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  •  Who we are

    CheapDeveloper is an open platform for authentic voices to share their thoughts and experiences, and through conversation move us towards greater understanding.

    We believe in the power of words to create, build up, inform, nourish, and repair. Toward that ideal, CheapDeveloper seeks to foster original writing that entertains, informs and educates, expresses truths boldly, and seeks ways forward thoughtfully and inclusively.

    To be eligible for inclusion content, user posts must meet CheapDeveloper’s Rules as well as the following guidelines and content requirements.


    Smart voices welcome

    All types of thinkers, writers, and storytellers find their home on CheapDeveloper, with stories covering every topic under the sun. So if you have an idea to share respectfully, it’s welcome to be published to the member community.

    Topics you care deeply about make the best posts, and we encourage you to highlight your own perspective — whether that comes from real-world experience, original research, or reporting in the field.

    Introduce yourself

    Let readers know who you are and what you write about by completely filling out the user profile bio and avatar that shows up at the top of every post.

    Use the right tags

    You can tag your stories with tags to help readers find your work.

    Accurately and carefully tagging your post will increase its potential distribution and exposure to the right audience.

    Finishing touches matter

    Use an appropriate title and subtitle to best reflect your idea and to help promote it in post listings on and off the platform. We strongly recommend scanning for typos before publishing and sharing.

    Images count

    CheapDeveloper posts with one or more quality images relevant to the content perform better both on CheapDeveloper and when shared on other networks.

    Double-check to make sure you’re not violating copyright or licensing with your images. Free resources like PexelsPixabay, and Unsplash are great for sourcing Creative Commons-licensed images.

    Keep the conversation going

    If you receive responses to your post, engage with your readers by responding to them and applauding for their responses, where appropriate. (You can also hide or report responses you feel are inappropriate or violate our rules.)


    Correct the imperfection of life and make the reader’s life better: answer questions, solve problems, motivate, inspire, broaden horizons, teach, entertain. We want our reader to dig deeper, understand better, see the prospect.

    We are against junk and any kind of toxicity, addictions and time devourers, illiteracy and greed, complexes and passivity, crowds, and dullness. Our call is: to see more, to think more broadly, to live longer, to love brighter, to run faster, to dream bolder.

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