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    In this release of insider information: Nokia postpones the presentation of the new flagship; Redmi Watch and Xioami Mi Watch Lite smartwatches are preparing for international release; the FCC has revealed the characteristics of the unannounced realme smartphone.
    Nokia postpones the presentation of the new flagship

    According to network informants, the Nokia brand has decided to postpone the release of the flagship smartphone Nokia 9.3 PureView for the next year. In this regard, it is still unclear which hardware platform the manufacturer will choose for the new product: Snapdragon 865 or Snapdragon 875, which will be presented in early December 2020.
    According to available information, the novelty will receive a display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a built-in selfie module. On the back of the gadget, it is expected to house a camera unit with a 64-megapixel main sensor that supports the function of recording 8K video. Other specifications and the estimated date of the announcement of the smartphone are unknown.
    Redmi Watch and Xioami Mi watch Lite smartwatches are preparing for an international release

    On the website of the Bluetooth SIG regulator, data appeared on the certification of two wearable accessories included in the Redmi and Xiaomi product lines. According to insiders, gadgets with serial numbers REDMIWT01 and REDMIWT02 are international versions of the Redmi Watch and Xiaomi Mi watch Lite smartwatches. Unfortunately, the technical characteristics of new products that could confirm this theory are not disclosed by the department.
    The Redmi Watch presented yesterday in China received a 1.4-inch display, a 230 mAh battery with support for 5-watt charging, as well as GPS and NFC sensors. The cost of new items for the Chinese market is $46.
    The FCC revealed the characteristics of the unannounced realme smartphone

    The American regulator FCC has published specifications for the realme RMX3063 smartphone, which has not yet been announced by the company. According to the official documentation, the distinctive features of the gadget will be a 5000 mAh battery and a camera with four sensors.
    The document also indicates the availability of Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, and Wi-Fi modules. It is noteworthy that in the published image, the device resembles the realme C15 model. In parallel with the FCC, the new product was certified by the Russian Department of the EEC and the Indonesian TKDN. The date of the announcement and details about the hardware of the upcoming new product are still unknown.

    M. Konwar
    According to sources from The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming film "Godzilla v. Kong" may be released immediately on streaming services. 
    Journalists write that Netflix offered WarnerMedia to release the picture on their platform for $200 million, but the company refused the deal, wanting to arrange a release on its HBO Max.

    Legendary, which funded 75% of the film, declined to comment, while a Warner Bros. stated that Godzilla v. Kong will be released in 2021 as planned. 
    Recall that recently Warner Bros. reported that "Wonder woman 1984" will be released not only in movies, but also on HBO Max.

    M. Konwar
    The authors of the portal Les Numériques found that the PlayStation 5 of the same revision (CFI-1016A) differ in noise level.
    To understand the reasons, experts disassembled the consoles, found that they use different coolers.

    From the site's investigation, it became clear that at least three types of fans are used in the production of the console. The authors found two in 7 consoles that they managed to disassemble, while the last one (the one that was shown at the system analysis) they did not find.

    It is impossible to understand which cooler is built into the console. This seems to happen randomly. But don't worry too much. The difference in noise is modest: after 15 minutes in the remake of Demon's Souls, one console produced 39 decibels and the other 43.

    In general, journalists note that there is no need to worry, let alone panic. The PS5 is still much quieter than the PS4 and PS4 Pro, some of which were so noisy in heavy gaming that by the end of a generation they were compared to jet planes.

    M. Konwar
    The company Sony has released a fresh firmware update PlayStation 5. The console software updated to version 20.02-02.26. The patch weighs approximately 860MB and improves system performance.

    More details have not yet been released, but players are hoping that the update will fix game crashes that still occur.
    Recall that the start of sales of the PlayStation 5 took place around the world, but the demand significantly exceeds the supply. Earlier it was reported about scammers selling the console under the guise of network employees.

    M. Konwar
    In this release of insider information: iPhone 13 may lose all ports; iMac and Mac Pro will also be equipped with Apple Silicon M1 processors; dozens of Samsung smartphones will soon receive OneUI 3.0 based on Android 11.
    iPhone 13 may lose all ports

    According to authoritative network informant John Prosser, the flagship iPhone 13 smartphone, which will be presented next year, may become the first Apple mobile gadget completely devoid of physical ports. At the same time, Prosser notes that such a feature will not be characteristic of the entire iPhone 13 line, but only for certain models.
    A similar assumption was made by the famous analyst Min Chi-Kuo at the end of last year.
    iMac and Mac Pro will also be equipped with Apple Silicon M1 processors

    After enthusiastic reviews from dozens of reputable IT publications that tested MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, as well as a nettop on the Apple Silicon M1 platform, rumors emerged indicating that Apple plans to equip the older generation of iMac and Mac Pro computers with a more advanced ARM platform.
    According to insiders, Apple is already working on a new Apple Silicon M2 processor, codenamed Jade, which was originally designed for desktops. According to preliminary information, its presentation will take place in the second half of 2021.
    Dozens of Samsung smartphones will soon receive OneUI 3.0 based on Android 11

    Recently, a beta test of the Samsung OneUI 3.0 user interface for the flagship devices of the Galaxy Note 20 series was completed in South Korea. Test firmware for the Galaxy S10 line was also released. It is now expected that a more active stage of testing the shell on other smartphones of the company will begin within a few weeks. The manufacturer should then start distributing the global release for flagship and mid-range devices.
    According to insiders, the final builds of the firmware may be released at the end of 2020.

    M. Konwar
    In this release of insider information: OPPO plans to introduce a 125-watt charger; HONOR is preparing a new mid-budget smartphone with support for 66-watt charging; OPPO has announced a new type of display for AR glasses.
    OPPO will release a 125-watt charger

    According to the authoritative network informant Digital Chat Station, the Chinese electronics manufacturer OPPO plans to release a super-powerful 125-watt power supply. It is expected that the gadget will be presented at the ChinaJoy exhibition in the first quarter of 2021, after which it will go on sale. At the same time, the manufacturer will release a 65-watt version.
    According to representatives of OPPO, equipped with ten temperature sensors, the gadget is able to fully charge a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery from 0% to 100% in just 20 minutes. It is possible that the first smartphone with support for this technology will be the OPPO Find X3.
    HONOR is preparing a new mid-budget smartphone with support for 66-watt charging

    A new insider report from network informant Digital Chat Station indicates that an unannounced HONOR smartphone has passed certification from the TENAA regulator. The gadget with the model number HJC-AN00 will get a 6.53-inch display and will be built on the platform of the Dimensity 800U.
    The key feature of the new items will be a 3800 mAh battery that supports fast-charging up to 66 W. It is also expected that the rear side of the device will house the main camera with 64, 8, 2, and 2-megapixel sensors, and the model will be positioned as a mid-budget one.
    OPPO announced a new type of display for AR glasses

    The official account of the OPPO brand on the social network Weibo has an announcement of one of the devices that the company plans to show at the annual OPPO INNO conference. The teaser mentions a 90° immersion display that the new augmented reality glasses can get.

    M. Konwar
    In this release of insider information: named the characteristics of the prototype iPad mini 6th generation; the first details about the new iPhone SE became known; press-renders of budget Motorola Moto E7 published; OPPO will release three concept devices at once.
    The characteristics of the prototype iPad mini 6th generation

    The only tablet that hasn't received an update this year is the Apple iPad mini. However, according to insiders, the American company is still preparing to release the 6th generation iPad Mini, the alleged characteristics of which were published by one of the insiders.
    According to the source, the new product will receive an 8.5-inch display and flat body edges. In other words, the gadget will be designed in the style of tablets previously presented by Apple. There is information about Apple's plans to equip the device with a USB Type-C port, abandoning Lightning. In terms of other specs, the iPad Mini 6 is credited with stylus support, Apple's A14 Bionic platform, and 4GB of RAM.
    The first details about the new iPhone SE have become known

    A new insider report points to the possible release of the third generation of the iPhone SE smartphone. Netizens claim that the gadget will be unveiled next year and will receive a 6-inch display, two main cameras and a Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The estimated cost of the device should not exceed $400.
    Published press renders of the budget Motorola Moto E7

    Motorola introduced the Motorola Moto E7 Plus smartphone at the beginning of the year, but still hasn't shown the basic version of the device. Thanks to a new insider report, it became known what the future product of the company will look like, which is expected to debut in the budget price segment.

    The alleged specifications of the device are as follows: a 6.5-inch display with HD+ resolution, a dual main camera with 48 and 2 megapixel sensors, a 4000 mAh battery, and an estimated price of no more than $150 - $170.
    OPPO will release three concept devices at once

    OPPO has published an official teaser announcing the upcoming INNO DAY event, during which three concept gadgets will be presented at once. The presentation will take place on November 17, but the vendor does not say which devices will be shown. Even online informants have no assumptions about the event program yet - but it is possible that some details will become known in the coming days.

    M. Konwar
    In this release of insiders information: the key characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G revealed by the benchmark; Apple may abandon the iPad mini tablet line; the presentation date of the flagship NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti video card is named.
    Samsung Galaxy A52 5G key specs revealed by benchmark

    In the Geekbench 5 database, a previously unannounced Samsung Galaxy A52 5G smartphone appeared. According to the testing protocol, as a hardware platform, the new product will receive an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor that supports at least 6 GB of RAM.
    It is noted that the gadget was tested under the latest operating system Android 11. The results of testing the model with a load on one and all CPU cores were 298 and 1001 points, respectively. The expected date of the announcement and the cost of the smartphone are unknown.
    Apple may abandon the iPad mini tablet line

    According to insiders, in 2022, Apple may release its first smartphone with a flexible display. Given the form factor of the device, analysts do not rule out that with the advent of the new product, the company will abandon further production of the iPad mini tablet line, the screen size of which will be comparable to the new iPhone.
    Technical characteristics of the device are still unknown. Network sources attribute 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory to the device, and its price is rumored to be around $1,500. The company itself does not comment on plans to create a bendable smartphone.
    The date of the presentation of the flagship video card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti

    According to network informants and the Chinese edition of HKEPC, NVIDIA will soon present a "improved" version of the GeForce RTX 3080 graphics accelerator with the Ti prefix. The presentation of the new product is expected in January 2021. According to an insider report, the video adapter will receive 20 GB of video memory and will be based on the GA102-250-KD-A1 chip.
    The power consumption of the video card is expected to be 320 W, while, like its predecessor, it will not receive support for the NVLink interface. The price of the reference model is rumored to be $999.

    M. Konwar
    In this release of insider information: an unannounced realme smartphone appeared in the Geekbench benchmark; HUAWEI will present a desktop computer before the end of the month; a series of "live" photos of the engineering prototype Microsoft Surface 8 Pro has been published.
    Unannounced realme smartphone appeared in Geekbench benchmark

    In the database of the popular Geekbench benchmark, insiders managed to find a previously unannounced smartphone of the realme brand. The gadget with model number RMX2194 scored 1171 and 254 points in multi- and single-core modes, respectively. It is noteworthy that the codename of the platform used by the device was indicated in the list of characteristics - Bengal, which indicates the manufacturer's plans to equip the new product with a Snapdragon 460 processor.
    It is also known about the presence of 4 GB of RAM and the Android 10 operating system.
    HUAWEI will present a desktop computer before the end of the month

    According to network informers, HUAWEI is actively working on launching its own line of consumer desktop computers based on the Kunpeng 920 chipset. It is expected that the new product will be equipped with an AMD Radeon R7 430 video accelerator. According to preliminary information, the computer will be equipped with 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. The power of the complete power supply unit will be 180 W.
    It is also known that complete with a computer, users will be offered a 23.8-inch monitor, and the computer will work under the Kylin operating system.
    Published a series of "live" photos of the engineering prototype of Microsoft Surface 8 Pro

    In early November, an advertisement appeared on the network, the author of which offered to purchase an engineering sample of the Microsoft Surface 8 Pro branded tablet, built on the 11th-generation Intel Core i7 processor. Then the gadget was bought for $1300, and now the new owner has published photos of the new product.
    Judging by them, the tablet received 32 GB of RAM and an Intel Iris XE graphics accelerator. Curiously, the operating frequency of the processor installed in the device is 2.72 GHz: this is somewhat inconsistent with the 11th generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 chip declared by the seller.

    M. Konwar
    In this release of inside information: Sony may abandon the release of Xperia 10 II Plus; ZTE Blade X1 5G has been certified by one of the regulators; Samsung Galaxy M62 will receive a large storage capacity.
    Sony may refuse to release Xperia 10 II Plus

    According to the Chinese network informant under the nickname Caybule, Sony intends to stop developing the Xperia 10 II Plus smartphone. The reason for this decision, according to the source, was the desire of the manufacturer to transfer the entire line of branded devices to 5G networks. Previously, the gadget was spotted in the database of the Eurasian Economic Commission, where it appeared under the code number XQ-AQ52/53.
    In addition, two unannounced devices PM-134X-BV and PM-135X-BV were discovered on Sony servers, which could be the Xperia 1 III and Xperia 10 III models. It is expected that its presentation will take place in 2021, while even the mid-budget devices of the Japanese brand of the same year of release will receive support from fifth-generation networks.
    ZTE Blade X1 5G passed the certification

    In the documents of the regulator Global Certification Forum, a mention of a new smartphone of the ZTE brand with the code number Z6750M appeared. Presumably, this particular model will be positioned on the market under the name Blade X1 5G, moreover, the device was previously noticed in the Wi-Fi Alliance consortium's database.
    Based on the assumptions of network informants, the gadget may receive a MediaTek Dimensity 800 processor and should appear on the market in the near future. The specifications and cost of the upcoming smartphone, which is attributed in absentia to the middle price segment, have not yet been disclosed.
    Samsung Galaxy M62 will receive a large storage capacity

    A new report from network informants points to plans by South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung to introduce a successor to the Galaxy M51 model in the near future. It is expected that the Galaxy M62 will get an increased battery capacity, an improved set of cameras compared to its predecessor, and the top version will be offered with up to 256 GB of flash memory.
    As for the hardware platform, insiders do not exclude the use of Samsung's Snapdragon 765G processor. The date of the presentation and the estimated price of the device are unknown.

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