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  • Enthusiast installed Android Q on Nintendo Switch


    People's craftsman has upgraded Nintendo Switch in a very unusual way. Console-like to blame that it is not good enough: little games, portable mode is not always happy, and in General, heaped smartphone is better - how much is under Android! The enthusiast corrected this mistake in the most radical way: by installing a mobile operating system on the console. And not simple, and gold: used Assembly, apparently, has not even reached the phones.


    In Twitter developer, Max Keller appeared a video in which the user demonstrates the result of their work. Nintendo Switch, albeit with noticeable lags, works on the OS for smartphones. Alas, to run PUBG on such a monster is unlikely to work, but important options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, says the enthusiast, function without problems. However, most journalists and users were surprised by the fact that the programmer was able to install on the device has not yet released Android Q.

    The official presentation of the next version of the "green robot" will take place only in May, at the conference for developers I/O 2019, and now about Android Q is not known so much. It is expected that its key features will be a dark theme and desktop mode, but it is possible that the creators have in store a couple of surprises.

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    • By DeZire
      Recently, there have been rumors on the network about the possible launch of the new Nintendo Switch model in 2020, but as it turned out, the company is not going to chase the next generation of gaming systems. In a report for the last quarter of the financial year, representatives of the corporation reported that so far they plan to only strengthen the user base.

      Nintendo reported 48 million units sold worldwide as of December 2019, with a total of 52.48 million consoles shipped. In this regard, Switch exceeded the expectations of the corporation - the number of purchased systems compared to the previous period increased by 15% in North America and Japan, as well as by 23% in Europe.
      For fiscal 2019, Switch fans purchased 56.59 million copies of games from Nintendo - 26% more than in 2018. Separately, the company pointed to the success of Ring Fir Adventure, which expanded the console's audience, as well as Luigi's Mansion 3 and Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield. The latter set a record for the pace of sales in the series.

      In the future, Nintendo plans to work on retaining gamers through online services and support for title additions. At the same time, the company will continue to create new AAA games, revive old series and replenish the catalog of games from previous consoles. The new Switch should be expected no earlier than 2021 - before that, the corporation will promote the Lite version.
    • By DeZire
      Before Nintendo announced a cheap revision of the Switch, information about the next Japanese device appeared on the Internet. Alas, contrary to previous rumors, it is not a more powerful console with improved hardware, and the same Switch, only with an increased battery capacity, which allows you to play without recharging almost twice as long.

      According to the information of the portal nintendo.co the company has increased the battery capacity so much that it allows you to play from 4.5 to 9 hours — depending on the running application. The original Switch can be used from 2.5 to 6.5 hours. For example, The Legend of Zelda on the new device runs about 5.5 hours, while the old — only 3 hours.
      The price of the console will be the same as the original, and the updated model will replace the outdated, as it was, for example, in the case of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Slim. The device will go on sale at the end of August.
    • By DeZire
      A few days after the official presentation of Android 10, Huawei announced a list of devices that are guaranteed to be updated to the latest version of the operating system. In addition, the sammobile portal named Samsung tablets and smartphones ready to receive Android Q.

      First of all, Huawei intends to upgrade eight flagship smartphones to the tenth version of Android:
      Huawei Mate 20 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Huawei Mate 20X Huawei Mate 20 RS Porsche Design Huawei P30 Huawei P30 Pro HONOR V20 (aka View 20) HONOR Magic 2 These are the so-called first wave devices that will get the new version of Android first. It is likely that in the future Huawei will expand the list of supported models.

      In the case of Samsung devices, there is no official information yet, but the SamMobile portal has compiled a list of the most likely candidates to upgrade to Android 10 based on the company's traditional policy to support their devices.
      Owners of the following models can count on Android Q:
      Galaxy fold Galaxy S10e / S10 / S10 + Galaxy S9 / S9 + Galaxy Note 9 Galaxy A9 (2018) Galaxy A7 (2018) Galaxy A6 (2018) / A6 + (2018) Galaxy A80 Galaxy A70 Galaxy A50 Galaxy A40 Galaxy A30 Galaxy A20 Galaxy A20e Galaxy A10 Galaxy J6 / J6 + Galaxy J8 / J8 + Galaxy M10 Galaxy M20 Galaxy M30 Galaxy Tab S4 Galaxy Tab S5e Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2018) In the case of Samsung devices, the list is not final and in reality, may differ from the plans of the South Korean Corporation.
      Recall that the beta version of Android Q can test the owners of all generations of Pixel, as well as some smartphones from ASUS, Nokia, Huawei, LG, OnePlus, OPPO, Sony, Vivo, Xiaomi and other companies.
    • By DeZire
      As part of the annual conference for developers I/O 2019, Google has officially introduced the tenth version of Android. And although the "sweet" name Android Q is kept the secret, the search giant spoke about the important innovations of the system. Users are waiting for a dark theme, increased privacy and more.
      Android 10 will feature Live Captions, which allows you to translate absolutely any audio to text in real time. This allows you to watch a video without sound, but this option will be especially useful for people with hearing problems. It is important that the transcription takes place directly on the device and even without an Internet connection.

      Google also introduced smart answers to pushy. Right in the notification window, the user will be offered different answers to incoming messages.

      In addition, app-based recommendations will appear in notifications. For example, if the message contains an address, the system will prompt you to find it on the map.
      One of the most anticipated innovations of Android Q was the native support for the dark theme. When you activate the function, the interface will be black, which will extend the battery life of devices with OLED displays. The option can be enabled manually or when the power mode is activated.

      Google paid special attention to privacy. In particular, a section will appear in the settings menu to make it easier for users to find all the features related to data privacy.

      If an application requires access to a device location, the user will be able to give it permanent access to this data or only during the direct use of the program. This means that the SOFTWARE will not be able to spy on a person in the background without his knowledge.

      Starting with Android Q, security updates will be installed in the background and without the need to reboot the gadget. Google intends to work with manufacturers to make this feature work on as many devices as possible. These updates will be distributed directly through the Google Play app store.
      In addition, the tenth version of Android debuts Focus Mode, allowing you to disable applications that are the most distracting user. The latter chooses such programs so that they do not interfere with his work, study or spend time with relatives.
      Among other innovations Android Q — native support for fifth-generation networks and a new type of folding devices, such as Samsung Galaxy Fold, updated control gestures, parental control and more.
      Google continues to work with smartphone manufacturers to accelerate the spread of the new version of Android. This year, the search giant has secured the support of 13 brands, on whose devices will soon be available the third beta version of Android 10. In total, the owners of 21 smartphones will be able to take part in the testing:
      Pixel and Pixel XL Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Pixel 3 / 3a and Pixel 3 XL / 3a XL ASUS ZenFone 5Z Essential PH-1 Nokia 8.1 Huawei Mate 20 Pro LG G8 ThinQ OnePlus 6 / 6T OPPO Reno Realme 3 Pro Sony Xperia XZ3 Tecno Spark 3Pro Vivo X27 Vivo nex s Vivo nex a Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G Xiaomi Mi 9 You can download the Android Q beta from the official website by registering for the beta program.
  • Technology

    • Search engine marketing (SEM): the methods, techniques, safety

      What is search marketing? A few years ago, this term simply did not exist. However, the rapid development of Internet technologies has led not only to the emergence of this trend but also to its amazing popularity. At the moment, search marketing is known as an effective way of promotion, which includes a range of activities aimed at achieving only one goal - to attract customers.

      Table of Contents
      Definition Relevance Goals and Tasks Methods and Technologies Search engine optimization Contextual advertising Social networks Search marketing security Prohibited method: Disadvantages Definition
      If you have not encountered this term before, it's time to get acquainted with it. Search engine marketing involves promotion in search engines in order to attract the target audience. I must say that this is a whole system in which several specialists are involved. They are marketers, programmers, copywriters, designers, etc.
      Compared to other methods of search engine marketing on the Internet has a major advantage. It allows you to reach out to an audience that is interested in the proposal addressed to it. This is due to the fact that it comes to the search engine for an answer to your request. Offering what potential visitors need, you both benefit. Customers get what they're looking for, and you get real customers.
      Search marketing is still a fairly new technology. Therefore, users have a logical question: why is it needed and whether it is needed at all? Let's find out.
      So, the main task of search marketing is to attract potential consumers. And not random, but only interested. After all, the offer is addressed only to those who are already looking for a product or service that you are ready to offer.
      However, in order for a user to notice your website among dozens of competitors, it is necessary to use various methods of search marketing. After all, as a rule, scrolling through the issue, the user rarely browses more than ten sites. Competently using the latest technology, you can be in the top ten and get ahead of competitors in the fight for the attention of potential customers.

      The theoretical definition does not always give an accurate understanding. Let's try to find out how search engine marketing works and what it's for.
      So, suppose that a budding entrepreneur decided to open his own business – to sell lingerie in an online store. This is a popular product that is in demand.
      However, in any area, you need advertising that allows you to attract customers. Because their absence means no profit. For start-up entrepreneurs, all costs are on the account, and any advertising is not cheap.
      There are many companies that offer search marketing among other services. You can even link the amount of payment to the result or make parts. That is, first the entrepreneur receives real customers, and then from the profits makes the rest of the payment for such an unusual method of advertising. Convenient to all.

      Goals and Tasks
      Knowing the definition is not enough. You need to know for what purposes search marketing is used.
      Sales. This is the most obvious task that this method of promotion performs. It is necessary to attract interested buyers to the site who will make a purchase. Image. The more often a person will see the logo of your company, the more likely that he will remember you and sooner or later become a client. Reputation. If we are talking about the promotion in social networks, a large value can have reviews. It is advisable to find a way to encourage buyers to leave real reviews. The more positive opinions can be collected, the greater the level of confidence in the company among potential customers. Competition. The market for goods and services is currently oversaturated. That is why it is especially important to compete and win customers over to your own side. Information. You can offer users up-to-date information about the products and services they are interested in. Even if they don't buy anything right away, your company will become an expert for them. In the future, they can return, choosing you among the many competitors.
      Methods and Technologies
      You need to understand that SEM (search engine marketing) is the whole complex of actions, which may include website optimization, contextual and launching viral advertising, and on the Internet resource work more effectively, attracting target customers and converting them into real buyers. So, what are the technologies of search marketing?
      Contextual advertising. Targeted advertising. Search engine optimization. Social network. Let's talk more about some of the technologies listed above.
      Search engine optimization
      This is only part of the marketing campaign. It involves working directly with the promoted site. Moreover, search engine optimization can be both internal and external. In the first case, work with texts published on the website, metatags, links, etc. In the second case, efforts are aimed at increasing the number of links to third-party resources.

      There are a considerable number of factors that allow you to improve the position of the site in search results. A simple user does not need to know all of them. To do this, there is a separate profession, representatives of which are engaged in search engine optimization.
      Contextual advertising
      This system for placing paid ads, created by the search engines. Each user can create their own ads and thus attract the target audience to their own website.
      The advantage of contextual advertising is that the user does not pay for the fact of placing an advertisement. Payment is charged only if the user clicked on the ad and went to the specified site.
      Another important feature is that to get to the top lines do not need long and painstakingly to optimize the site. You can buy this place for a fee, exhibited by the search engine. It is difficult to predict how high the conversion will be in this case.
      Social networks
      These sites are incredibly popular among the population. It is not surprising that this is quite successfully used by marketers. In this case, often published interesting for users' materials, to support communication in thematic communities, etc. In a sense, marketing in social networks can be called hidden. In addition, this method of advertising is not suitable for all companies. Not every product can be advertised with beautiful photos on social networks and enticing texts.

      Search marketing security
      This question becomes relevant if illegal methods of promotion are used. Conventionally, they are called "gray" and " black".
      Above were described exclusively "white" methods of search marketing, which are loyal to the search engines. Such a conscientious promotion requires a lot of time and effort, but ultimately increases the reputation of the site and gives a reliable result.
      Why then use "gray" and "black" schemes? For the reason that not all site owners are willing to invest a lot of time, effort, and money in the fair promotion. However, you need to understand that when using unscrupulous methods then it will be extremely difficult to restore the reputation of the site or even impossible.
      Prohibited method:
      spamming; automatic link exchange and purchase; placement of links to non-thematic sites. Some of these methods can produce results, but they can also lead to a site ban. Then it will disappear from the search results. Is it worth the risk, each site owner decides for himself.

      Delayed result. It may take several weeks of hard work to see the first results of search marketing. We must understand that this is a task that involves long-term implementation. Do not take it, waiting for lightning-fast results. Dependence on competitors. Even if as a result of well-organized search marketing you will be able to be in a good position in the issuance, all at any time can change because of the actions of your competitors. Complexity. It is almost impossible to carry out the whole complex of measures to promote the company on the Internet alone. This requires a whole team of professionals, not random people. Financial cost. You will have to pay for both professional services and search marketing. For example, if we are talking about contextual advertising. You need to understand that the promotion cannot be absolutely free.

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