      The choice of venue, design, and decoration of the hall
      Many newlyweds try to hold a wedding celebration in one of the summer months. However, the organization of the Slavic weddings allowed in the warm season and in winter. Holding the event during winter will only add to the entourage since the effect of most of the old Russian fairy tales unfolded in the icy time.
      When choosing a place, you can give preference to this Russian hut with a chimney, wooden shutters on the Windows and a well behind the threshold. A key role in the styling will play a wooden interior and exterior. The special charm of the celebration will give finding houses in a dense coniferous or birch forest in the autumn when everything around is covered with yellowed foliage.
      As for the summer wedding in the style of Ancient Russia, everything is much easier here. Such an event can be held directly in nature, for example, go to the wheat field. A nice and cozy place in the open air is allowed to conduct registration, photoshoot and the celebration with a Banquet. A less radical option is to rent a summer terrace in a restaurant with a suitable style of design. The interior is welcome the presence of this Russian stove, fireplace, towels, wicker fences and wooden furniture.
      The color palette can be composed of red, Burgundy, dark pink, blue and orange shades. The basis of the design of the hall for the Slavic wedding must also be white. Summer is more conducive to warm calm tones like pink, and in winter it will look the best red in combination with snow-white snowdrifts. In turn, it was the red color that occupied a special place in the old Slavic style. In addition, the above mentioned that the best option would be a combination of the color design of the hall with the colors of the wedding dress of the bride.
      It is recommended to select the common decor items for decorating the hall for a wedding in the Slavic style, which is listed below:
      Textiles like curtains made of calico, knitted rugs, towels, and patchwork tablecloths. Musical instruments according to the type of balalaika, gusli, rattles, harmonicas, tambourines, accordions and harmonicas. Gifts of nature like cones, bunches of Rowan and fir branches. Buckets and yoke. Sleds and carts. Dummy Russian oven. Samovars and onions. Small and large nesting dolls.
      Ideas for a photoshoot in Slavic style
      First of all, you need to make sure that the props for the decoration of the celebration itself are maximally involved in the photoshoot, which should initially be said to the hired photographer. The bride and groom can pose against the background of a wheat field or the River Bank. Beautiful thematic backgrounds for photos at the Slavic wedding will serve as old huts in the Russian style, haystacks, and horse corrals.
      For winter photography, there are also many different subjects, for example, young people sit down at the table, the bride pours tea from a samovar into cups. Winter sleigh will also be a great prop for photography. Some go even further and shoot voluminous wedding performances in the style of Russian fairy tales like "frost".

      Other features of the preparation for the wedding
      Taking into account all the traditions and rituals of Slavic weddings is an extremely difficult task. If the main points are more or less clear, it remains only to clarify some details. No wonder they say that the devil is in the details.
      Small themed gifts for guests will be a good gesture from the young. As such nice stuff can be sweet cocks on sticks, beautiful amulets and dolls and a stylized Slavic style painted plates and saucers. Towels and bath brooms are also suitable for the role of symbolic gifts.
      The organization of banquets with an impressive number of guests does not always go smoothly. One of the useful little things can be called special cards with the names of people invited to the wedding. These cards are made of plain cardboard and placed in places that are designed for specific guests at the Banquet. For the authenticity of the allowed cards in small barrels made of wood or tree stumps. Dried grass is scattered around the card.
      Certainly worth mentioning about wedding invitations, which also should not stand out from the General old Slavic style. The front side of the invitations is usually decorated with the image of two roosters, a loaf and photos of lovers in themed outfits. In the hands of the couple holding wooden wine glasses. Red and white embroidery can decorate the edges of invitations. Some prefer to change the form of standard invitations and perform them in the form of nesting dolls or rooster with proper color design.
      In conclusion, it should be added that the traditions and rituals of the Slavic wedding are truly fascinating and original. This style is perfect for the most important event in the life of young people. A qualitative approach to the organization of the celebration will allow the newlyweds and guests to plunge into the real atmosphere of the old Slavic holidays and visit the fairy tale.
    • By M. Konwar in Film
      At a recent panel dedicated to "Rick and Morty," the authors revealed that they are already working on the seventh season of the animated series.
      According to writer Dan Harmon, he can no longer clearly track plot milestones — he even threatened to unwittingly reveal spoilers for the fifth or sixth season. Harmon also hinted that the" space version " of Beth will return in the future and somehow affect the overall plot.
      Previously, the Adult Swim channel swooped in on 70 episodes of the project from the creators, and so far the show has just reached the season 4 finale - this happened at the end of May.
      There is no exact date for the premiere of the sequel yet.
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