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We welcome thoughtful and civil discussion from a broad spectrum of viewpoints. Nevertheless, to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for a wide range of people to engage in meaningful conversations, we prohibit certain conduct. Each participant in our community is responsible for maintaining these standards. In deciding whether someone has violated the rules, we will take into account things like newsworthiness, the context and nature of the posted information, the li

M. Konwar

M. Konwar in Fiction & Nonfiction

The text on logic: two same identical girls, but only one of them is rich. Who?

In order for the brain not to "rust", it is necessary to train it. Crosswords and puzzles - great food for mental activity. Let's try to guess which of these ladies - a real rich woman? Carefully look at the picture presented. Trying to guess Are you ready? Then begin! Look at the picture, note the smallest details. Be attentive to all the details, focus on things - this is a hint. Answer Be patient, the answer is almost there. The girl in the purple kimono is a re

The shape of the foot can tell us about the character: 4 personality type

A family should be strong! Hardly anyone would argue with me. But how to achieve unity between wife and husband? An important factor is the nature of the halves. Psychologists say that you can determine the type of personality by the shape of the foot. When I found out about it, I immediately began to check. And surprisingly, I have all converged. Just imagine how it can make life easier. Already at the stage of acquaintance, you can determine who is in front of you - a leader, peacemaker, Advis

What the shape of the legs can tell about the character of a woman, or how men subconsciously choose a life partner

When a woman begins to attract a man, he pays attention to all the details that relate to her physique, almost without realizing it. And the physical characteristics that interest a man in a woman as a potential mother of his children, do not necessarily have to be the same as those that he chooses when he intends to spend with her only one night. Following this logic, it can be concluded that the legs play an important role in what a woman is chosen by the stronger sex as a life partn
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