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  • Internal linking is the placement of links from one page to another within the same site. As the core of internal optimization, it increases the static weight of the page, lifts it in search results for mid and low queries.

    Internal linking

    What are the functions of internal linking:

    • distributes weight between pages,
    • creates a semantic connection between articles.

    How does this look in practice? Suppose I'm writing a text about taking care of dachshunds. It describes the daily procedures, diet, and mandatory vaccinations. I can insert there a thematic link to articles about dog diseases, the nature of the breed, a list of the best feeds, stores, and so on. I will use linking to transfer some of the weight of the old page to the new one, and the search robot will notice it first.

    The main rules:

    • The page and its content should be relevant to the inserted hyperlink. A continued link complements the topic.
    • Add a link to a picture. The search robot reads better, understands the text content. But, if you have already made the image clickable, then at least specify the keywords in the Alt attribute and title.
    • For one article, 2-3 thematic hyperlinks are enough. Their anchors must be different from each other, otherwise, the search engine will glue the links, and part of the static weight will go nowhere.
    • Fight the 404 error. If a page becomes unavailable and the search robot can't index it, provide another relevant page.

    Classification of linking by link type and location:

    • Contextual - Hyperlinks are evenly distributed throughout the text. The ranking increases due to the fact that they contain an anchor with keywords. For example, if the article talks about a domain, links to a page about hosting will fit perfectly there.
    • Navigation - Here the links are part of the article's table of contents. They help the reader navigate the material, find an answer to a query on the topic. They are used in large articles with at least 6000 characters and at least 4 subheadings.
    • End-to-end links - This includes all hyperlinks placed on the side menu or tabs. It is important to structure them correctly because they strongly influence the site's ranking.
    • Useful links - Probably, you have more than once after reading a blog post encountered a group of hyperlinks at the bottom like "useful”," read more”, " similar”, “with this read more” – this is a thematic link.

    Create a sitemap. This is a special page that contains links to the main sections of the project. It will not be authoritative due to a large number of transitions, but it will speed up indexing several times.


    It is better to use all kinds of linking on the page. So you will achieve the best results.

    Before optimizing, I recommend that you conduct an audit and clean the site:

    • Remove unnecessary hyperlinks, check if the remaining ones are correctly framed.
    • Calculate the weight of pages, identify the weakest, make a list of keywords for promotion.
    • Fit pages to the collected keys, queries - edit headings, titles and articles themselves.

    Manual: workflows and methods

    Inserting hyperlinks and organizing links between pages is difficult and time-consuming. But the result is several times better. I don't encourage you to give up automatic linking methods. They can be used. Only within reasonable limits.

    Internal linking


    If you are going to link manually, remember the main rule – links from old pages should lead to new ones.

    Before I tell you the secrets of the schemes, I will tell you how the correct link differs from the illiterate one. The difference is the same as between tangled headphones in your pocket and unwound, neatly folded. In both cases, poor organization is annoying and makes you want to quit everything. Imagine how a user feels when they don't find the desired page in two clicks. He gets angry and leaves. The search engine reduces the rating by analyzing behavioral factors and navigation.

    Competent manual linking is the placement of hyperlinks in a strict scheme, where pages are grouped by meaning and level.

    The simplified site structure consists of:

    • 1st level - the main page.
    • 2nd level - sections.
    • 3rd level - subsections, subcategories, and nested pages with information/products.

    Why am I telling all this? In order to choose the right linking scheme, you need to take into account all factors, such as the subject of the site, goals, and promoted queries. It will be easier for you to learn how to link to high-frequency, mid-frequency, low-frequency queries if you understand how the site is arranged.

    We will analyze the most commonly used and popular schemes for promotion on HF, MF, and LF queries.

    • HF (high-frequency) queries for the main page of the site

    In this scheme, all emphasis is on promoting the main page of the site. First, from the main page, there are links to pages of the 2nd level, from them links to pages of the 3rd level. But at the same time, the pages of both the second and third levels link to the main page. Thus, the main page collects the maximum weight.

    • MF (mid-frequency) queries for categories/sections of a site

    In most cases, this scheme is ideal for an online store. We get links to section pages not only from the main page but also from product/services pages. This is very convenient if the user is looking for, for example, "wheels for a car" - without indicating either the brand of the car or the manufacturer of the wheels.

    • LF (low-frequency) queries for sections and articles of the third level

    In this variant of internal linking, the main emphasis is on pages of the third level, i.e. on specific articles or products. They gain weight not only from section pages but also from each other. All pages of the 3rd level must be linked with each other. External links are also most useful when linking to specific pages of articles or products.

    • Hierarchical diagram

    We select one page. It will collect the maximum weight. There we place links to two other pages, and from them to two more, and so on in order of geometric progression. And they put links to the selected page for promotion.

    The disadvantage of this method is its fragility. If even one element of this reference structure is unavailable, the effectiveness is reduced to zero.

    • Ring circuit

    Sections and pages with content link to each other and to one promoted page (gets more static weight, gains enough anchors).

    Internal linking

    The weak point of the ring model is fragility. If at least one link turns out to be broken, then the entire link structure will fall apart like a house of cards.

    • Asterisk scheme

    Classic. Pages link to each other crosswise. I advise you to choose this model if you are going to promote the entire content of the site and have not allocated a specific page for SEO optimization.

    Weight is distributed evenly, indexing by search robots is accelerated.


    Scripts and plugins have made life easier for webmasters. If you set the correct parameters, you enjoy the result. But the question remains  "Why didn't the automatic method completely replace the manual method?” The fact is that this method has many disadvantages:

    • Non-unique anchors. The search robot will consider them to be spam, reduce the ranking of your site.
    • No near-link text.
    • The keyword and link do not fit well.
    • It is difficult to configure the distribution of hyperlinks correctly. The volumes of the articles are different.

    There is no need to completely refuse. Just use it together with manual linking.

    Other methods:

    • creating a site map,
    • formation of a list of articles similar in topic,
    • affixing contextual links within text using programs.

    I recommend establishing such a link on any information site. Visitors will say thank you.

    Internal linking

    In conclusion, we can only summarize that for competent linking with the maximum benefit for promotion, three rules must be observed:

    • Well-tuned website navigation
    • Using a suitable linking scheme
    • Precisely matched link anchors

    Note that internal linking is part of the link profile of the site, and this is one of the most important blocks of work in promoting the resource. To get into the TOP, and not under filters, we recommend that you monitor the quality of the link profile.

    Promote the site correctly and do it comprehensively! In addition to the linking, there is still much that is important and necessary.

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    • By M. Konwar
      Meta tags are HTML tags that are used to specify additional information about a page on a site. This article will focus on meta tags designed for search engines. Their importance in promoting the site is quite noticeable. Therefore, you should use them on every page. If there are no meta tags in the HTML code of the document, it will be extremely difficult to achieve a positive result.

      The main functions of the <meta> tag:
      transmit information to search engine robots; they serve as instructions for browsers, various services, and software; contains information about the authorship and source of the document. Meta tags can be universal and supported only by specific systems.
      Where to embed meta tags in HTML
      Like other meta tags, they should be located inside the <head> tag:
      <meta name = "name_meta" content = "content_meta" /> Now let's look at the main HTML meta tags used for search robots.
      A meta tag tells search engine robots how to crawl and index a page.
      The following is an example of how HTML meta tags are used for search robots:
      <head> <meta name = "description" content = "A brief description of this page." /> <meta name = "keywords" content = "page, description" /> <meta name = "robots" content = "index, follow "/> </head> It is worth noting that the Robots meta tag can have several values. the most important ones are given below:
      all - means that indexing and following links are allowed, similar to index, follow; noindex - prohibition of indexing; index - indexing is enabled; noindex, follow - this value informs the search engine that the page does not need indexing, but need to follow the links here. nofollow - can not follow the links; follow - can follow the links; noarchive - it is forbidden to show the link to the saved copy; noyaca - (for Yandex) do not use the description from Yandex.Catalog for a snippet; nosnippet - (in Google) can't use a snippet of text or show a video; noimageindex - (in Google) prohibits specifying the page as the image source; unavailable_after: [date] - (on Google) after the specified date, the page will no longer crawl and index; none - the search robot does not need to index and follow links. Description
      It includes the page description. That is, the information located on the page should be briefly formulated in this meta tag. Many do not see the importance of this element, however, it significantly affects the search results, and therefore each page should have a description meta tag.
      The meta tag name= "description" can be used by search engines when generating a snippet, so it should:
      accurately describe the content of the page; make you want to click; include the promoted keyword. Different search engines display 160–240 characters.
      The description for each promoted page must be unique.
      A meta tag consisting of keywords for the page. May contain a group of different words that are most often found on the page.
      The meta tag name = “keywords” used to be used by search engines in the ranking, but due to numerous manipulations, its significance was constantly decreasing. Now, most search engines ignore it. Google does not support it at all, and Yandex writes that it can take it into account. But in practice, keywords have not had an impact for a long time, and its incorrect filling can lead to spam.
      There are three approaches:
      leave blank; write specific phrases or single words separated by commas; enter a space-separated disjointed set of words that can be used to compose keywords. If you decide to specify keywords, it is important to avoid spam.
      Keywords must characterize a specific page and be mentioned in the content.
      The Title is not technically a meta tag, but it is often assigned to this group because it contains information that is used by search engines and browsers.
      This HTML tag is important for SEO: it affects the ranking and clickability of the snippet.
      Classic recommendations:
      use the main promoted keyword on the page; ensure uniqueness within the site; make attractive to the user; choose a length so that the title is not cut off in the snippet. The recommended length is 70–80 characters.
      Other meta tags
      You can use this meta tag for google-site-verification and Yandex-verification (or any other method) to confirm your ownership of the site and the ability to manage it in Yandex Webmaster or Google Search Console.
      The meta tag is used to adapt to mobile devices and controls the scale of the visible viewing area in the browser. Without it, the display is incorrect.
      Accepted Values:
      Content-Type - helps determine the encoding and type of the document; Refresh - redirects to another page after the specified time in seconds; Content-Language - specifies the main language of the document. The tag tells the browser on the basis of what data the content of the document should be processed.
      Author and Copyright
      Function – identification of the author. If the site is owned by a company, Copyright is used, if a specific person – Author.
    • By M. Konwar
      Anchor list is a list of all existing anchors of the promoted site. It plays a big role in determining the position of the resource in the output. Its inept compilation can lead to the site falling under filters, and, as a result, its owner will lose profit. Therefore, the successful promotion of the project depends on how well this list is compiled.
      What does the concept of "anchor" mean?
      An anchor is the link text itself, which is enclosed in the <a> and </a> tags when the page is marked up. Users click on it to go to the page. The following types of anchors can be distinguished:
      Exact-match - Anchor text is an "exact match" if it includes a keyword that mirrors the page that is being linked to. These are the key phrases that are used to promote pages; Partial-match - Anchor text that includes a variation of the keyword on the linked-to page. Naked link - A URL that is used as an anchor, they are a link in the format "http: // www ..." Branded - A brand name used as anchor text. Generic - A generic word or phrase that is used as the anchor. "Click here" or "here" is a common generic anchor. Images - Whenever an image is linked, Google will use the text contained in the image's alt attribute as the anchor text. Sometimes it is advisable to use non-promoted keys ("here", "here"). This is done so that the resulting anchor list looks more natural and is not spammed.
      Composition Rules
      What is an anchor list? This is a list of all available links that lead to the site's pages. It includes the frequency of use and the addresses that you can click on them.
      How do I make my list look natural? Each promotion specialist has their own secrets and practices. The choice of strategy depends on whether the site has been promoted before, the available links, the characteristics of keywords, and many other factors.
      The general principles for making a list are as follows:
      a large share should be non-anchor links (up to 60 % for new resources, 30-40 % for sites that were promoted earlier); next in popularity should be short anchors consisting of no more than three words, for example, containing only the name of the store; less often than others, there are long anchors consisting of four or five words. Their share should not exceed 15%. How to check which anchors are already used to promote the site? There are special services for this purpose, you can check what percentage each anchor takes.
      Drawing up an anchor list is an important stage in website promotion. The resource's position in the search results for promoted queries depends on its reasonableness.
    • By M. Konwar
      Nofollow is a tag that webmasters use when placing links to third-party resources so as not to turn a network resource into a free site for building link mass, not to fall in search results and not be blocked by search engines. Links with the nofollow attribute play an important role in website promotion, despite the fact that they are not indexed by search engines. Opinions about the usefulness of using the rel = "nofollow" attribute differ. Many believe that they do not affect the ranking of a network resource and therefore it makes no sense to get them. Let's find out what can be useful for hyperlinks that are closed from indexing.
      Nofollow definition
      In HTML code, nofollow is one of the many values that the rel attribute can accept. In the source code of a web page, it can be found after the link address, for example :
      <a href="http://example.com/" rel="nofollow"> text </a> By entering the rel attribute with the value "nofollow", the webmaster instructs the search robot not to index the active link.
      Why do I prohibit link indexing?
      There are many reasons. We list the most known and important of them.

      Links to low-quality, non-thematic sites can negatively affect the ranking of the promoted resource. A large number of links leading to third-party sites may cause the resource to be blocked or certain pages to fall out of the index. Protection from links left by users in comments. Saving and reallocating the weight of pages or sections. The desire to exclude from indexing pages or sections that are not intended to be included in the search results, such as pages with a registration form or site login pages. The need to create a natural link profile. How to check for links that are closed from indexing
      In search of sites suitable for link building, you need to quickly and accurately determine how the webmaster installs them: with or without rel = "nofollow" tag. This can be done using different tools.

      We are using the Google Chrome browser:
      Open the page in the browser. Select the link to check. Use the right mouse button to open the context menu. Select the "View page code" line on the menu. Check the HTML code for the rel-tag with the nofollow attribute. When choosing a site for placing a backlink, it is important to be able to determine not only the rel = "nofollow" attribute, but also other tags with similar functions. For example, redirect, noindex, dofollow, nofollow noopener. Links with attributes and tags with the listed values will not bring any benefits in terms of link building and site promotion in search engines.
      We are looking for with a browser add-on:
      Go to the Google Chrome store. Find an RDS Bar extension or similar. Install the extension. In the extension settings, enable highlighting of links that are closed for indexing using the appropriate tags and attributes. After that, all links that are closed for indexing will be automatically crossed out on all pages that open in the browser.

      Processing the nofollow value of the rel attribute by Google
      You can find out from the official Google reference material that the search robot does not click on such links. If you add an attribute with the specified value to a link, the link does not end up in the Google network. However, pages that are closed in this way from indexing still appear in the index if they are accessed by open links from other resources or their addresses are on the site map. In the help text, you will see the phrase "as a rule", which was used in the offer to click on links that are closed from indexing. It can mean that the search engine itself decides whether to go or not to go, index or not to index. Given this and the fact that other search engines do not pay attention to nofollow, we can say that links that are closed in this way can be useful along with open links.
      How links are used in business
      Profit directly depends on traffic to the network resource. If interested users click on links, it doesn't matter if they are open or closed from indexing. They perform the main function. Such links can:
      increase brand awareness, product popularity, and service demand. If the link leads to interesting, useful content and targeted users click on it, it will sooner or later have a positive impact on the SEO. Increasing target traffic will be appreciated by search engines and taken into account in the ranking; increase your sales. If the product is of high quality, meets the stated characteristics, and is affordable, then all interested users who went to the site via closed links will place an order; cause new links to appear. Everyone knows that social networks are a huge source of consumers and all links in any publications are closed from indexing. In other words, it doesn't make sense to place them to increase SEO indicators. But they will attract the attention of users who will share interesting information on other network resources. Which sites should be used for placing links
      Links need to be placed on sites capable of driving targeted traffic to the promoted resource. If the set link increases the number of potential consumers, then it is useful, regardless of whether it is closed or open for indexing. Useful resources:
      video hosting sites. For example, on YouTube, links that users leave are not taken into account by the Google search engine, but can become a constant source of traffic with good behavioral factors; social network. Links in social networks are not indexed. Despite this, they are constantly left in notes and comments. If the published material attracts attention, traffic through a closed link is provided; forums. These resources usually close links using nofollow or noindex. If search engines do not take these links into account, then a multimillion audience of popular forums sees them, clicks on them, creating constant targeted traffic. How to improve the effectiveness of closed links
      To ensure that users of online resources are interested in your content and click on links to promoted pages, you need to carefully check and test important elements of the article and near-link text before publishing materials and setting links. Headings, leads should motivate the visitor to go to your site, the content should be interesting, useful and relevant topic. To get the most out of a link:
      choose not only the site, but also the installation location; define a goal for each link; check the relevance of the content; optimize landing pages. Links that are closed from indexing may be more useful than indexed links. It all depends on where the link is installed and where it leads the user. If this is practically irrelevant for indexed links, then for nofollow links it is the main factor determining its usefulness, since the goals for them are different. Increasing the mass of indexed links is mainly used to raise the site's indicators, and non-indexed links are used exclusively to attract the target audience. Then there are open links to affect attendance promoted by the network resource indirectly and directly closed.
      In the process of ranking, search engines take into account a variety of factors, and do it in different ways. Google, Bing and other search engines take into account all the links that are found on the pages of network resources, regardless of what additional attributes they have. They only take into account the webmaster's desire to prevent indexing. The final decision is always left to the search engine.
    • By M. Konwar
      Noindex is a tag with which you can control the indexing function of a search robot. If you select a separate text fragment and close it with the noindex tag, it will not be indexed by the search engine and, consequently, will not be included in its cache. For the first time, this tool was proposed by Yandex experts, so that webmasters have a simple way to separate a part of text content that does not carry a semantic load and should not be taken into account when evaluating a page.
      The second, equally important function of the noindex tag is to block indexing of individual site pages intended for publishing user-generated content. These include pages with reviews, comments, messages, etc. In this case, noindex allows you to avoid spreading unwanted information and use a less strict moderation mode for user messages.

      The noindex tag only takes into account Yandex. Google ignores its presence and performs full indexing of the page's text content. To enable blocking indexing that is relevant for all search engines, you should specify the appropriate meta tag for individual pages or the entire site in the file robots.txt. The disadvantage of this method is obvious: you can only prohibit indexing for the entire page, but not for a single text fragment.
      Benefits of the noindex tag
      Hiding secondary information allows you to increase the relevance of the indexed page by increasing the relative density of keywords. You can use noindex to hide the contents of end-to-end blocks that will duplicate information on several pages, which will affect the site's pessimization in search results. In some cases, the snippet may contain unwanted or service information, which is easiest to hide with the noindex tag. Principle of operation
      Noindex can be located anywhere in the HTML code, regardless of the nesting level. To preserve the validity of the code the tag should be used in the following format:
      <! - noindex -> Here is the text <! - / noindex -> closed for indexing. Despite the fact that noindex was originally proposed by Yandex developers, using this tool can be regarded as a gray optimization method. This is due to the fact that some webmasters do not use it for its intended purpose. In particular, the robot hides non-unique content or high-quality text that does not contain keywords and is designed to be read by the site user. At the same time, the search engine is offered a text rich in keywords that is difficult for human perception.
      To combat such optimization methods, Yandex analyzes the text that is closed with the noindex tag, indexing it, but then filtering out the hidden content. As a result of studying the page content, the search engine may decide to impose sanctions on the site if it considers that its owner uses illegal methods to influence search results.
    • By M. Konwar
      An anchor link is a link indicated by text enclosed between <a> tags that leads to a specific page. Anchor (from English - “anchor”) usually contains a key phrase and can be undiluted or diluted. In the first case, the request is contained unchanged (“bouquets in Delhi”), and in the second, in addition to the key, it contains additional text (“inexpensive bouquets in Delhi”). An anchor link can lead to either an internal page of the same resource or to another site.
      How to make a link with an anchor in the HTML code of a page? It should look like this:
      <a href="http://example.com/"> Website Promotion </a> Where http://example.com/ is the URL of the link, and "Website Promotion" is the undiluted anchor.
      Why do I need anchor links?
      They help the user understand what information they will get by clicking on the link. They affect the ranking of sites in search engine results. The search engine robot uses the anchor to determine whether a page is relevant to a particular query. Which anchors are better to use for SEO promotion
      First of all, the anchor should be natural and not be out of the general context of the page. See how users usually enter links when communicating on forums and social networks. About the same thing should happen to you. Try to use commercial anchors less often, and add additional words or links to the same page without anchors.
      What kind of anchors should be avoided
      With the exact occurrence of the keyword without taking into account the rules of the language. Many SEOs are still using anchors of type "a bouquet of roses to Delhi", not taking into account the morphology and grammar. Search engines have a negative attitude to such keys, realizing that they are unnatural. The anchor must be organically written into the text, for example: "In our online store you will find bouquets of roses of various colors with delivery in Delhi."
      With commercial inquiries. Phrases with the words “buy”, “price”, “order” are quite rare in natural texts. And if they are, then they are not included in the anchor but go before or after the link. For example,
      I bought a bouquet of roses in the <a href=" site address"> Flower Shop </a> ”store, but not
      <a href=" site address"> You can buy a bouquet of roses </a> at the Flower Shop. Irrelevant to the surrounding text. You should not include a link to your online flower shop in the text about diesel generators or snowboard selection features. Such a link will not be useful for ranking the site.
  • Blog Entries

    • By M. Konwar in Film
      Square Enix published a translation of the session of answers to investors ' questions about its financial results in the first half of the current fiscal year. Chief Executive Yosuke Matsuda confirmed that sales of "The Avengers" were below expectations and that the action role-playing movie has not yet paid off its production budget.

      Earlier it became known that Square Enix sold only 60% of the planned circulation of "The Avengers". It is estimated to have a budget of between $170 million to $190 million, with initial sales of only about 3 million copies. Because of this, the company's HD division lost approximately $ 62 million in the second quarter.
      Matsuda noted that if The Avengers hadn't been released last quarter, the HD division would have remained in the black. However, the losses were caused not only by the non-recouped development costs, but also by the marketing campaign, which suffered due to delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
      That being said, Square Enix still intends to make it profitable with post-release support. Last week, the developers announced that Kate Bishop will appear in The Avengers on December 8th.
    • By Priyanka in Food
      Flax seeds are an amazing superfood that combines a huge variety of different nutrients and is useful for all body systems. Even in ancient Greece, a decoction of Flaxseed was used as an anti-inflammatory agent, and for more than two thousand years, doctors have strongly recommended adding it to the diet. What is so useful flax seeds and how best to use them in food, we tell in our material.

      What are the benefits of flax seeds?
      Flax seeds contain the plant compound linamarin - it evenly envelops the walls of the stomach, creating a protective film on it that prevents harmful toxins from being absorbed, and protects the stomach mucosa from ulcers and gastritis. In addition, the high concentration of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids in flaxseed significantly increases the elasticity of blood vessels and heart muscle, strengthens them, and helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Even if you don't have heart problems right now, regular consumption of flax seeds reduces the risk of them appearing in the future.

      Flaxseed is a source of antioxidant compounds. They protect body cells from free radical damage and have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Antioxidants are the real elixir of youth: they nourish the skin from the inside, prevent the signs of aging and hyperpigmentation and protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.
      Flax seeds are rich in magnesium and phosphorus, which are essential for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. They increase concentration and performance and improve memory. A number of active substances in flaxseed strengthen bones, muscles, and tendons, prevent respiratory diseases, and restore the acid-base balance of the body.
      What's more, flax seeds are essential in your diet if you are looking to lose weight. They help burn visceral fat, and due to their high nutritional value, they provide long-term satiety and significantly reduce the risk of overeating.

      How to add flax seeds to your diet?
      The most important thing: it is useless to add whole flax seeds to food - the hard shell of the seed is beyond the strength of our stomach, which means that not a single nutrient will be absorbed by the body. The seeds can be crushed, or they can be soaked in warm water for 1-2 hours (then the shell will become soft and easily digested, and useful substances will enter the body).

      Further, in chopped or soaked form, flax can be added anywhere - here you are limited only by your imagination. Flax seeds are a great addition to your morning porridge, smoothie, or avocado toast. They can be sprinkled on salads, vegetables, and meat dishes, added to cream soups and stews.
    • By M. Konwar in Film
      At a recent panel dedicated to "Rick and Morty," the authors revealed that they are already working on the seventh season of the animated series.
      According to writer Dan Harmon, he can no longer clearly track plot milestones — he even threatened to unwittingly reveal spoilers for the fifth or sixth season. Harmon also hinted that the" space version " of Beth will return in the future and somehow affect the overall plot.
      Previously, the Adult Swim channel swooped in on 70 episodes of the project from the creators, and so far the show has just reached the season 4 finale - this happened at the end of May.
      There is no exact date for the premiere of the sequel yet.
    • By Sophia in Culture
      Wedding is considered to be one of the most important event in life. Many prepare for it in a special way, and some begin training in just a few weeks. There are families who do not celebrate this event, and there are those who celebrate in the family circle. If we talk about Turkmenistan, in national families this event takes place in a special way. Turkmen wedding is a long-awaited event in the life of every girl of this nationality.
      If the city residents celebrate it in more modest conditions, the wedding takes place in auls in all traditions. The Turkmen observe all the conditions for the celebration.
      Ancient traditions

      A long time ago the Turkmen wedding according to traditions and customs was a little different from the modern one. Marriages were concluded when the bride and groom were at an early age. The parents themselves chose the pair, so matchmaking was not, everything was already decided for them. The Council of relatives, which was called "genesh toy", decided on the date of the wedding and the conditions of the celebration.
      Most often, the wedding tried to do on Monday, because this day was considered the most successful. The heralds - "Darcy" - was announced in almost all the plain on this festive event. After that, the next day, the most respected woman in the village came to the bride to start sewing wedding clothes. Also gathered all the necessary things for the future life of the young: carpets, household items and more. In order to sew a dress, also selected a special day.
      But the fabric on the sewing it was supposed to deliver from the house of the groom. Open the dress was engaged in a respected woman, who was also a mother of many children. The remains of the tailoring of the dress disassembled the young bride, it is believed that it will bring happiness in family life.
      Bride's dress

      In the Turkmen wedding, the girl's dress was always decorated with a large number of jewelry. They were sewn in the chest area, usually it was done not only for beauty, this location served as a talisman.
      When the bride went, the dress issued a characteristic ringing, it scared away the evil spirits that have always surrounded the girl, because they were amazed by her beauty. In Turkmenistan, the bride has always tried to protect from evil forces not only melodic sounds, but also a variety of amulets, such as braids of camel hair, pig teeth, and even on the hands of the bride wore protective bracelets. Thus, the wedding dress could weigh up to 40 kg.
      Place of celebration

      Often the wedding in Turkmenistan takes place in the groom's house, but it begins with the bride. They slaughter as many cattle as the groom's family will. Most often it was about 10 goals per family.
      On the solemn day to the bride came early in the morning girlfriend, they sang funny songs and escorted her into family life. Daughter-in-laws girls also sang songs, but the way they were humorous, they were discussing the various qualities of the groom. But his relatives, on the contrary, tried to praise him, and talked about the best traits.

      Was a comic tradition which talked about the fact that the bride have to put on the wedding robe-a Bathrobe. It was called "Puranic". All this happened before the arrival of the wedding caravan.
      Wedding Costs
      All funds that go to the wedding are provided by the groom's family. The tradition of bride price still exists today. In the modern Turkmen wedding it is also customary to give feces. In all regions it is different. It can range from three to ten thousand dollars.
      It is very expensive to play a traditional Turkmen wedding. Usually a large number of people are invited, even in the smallest villages it is not accepted to invite less than 300 people. After all, if someone is not invited, it will be resentment for the rest of your life. In large cities, the number of guests can reach thousands. Usually called the famous singer, who also need to pay, plus the cost of the toastmaster.
      Dowry for the bride
      Most often it includes gold jewelry. But not only they, also to the dowry are different types of fabric: velvet, satin and large scarves, they differ in size and color. Even there includes carpets, rugs, coats, and recently - even plasma TVs and other equipment and equipment.
      Preparation for the celebration
      According to the traditions of the Turkmen wedding, the young married for love. All preparation required considerable material and moral expenses. In rare cases, the bride was taken from distant relatives.
      If earlier permission from the girl was not asked, now the parents consult with their son or daughter, after which there is a matchmaking. Young people are allowed to see each other, to agree on any issues and the date of the wedding. Very important on a special day is the role of the priest, call him Mullah, he makes the engagement before the young go to the registry office.
      The Wedding Planner

      In the bridegroom's house is kind of chaos. Many guests also take part in the preparation. National dishes are prepared in the yard: pilaf, shurpa, baked Katlama and chelpek. After all, without these dishes, the Turkmen wedding will not be considered real.
      By this time, the groom is dressed in national clothes for the wedding: boots, Turkmen hat "silkme-telpek", belted with a sash. Only after that, with his close friends and relatives, he goes to the house to the bride in elegantly decorated cars.
      At this time, the bride is already dressed in her special outfit. There comes a time for redemption, then the young go to the registry office and to local attractions. It is mandatory to visit the "Eternal flame", where they lay flowers, leave coins and finally released into the sky pigeons. This is done for family happiness. For Europeans, this is also a common thing.
      The most interesting point is athula - a ceremony in which guests view the gifts and the bride's dowry. During the wedding, sweets are placed everywhere, coins and toys are scattered. Gifts for guests and relatives are also provided. Wedding jewelry of the bride is very hard, they can reach up to 30 kg Outfit it special, but after the wedding she turns into a woman.

      During the celebration, the couple sit with the guests, the girl's face is closed. But every time many people want to open it to see a little bit young. At the same time, wishes for a happy life are pronounced. After the guests have eaten, they leave the groom's house, and the heroes of the occasion go to the restaurant to continue the evening.
      In the evening, the young change into a more familiar modern outfit. Usually it is a black suit for the groom and a white dress for the bride. After the celebrations it is customary to cut the wedding cake, the couple is doing. The first pieces are given to parents, and only after that to all other guests. This is how a new family appears in Turkmenistan.
      Wedding is one of the most important events in life. You can see the Turkmen wedding in the photo in this article.
    • By Sophia in Culture
      It is no secret that the Caucasian holidays fascinate with their beauty, a large number of guests, beautiful dresses and a rich table. Gaumarjos – traditional Georgian wedding is currently held in compliance with ancient rules, although modern innovations have made their adjustments. The article will tell about how the newlyweds are now welcoming guests in this country.
      Old national customs and traditions
      It is now the Georgian wedding is preceded by an acquaintance of the future spouses. It used to be a custom when the groom stole his future wife. He may not have disappeared now and is still practising in distant mountain villages.
      To the parents of the girl almost never came back because her honor has been desecrated. In order not to cause discontent of neighbors and numerous relatives, parents had to take this step. Often women committed suicide because of unwillingness to marry the unloved. Of course, there are many cases when there was a strong and friendly family.
      Georgians are very hospitable people. On such a great holiday is still accepted to invite all relatives from the bride and groom. It is polite to accept. This causes offense, and can even put in a special book the names of people who did not share the joy of the family. That is why, following the tradition, Georgian wedding gathers a huge number of people.
      After the wedding night, the mother-in-law took out a sheet from a bed of newlyweds to prove chastity of the daughter-in-law. If the girl was not a virgin, she was thrown out in disgrace.
      On the wedding table, young put only sweets that none of the guests did see how the wife eats.
      Previously, the holiday, when a new family was formed, was celebrated only in the house of the bride or groom. Despite the fact that now a lot of European learned in the celebration, a lot of rituals left. But about them in order.
      This is the Georgian name for the first stage – matchmaking. Of course, now young themselves meet and choose a mate, but without the approval of the parents will not be a ceremony. There are exceptions, but children try to educate so that they listen to the opinion of elders.
      Here the rites of Georgian wedding are not much different from Russian. The groom must come to the bride's house with relatives to ask for her hand. The girl's parents meet matchmakers with a magnificent feast, during which the young man's side praises him. They should list all the positive aspects.

      Everyone is waiting for the appearance of the bride, who must give their consent to marry. And with a positive answer, the feast continues. Often even neighbors are involved in this process.
      Then the holiday is moved to the house of the future husband, where the table is also laid.
      As well as the Georgian wedding, preparation takes place to some days. It's time to get engaged to a young man and a girl.
      Taking with them a lot of gifts (it may even be just flowers, an expensive bottle of cognac and sweets), the groom's parents with him again visit the bride's house. On the table should be national dishes and a lot of wine, which should not end until the matchmakers at a party. Therefore, they are stocked in advance.
      Men and women before the feast are divided, discuss various topics. And now the guy is sitting next to his beloved. Everyone is waiting for the groom's father to stand up and make his toast, in which he will Express the joy of the upcoming kinship with the bride's parents. Only then will be presented with a beautiful ring future wife (sometimes a family heirloom, which passes from generation to generation). The fun doesn't end there. No one should be left out.
      During the talks, the financial and organizational aspects will be touched upon. Discuss the wedding venue. More often, almost everything has to pay for the groom's side.
      When the matchmakers gather, they are given khachapuri and various sweets.
      Bridal clothes
      Buying clothes also occurs according to tradition. So, for the Georgian wedding, the future husband buys beautiful clothes for the girl.
      The outfit should consist of two parts. A shirt with a collar is worn down. He shows modesty and innocence. From above there is a black or light-colored dress, which according to tradition should be richly embroidered, the sleeves have deep cuts. Bride necessarily girdled. Girlfriends braided a braid and put on a headdress with a veil - chikhti-mines or mandilias. The neck can be decorated with a beautiful necklace and pearl thread.

      The groom had previously picked up the outfit (us to make a chokha) bride. It consisted of a white shirt with a stand-up collar. On top was dark or light shade cloak, embroidered with gold, with satin lining. The groom was belted and unarmed. On feet - leather boots.

      Bride price
      This before the groom had to buy a bride, giving her parents livestock. Now it can be simple gifts that have prepared matchmakers for future relatives, and the ransom is more entertaining. It all depends on the well-being of the family.
      Since all the girls live in their parents ' house before the wedding, this ceremony takes place there. But in many areas of Georgia before the grooms could come and even live with the bride after the engagement.
      The bribery has always been modesty, chastity. It must be docile and, of course, economic.
      The time comes for the next stage - a beautiful Georgian wedding.
      First, the young undergo a mandatory ceremony – wedding. Previously, it was considered even more important than the stamp in the passport.
      It is from this moment that the Georgian wedding begins. In Georgia, very beautiful churches, and in the days of marriage, there is no squeeze. At the exit of the newlyweds will have to wait for a kind of arch, which are made of daggers friends of the groom. So they give protection to a new cell of society

      Then everyone goes to the registrar to legitimize their relationship. Now they began to often divide two events for two days.
      Then it is accepted by the whole tuple to drive through the streets, waving their arms. The horn sound is heard for several kilometers. So husband and wife share their happiness.
      Inspection of the new home
      After a traditional photo shoot, the guy takes his chosen one to get acquainted with his house.
      Before entering the obligatory rite - the young break the most beautiful plate for good luck. After the groom has to climb on the roof to set free the white bird.
      Wine is served. The first glass handed to her husband. Wife is at home, scattering at the corners of the grain of different cereals. Is considered, that this will bring in home wealth, and in the family - progeny. The symbol of the hearth is the cauldron, and the girl always touches it. Relatives put a pot of oil, around which she will walk three times.
      Wooden ornaments, which are presented to the young, represent the Tree of life. To kiss her husband, in the future, all you could hear was the sweet sayings, wife lubricate lips with honey.
      Followed by glasses of wine, the young say their vows. The groom throws the ring into his wine glass, takes a SIP, gives the bride to drink and puts this sign of marriage on the hand of his wife.
      This solemn part is completed.
      So called the feast itself at the Georgian wedding. Photos confirm the grandeur of the celebration, which can last for a week.
      Now because of a large number of guests remove expensive restaurants. The toastmaster is usually chosen from relatives. If the wedding tables are separated, then each entertain guests help assistants (friends of the groom). No one should get bored.

      On the tables are the most delicious treats. From aromas of ketupat, shish kebabs, eggplants simply reduce a stomach. Anyone would like to go to such a table. Such a variety of treats is not common:
      chikhirtma and tolma; satsivi and kuchmachi; ajapsandal and kababi; a lot of greens; various cheeses; vegetables and fruits; sweets. The main dish at the wedding was always soup.
      All tables are filled with traditional Georgian wines and cognacs, which help guests to say wonderful wishes. Every Georgian toast at the wedding for the newlyweds is filled with meaning. You will not hear "Bitterly!".

      Before leaving, the couple cut the cake, holding the knife with both hands. And the first piece of the groom carries the most respected guest.
      They even have something like a contest "Who will sit at the table longer?". Some families manage to celebrate until the morning. Hashi is waiting for them in the morning. This broth is specially cooked on the second day of beef stomachs and legs with garlic. They say it's a great hangover cure. After all, there are still a few days.
      Dancing and gifts
      All evening live music sounds and, of course, dancing begins. If the young invited professional dancers, it will be an amazing sight. We have all seen the graceful movements of girls and perfectly honed movements of these horsemen. Each wave of the hand or look has its own meaning.

      The bride should only dance with the groom or close relatives. But there comes a time when she performs her Georgian dance at the wedding, circling around the hall. Her guests give her money, which she manages at her discretion. Everyone is accepted to rejoice and dance. Also at the wedding in Georgia always heard folk songs.
      Give in celebration, the newlyweds decided expensive gifts. They must be signed. After the couple, opening gifts, special family record book, who and what gave. This is done in order to make a better purchase for the wedding of relatives. The most generous is even entered as honored guests of their home.
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