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"The Avengers" has not yet recouped the production budget

Square Enix published a translation of the session of answers to investors ' questions about its financial results in the first half of the current fiscal year. Chief Executive Yosuke Matsuda confirmed that sales of "The Avengers" were below expectations and that the action role-playing movie has not yet paid off its production budget. Earlier it became known that Square Enix sold only 60% of the planned circulation of "The Avengers". It is estimated to have a budget of between $170 mi

M. Konwar

M. Konwar in Film

Rick and Morty authors are already working on the seventh season

At a recent panel dedicated to "Rick and Morty," the authors revealed that they are already working on the seventh season of the animated series. According to writer Dan Harmon, he can no longer clearly track plot milestones — he even threatened to unwittingly reveal spoilers for the fifth or sixth season. Harmon also hinted that the" space version " of Beth will return in the future and somehow affect the overall plot. Previously, the Adult Swim channel swooped in on 70 episodes of th

M. Konwar

M. Konwar in Film

For Snyder's "Justice League," only about 5 minutes of new scenes were shot

In a recent interview, Zack Snyder said that for his version of "Justice League" in total, no more than 4-5 minutes were completed. Specifically, we are talking about new scenes, for which the director attracted most of the original cast. The numbers were so small because all the other material needed to complete the tape was already in the hands of the director - it only needed to be finalized. Simply put, the film's running time will still be four hours. He also revealed th

M. Konwar

M. Konwar in Film

Top 18 best movies about success, money, a beautiful life and achieving goals

To move towards our goals and dreams, we need motivation, knowledge, support from our loved ones and an inner strong core, confidence, and readiness to fight. But we don't always find them in ourselves and the people around us. Then instructive, stimulating, and inspiring books and movies come to the rescue. Today we will look at the best films about success that have already earned the love of the audience. Among them are pictures about billionaires and those who are just starting their wa


Priyanka in Film

6 cozy films for family watching

"The Family Man", 2000 Brett Ratner's film starring Nicolas Cage has long been a cinematic classic. Pretending to be a cute fairy tale, "The Family Man" masterfully reveals the theme of family values and real happiness in life, once again proving that no positions and material benefits can replace the joy of being with our family. "My Boy", 2002 "No man is an island ..." - these lines became the main idea of the painting by the Weitz brothers. Londoner Will Freeman (Hugh

M. Konwar

M. Konwar in Film

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