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  • Types of smartphone screens: end of confusion

    LCD, TFT, IPS, AMOLED, P-OLED, QLED - this is an incomplete list of display technologies that can be found today in the mass market of consumer electronics. But what do they all mean? What is the difference between IPS and AMOLED, and is this comparison true? We will explain how they work, what advantages and disadvantages they have, and whether there is a difference between them from the end user's point of view.

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    Liquid Crystal Display

    That is liquid crystal display - this technology in the late 1990s allowed to turn monitors and TVs from comfortable beds for cats with harmful to humans cathode-ray tubes inside into thin elegant devices. It also opened the way to the creation of compact gadgets: laptops, PDAs, smartphones.

    Liquid crystals are a substance that is both fluid as a liquid and anisotropic as a crystal. The latter quality means that optical, electrical, and other properties change at different orientations of liquid crystal molecules.

    Crystal, liquid crystal, liquid: crystals change to another aggregate state under the influence of temperature

    Crystal, liquid crystal, liquid: crystals change to another aggregate state under the influence of temperature

    In displays, this property is used to regulate the LCD light conductivity: depending on the signal from the transistor crystals are oriented in a certain way. Before them is a polarizer, "collecting" light waves in the plane of crystals. After them, the light passes through the RGB filter and turns red, green or blue, respectively. Then, if it is not blocked by the front polarizer, and emerges on the screen in the form of the subpixels. Several of these light streams are connected to each other, and on the display, we see the pixel of the expected color, and its combination with neighboring pixels is able to give the gamma of the sRGB spectrum.

    Diagram of a LCD pixel

    Diagram of an LCD pixel

    When the display is on, the illumination is carried out by white LEDs located on the perimeter of the display and is evenly distributed over the entire area thanks to a special substrate. This gives rise to the famous "disease" LCD. For example, up to the pixels that should be black, the light still comes. In old and low-quality displays can easily be seen "black glow".

    It happens that the crystals "get stuck", that is, do not move even when receiving a signal from the transistor, then"broken pixel" appears on the display. Because of the specifics of the light source on the edges of LCD monitors are visible white highlights, and smartphones with LCD can not be completely frameless, although both generations of Xiaomi Mi Mix and Essential Phone to this aim.

    The backlight of the LCD substrate and the Apple iPod Touch

    The backlight of the LCD substrate and the Apple iPod Touch

    However, in the specifications of devices, we are used to seeing not LCD, but mysterious TN, TFT, IPS, or even Retina. Let's see what it means.

    TN, or TN+film

    In fact, Twisted nematic, the "basic" technology, which involves the polarization of light and the twisting of liquid crystals in a spiral. These displays are inexpensive and relatively easy to produce, and at the dawn of their presence on the market, they had the lowest response time - 16 MS - but characterized by low contrast and low viewing angles. Today, technology has taken a big step forward, and the TN standard has been replaced by more advanced IPS.

    IPS (in-plane switching)

    Unlike TN, liquid crystals in IPS-matrix do not twist into a spiral but turn all together in one plane parallel to the display surface. This made it possible to increase the comfortable viewing angles to 178° (that is, in fact, to the maximum), significantly increase the contrast of the image, make the black color much deeper, while maintaining comparative safety for the eyes.

    The difference between TN and IPS in the diagram

    The difference between TN and IPS in the diagram

    Visual difference between TN (foreground) and IPS

    Visual difference between TN (foreground) and IPS

    Initially, IPS-matrices had a longer response time and power consumption than displays with TN technology, since it was necessary to rotate the entire array of crystals to transmit a signal. But over time, IPS-matrix lost these shortcomings, partly — due to the introduction of thin-film transistors.


    In fact, this is not a separate type of matrix, but rather a subspecies, which is characterized by the use of thin-film transistors (thin-film-transistor, TFT) as a semiconductor for each subpixel. The size of this transistor is from 0.1 to 0.01 microns, making it possible to create small displays with high resolution. In all modern compact displays, there are such transistors, not only in LCD but also in AMOLED.

    Advantages of LCD:

    • low-cost production;
    • weak negative impact on the eyes.

    Disadvantages of LCD:

    • wasteful distribution of energy;
    • "glowing" black color.


    Organic light-emitting diode, or organic led

    Roughly speaking is a semiconductor that emits light in the visible spectrum if it receives a quantum of energy. It has two organic layers enclosed in a cathode and an anode: under the influence of an electric current, emission occurs in them and, as a consequence, light radiation.


    An OLED matrix consists of a set of such diodes. In most cases, they are red, green, and blue and together make up a pixel (the subtleties of different combinations of sub-pixels are omitted). But simpler displays can be monochrome and have diodes of the same color (for example, in smart bracelets).


    However, some "light bulbs" are not enough - for the correct display of information requires a controller. And for a long time, the lack of adequate controllers did not allow to produce led displays in their current form, since it is extremely difficult to correctly manage such an array of individual miniature elements.


    For this reason, in the first OLED displays, diodes were controlled by groups. The controller in PMOLED is the so-called passive matrix (PM). It gives signals to the horizontal and vertical row of diodes, and the point of their intersection is highlighted. Only one pixel can be calculated in one measure, so it is impossible to get a complex picture and even in high resolution. Because of this, manufacturers are limited in the size of the display: on the screen with a diagonal of more than three inches of high-quality images will not work.

    Previously, PMOLED displays were placed in such MP3 players, now they are used in the same smart bracelets

    Previously, PMOLED displays were placed in such MP3 players, now they are used in the same smart bracelets


    A breakthrough in the market of led displays occurred when it became possible to use thin-film transistors and capacitors to control each pixel (or rather sub-pixel) separately, rather than a group. In such a system, which is called the active matrix (AM), one transistor is responsible for the beginning and end of the signal to the capacitor, and the second - for the transmission of the signal from the diode to the screen. Accordingly, if there is no signal, the diode does not glow, and the output is the deepest black color because there is no glow in principle. Due to the fact that the diodes themselves Shine, lying almost on the surface, the viewing angles of the AMOLED matrix are maximum. But if you deviate from the axis of view can be distorted color - go-to red, blue or green, or even go RGB-waves.

    Such displays are characterized by high brightness and contrast of the picture. Previously it was a real problem: the first AMOLED screens have almost always been "spread", they could be tired and hurt your eyes. Some displays used pulse width modulation (PWM) to ensure that the dark image does not "go" in purple, which also turned out to be painful for the eyes. Because of the organic origin of the diodes sometimes burned for two or three years, especially with the long-term display of the unchanged image.

    An example of a burn-in of AMOLED display

    An example of a burn-in of AMOLED display

    However, today the technology has gone far ahead, and these problems, for the most part, have already been solved. AMOLED displays are capable of delivering natural colors without severe eye strain, and IPS displays are, in contrast, tightened in the area of the richness of color and contrast. In terms of power consumption, AMOLED-technology was originally about one and a half times more efficient than LCD, but according to the tests of different devices, we can say that today this figure is almost leveled.


    Even five years ago, the difference was not as high as in the late 2000s

    Nevertheless, AMOLED undoubtedly wins in the increasingly popular areas. We are talking about frameless gadgets, where LEDs are much easier to place than liquid crystals with side lighting, and curved (and in the future - bending) displays, for which LCD technology is not suitable in principle. But then a new type of OLED matrices comes into play.


    In fact, there is a bit of guile in highlighting these displays in a separate category. In fact, the fundamental difference between P-OLED (or POLED, not to be confused with PMOLED) and AMOLED is the use of a plastic (plastic, P) substrate that allows bending the display instead of a glass one. But it is more complex and expensive to produce than standard glass. By the way, AMOLED-displays due to fewer "layers" are much thinner than LCD, and P-OLED, in turn, thinner than AMOLED.


    All smartphones with curved display (mainly Samsung and LG) use P-OLED. Even in the flagship Samsung 2017, where, according to the manufacturer, is immediately and Super AMOLED, and Infinity Display. The fact is that these are marketing names that have virtually nothing to do with actual production technologies. From this point of view, there are displays of organic LEDs that are controlled by the active matrix of thin-film transistors and lie on a plastic substrate that is the same AMOLED or P-OLED. By the way, the LG V30 display though not bent, but still lies on a plastic substrate.

    Advantages of OLED:

    • high contrast and brightness;
    • deep and non-energy-consuming black;
    • ability to use in new form factors.

    Disadvantages of OLED:

    • strong effect on eyes;
    • expensive and complex production. 

    Marketing move

    Retina and Super Retina

    Translated from English, the word means "retina", and Steve jobs chose it for a reason. During the presentation of the iPhone 4 in 2010, he said that the human eye is not able to distinguish pixels if the display PPI exceeds 300. Strictly speaking, any corresponding display can be called Retina, but for obvious reasons, no one except Apple uses this term. The display of the future iPhone X was named Super Retina, although it will have AMOLED-display, not IPS, as in other smartphones of the company. In other words, the name has nothing to do with the technology of manufacturing the screen.


    Super AMOLED

    This brand is owned by Samsung, which produces displays for itself and for its competitors, including Apple. Initially, the main difference between Super AMOLED and simply AMOLED was that the company removed the air gap between the matrix and the touch screen layer, that is, combined them into a single display element. As a result, the deviation from the axis of view of the picture ceased to delaminate. Very soon the technology reached almost all smartphones, and today it is not clear what "super" is better than "conventional" AMOLED produced by the same company. 

    Infinity Display

    Here everything is quite simple: "infinite display" means only the almost complete absence of side frames and the presence of a minimum of top and bottom frames. On the other hand, do not present the same at the presentation of some ordinary frameless smartphone-should be called beautiful.

    Promising technology

    Micro-LED, or ILED

    This technology is a logical alternative to organic LEDs: it is based on inorganic (Inorganic, I) gallium nitride, which is very small in size. According to experts, micro-LED will be able to compete with the usual OLED on all key parameters: higher contrast, better brightness, less response time, durability, smaller size, and half the power consumption. But, alas, such diodes are very complex in mass production, so while the technology will not be able to compete in the market with the usual solutions.

    However, this did not prevent Sony to show at CES-2012 55-inch TV with a matrix of inorganic LEDs. In 2014, Apple bought LuxVue, a company specializing in research in This area. And although the iPhone x uses the classic AMOLED, future models may already be installed matrix with micro-LED, which, as we are assured, will increase the pixel density to 1500 PPI.

    A prototype of the Sony TV with an array of micro-LED called Crystal LED

    A prototype of the Sony TV with an array of micro-LED called Crystal LED

    Quantum Dots or QD LED or QLED

    This promising technology has taken a little bit of everything from the existing ones on the market. From LCD displays she got the internal illumination, that's just "beats" it is not in liquid crystals, and very small crystals with a glow effect, sprayed directly on the screen — quantum particles. From the size of each point depends on what color it will Shine, the range is from two to six nanometers (for comparison: the thickness of a human hair — 100000 nanometers). The result is bright, rich and at the same time natural colors. TVs with such displays were first released by Sony in 2013. Now there are several Samsung models on the market. Quantum dots are used in the illumination layer. While this is a very expensive technology in production: the average cost of QLED-TVs is about $2500-3000. In mobile electronics, such displays are not used, and whether and when — is unknown.

    Quantum dots are produced as a microscopic powder and then sprayed onto the screen

    Quantum dots are produced as a microscopic powder and then sprayed onto the screen


    In practice, modern LCD and AMOLED displays differ less from each other in image quality and energy efficiency. But the future belongs to led technologies in one form or another. Liquid crystals have already outlived their age and are kept on the market only due to the cheapness and simplicity of production, although the high quality of the picture is also present. Due to its structure, LCD displays are thicker than led displays and have no prospects in terms of new trends in curvature and framelessness. So their withdrawal from the market is already visible on the horizon, while LED technologies are steadily developing in several directions and, as they say, are waiting in the wings.

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      Wedding is considered to be one of the most important event in life. Many prepare for it in a special way, and some begin training in just a few weeks. There are families who do not celebrate this event, and there are those who celebrate in the family circle. If we talk about Turkmenistan, in national families this event takes place in a special way. Turkmen wedding is a long-awaited event in the life of every girl of this nationality.
      If the city residents celebrate it in more modest conditions, the wedding takes place in auls in all traditions. The Turkmen observe all the conditions for the celebration.
      Ancient traditions

      A long time ago the Turkmen wedding according to traditions and customs was a little different from the modern one. Marriages were concluded when the bride and groom were at an early age. The parents themselves chose the pair, so matchmaking was not, everything was already decided for them. The Council of relatives, which was called "genesh toy", decided on the date of the wedding and the conditions of the celebration.
      Most often, the wedding tried to do on Monday, because this day was considered the most successful. The heralds - "Darcy" - was announced in almost all the plain on this festive event. After that, the next day, the most respected woman in the village came to the bride to start sewing wedding clothes. Also gathered all the necessary things for the future life of the young: carpets, household items and more. In order to sew a dress, also selected a special day.
      But the fabric on the sewing it was supposed to deliver from the house of the groom. Open the dress was engaged in a respected woman, who was also a mother of many children. The remains of the tailoring of the dress disassembled the young bride, it is believed that it will bring happiness in family life.
      Bride's dress

      In the Turkmen wedding, the girl's dress was always decorated with a large number of jewelry. They were sewn in the chest area, usually it was done not only for beauty, this location served as a talisman.
      When the bride went, the dress issued a characteristic ringing, it scared away the evil spirits that have always surrounded the girl, because they were amazed by her beauty. In Turkmenistan, the bride has always tried to protect from evil forces not only melodic sounds, but also a variety of amulets, such as braids of camel hair, pig teeth, and even on the hands of the bride wore protective bracelets. Thus, the wedding dress could weigh up to 40 kg.
      Place of celebration

      Often the wedding in Turkmenistan takes place in the groom's house, but it begins with the bride. They slaughter as many cattle as the groom's family will. Most often it was about 10 goals per family.
      On the solemn day to the bride came early in the morning girlfriend, they sang funny songs and escorted her into family life. Daughter-in-laws girls also sang songs, but the way they were humorous, they were discussing the various qualities of the groom. But his relatives, on the contrary, tried to praise him, and talked about the best traits.

      Was a comic tradition which talked about the fact that the bride have to put on the wedding robe-a Bathrobe. It was called "Puranic". All this happened before the arrival of the wedding caravan.
      Wedding Costs
      All funds that go to the wedding are provided by the groom's family. The tradition of bride price still exists today. In the modern Turkmen wedding it is also customary to give feces. In all regions it is different. It can range from three to ten thousand dollars.
      It is very expensive to play a traditional Turkmen wedding. Usually a large number of people are invited, even in the smallest villages it is not accepted to invite less than 300 people. After all, if someone is not invited, it will be resentment for the rest of your life. In large cities, the number of guests can reach thousands. Usually called the famous singer, who also need to pay, plus the cost of the toastmaster.
      Dowry for the bride
      Most often it includes gold jewelry. But not only they, also to the dowry are different types of fabric: velvet, satin and large scarves, they differ in size and color. Even there includes carpets, rugs, coats, and recently - even plasma TVs and other equipment and equipment.
      Preparation for the celebration
      According to the traditions of the Turkmen wedding, the young married for love. All preparation required considerable material and moral expenses. In rare cases, the bride was taken from distant relatives.
      If earlier permission from the girl was not asked, now the parents consult with their son or daughter, after which there is a matchmaking. Young people are allowed to see each other, to agree on any issues and the date of the wedding. Very important on a special day is the role of the priest, call him Mullah, he makes the engagement before the young go to the registry office.
      The Wedding Planner

      In the bridegroom's house is kind of chaos. Many guests also take part in the preparation. National dishes are prepared in the yard: pilaf, shurpa, baked Katlama and chelpek. After all, without these dishes, the Turkmen wedding will not be considered real.
      By this time, the groom is dressed in national clothes for the wedding: boots, Turkmen hat "silkme-telpek", belted with a sash. Only after that, with his close friends and relatives, he goes to the house to the bride in elegantly decorated cars.
      At this time, the bride is already dressed in her special outfit. There comes a time for redemption, then the young go to the registry office and to local attractions. It is mandatory to visit the "Eternal flame", where they lay flowers, leave coins and finally released into the sky pigeons. This is done for family happiness. For Europeans, this is also a common thing.
      The most interesting point is athula - a ceremony in which guests view the gifts and the bride's dowry. During the wedding, sweets are placed everywhere, coins and toys are scattered. Gifts for guests and relatives are also provided. Wedding jewelry of the bride is very hard, they can reach up to 30 kg Outfit it special, but after the wedding she turns into a woman.

      During the celebration, the couple sit with the guests, the girl's face is closed. But every time many people want to open it to see a little bit young. At the same time, wishes for a happy life are pronounced. After the guests have eaten, they leave the groom's house, and the heroes of the occasion go to the restaurant to continue the evening.
      In the evening, the young change into a more familiar modern outfit. Usually it is a black suit for the groom and a white dress for the bride. After the celebrations it is customary to cut the wedding cake, the couple is doing. The first pieces are given to parents, and only after that to all other guests. This is how a new family appears in Turkmenistan.
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      Old national customs and traditions
      It is now the Georgian wedding is preceded by an acquaintance of the future spouses. It used to be a custom when the groom stole his future wife. He may not have disappeared now and is still practising in distant mountain villages.
      To the parents of the girl almost never came back because her honor has been desecrated. In order not to cause discontent of neighbors and numerous relatives, parents had to take this step. Often women committed suicide because of unwillingness to marry the unloved. Of course, there are many cases when there was a strong and friendly family.
      Georgians are very hospitable people. On such a great holiday is still accepted to invite all relatives from the bride and groom. It is polite to accept. This causes offense, and can even put in a special book the names of people who did not share the joy of the family. That is why, following the tradition, Georgian wedding gathers a huge number of people.
      After the wedding night, the mother-in-law took out a sheet from a bed of newlyweds to prove chastity of the daughter-in-law. If the girl was not a virgin, she was thrown out in disgrace.
      On the wedding table, young put only sweets that none of the guests did see how the wife eats.
      Previously, the holiday, when a new family was formed, was celebrated only in the house of the bride or groom. Despite the fact that now a lot of European learned in the celebration, a lot of rituals left. But about them in order.
      This is the Georgian name for the first stage – matchmaking. Of course, now young themselves meet and choose a mate, but without the approval of the parents will not be a ceremony. There are exceptions, but children try to educate so that they listen to the opinion of elders.
      Here the rites of Georgian wedding are not much different from Russian. The groom must come to the bride's house with relatives to ask for her hand. The girl's parents meet matchmakers with a magnificent feast, during which the young man's side praises him. They should list all the positive aspects.

      Everyone is waiting for the appearance of the bride, who must give their consent to marry. And with a positive answer, the feast continues. Often even neighbors are involved in this process.
      Then the holiday is moved to the house of the future husband, where the table is also laid.
      As well as the Georgian wedding, preparation takes place to some days. It's time to get engaged to a young man and a girl.
      Taking with them a lot of gifts (it may even be just flowers, an expensive bottle of cognac and sweets), the groom's parents with him again visit the bride's house. On the table should be national dishes and a lot of wine, which should not end until the matchmakers at a party. Therefore, they are stocked in advance.
      Men and women before the feast are divided, discuss various topics. And now the guy is sitting next to his beloved. Everyone is waiting for the groom's father to stand up and make his toast, in which he will Express the joy of the upcoming kinship with the bride's parents. Only then will be presented with a beautiful ring future wife (sometimes a family heirloom, which passes from generation to generation). The fun doesn't end there. No one should be left out.
      During the talks, the financial and organizational aspects will be touched upon. Discuss the wedding venue. More often, almost everything has to pay for the groom's side.
      When the matchmakers gather, they are given khachapuri and various sweets.
      Bridal clothes
      Buying clothes also occurs according to tradition. So, for the Georgian wedding, the future husband buys beautiful clothes for the girl.
      The outfit should consist of two parts. A shirt with a collar is worn down. He shows modesty and innocence. From above there is a black or light-colored dress, which according to tradition should be richly embroidered, the sleeves have deep cuts. Bride necessarily girdled. Girlfriends braided a braid and put on a headdress with a veil - chikhti-mines or mandilias. The neck can be decorated with a beautiful necklace and pearl thread.

      The groom had previously picked up the outfit (us to make a chokha) bride. It consisted of a white shirt with a stand-up collar. On top was dark or light shade cloak, embroidered with gold, with satin lining. The groom was belted and unarmed. On feet - leather boots.

      Bride price
      This before the groom had to buy a bride, giving her parents livestock. Now it can be simple gifts that have prepared matchmakers for future relatives, and the ransom is more entertaining. It all depends on the well-being of the family.
      Since all the girls live in their parents ' house before the wedding, this ceremony takes place there. But in many areas of Georgia before the grooms could come and even live with the bride after the engagement.
      The bribery has always been modesty, chastity. It must be docile and, of course, economic.
      The time comes for the next stage - a beautiful Georgian wedding.
      First, the young undergo a mandatory ceremony – wedding. Previously, it was considered even more important than the stamp in the passport.
      It is from this moment that the Georgian wedding begins. In Georgia, very beautiful churches, and in the days of marriage, there is no squeeze. At the exit of the newlyweds will have to wait for a kind of arch, which are made of daggers friends of the groom. So they give protection to a new cell of society

      Then everyone goes to the registrar to legitimize their relationship. Now they began to often divide two events for two days.
      Then it is accepted by the whole tuple to drive through the streets, waving their arms. The horn sound is heard for several kilometers. So husband and wife share their happiness.
      Inspection of the new home
      After a traditional photo shoot, the guy takes his chosen one to get acquainted with his house.
      Before entering the obligatory rite - the young break the most beautiful plate for good luck. After the groom has to climb on the roof to set free the white bird.
      Wine is served. The first glass handed to her husband. Wife is at home, scattering at the corners of the grain of different cereals. Is considered, that this will bring in home wealth, and in the family - progeny. The symbol of the hearth is the cauldron, and the girl always touches it. Relatives put a pot of oil, around which she will walk three times.
      Wooden ornaments, which are presented to the young, represent the Tree of life. To kiss her husband, in the future, all you could hear was the sweet sayings, wife lubricate lips with honey.
      Followed by glasses of wine, the young say their vows. The groom throws the ring into his wine glass, takes a SIP, gives the bride to drink and puts this sign of marriage on the hand of his wife.
      This solemn part is completed.
      So called the feast itself at the Georgian wedding. Photos confirm the grandeur of the celebration, which can last for a week.
      Now because of a large number of guests remove expensive restaurants. The toastmaster is usually chosen from relatives. If the wedding tables are separated, then each entertain guests help assistants (friends of the groom). No one should get bored.

      On the tables are the most delicious treats. From aromas of ketupat, shish kebabs, eggplants simply reduce a stomach. Anyone would like to go to such a table. Such a variety of treats is not common:
      chikhirtma and tolma; satsivi and kuchmachi; ajapsandal and kababi; a lot of greens; various cheeses; vegetables and fruits; sweets. The main dish at the wedding was always soup.
      All tables are filled with traditional Georgian wines and cognacs, which help guests to say wonderful wishes. Every Georgian toast at the wedding for the newlyweds is filled with meaning. You will not hear "Bitterly!".

      Before leaving, the couple cut the cake, holding the knife with both hands. And the first piece of the groom carries the most respected guest.
      They even have something like a contest "Who will sit at the table longer?". Some families manage to celebrate until the morning. Hashi is waiting for them in the morning. This broth is specially cooked on the second day of beef stomachs and legs with garlic. They say it's a great hangover cure. After all, there are still a few days.
      Dancing and gifts
      All evening live music sounds and, of course, dancing begins. If the young invited professional dancers, it will be an amazing sight. We have all seen the graceful movements of girls and perfectly honed movements of these horsemen. Each wave of the hand or look has its own meaning.

      The bride should only dance with the groom or close relatives. But there comes a time when she performs her Georgian dance at the wedding, circling around the hall. Her guests give her money, which she manages at her discretion. Everyone is accepted to rejoice and dance. Also at the wedding in Georgia always heard folk songs.
      Give in celebration, the newlyweds decided expensive gifts. They must be signed. After the couple, opening gifts, special family record book, who and what gave. This is done in order to make a better purchase for the wedding of relatives. The most generous is even entered as honored guests of their home.
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