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    • By DeZire in Members Blog
      It's no secret that Google collects huge amounts of data about its users. This is not only information about their movements, requests made by the voice assistant, and the contents of emails, but also a lot more. Although Google may use this information for advertising purposes, it still does not cause any harm to users. That's why I always agree with any surveillance that Google requests. However, there are those who are against it, especially when they find out that the search giant can also track the Wi-Fi networks they use.

      Did you know that Google is following you over Wi-Fi?
      Google's tracking of Wi-Fi networks is far from new. It is conducted through devices that connect to them. Smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets running Android collect this information and send it to the search giant's database. This is necessary to determine the user's location if the GPS signal is not available, but it is already used for a variety of purposes – from determining the time zone to ensuring the operation of applications that directly depend on navigation systems and geolocation services.
      How Google is following me

      Your Wi-Fi belongs not only to you, but also to Google
      Nothing seems like that. But this way Google can make conclusions about where you work, where you live, and where you just periodically visit. All you need to do is analyze the connection time. If a user's device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network from 9:00 to 17:00, this is most likely their place of work. And if it connects to another access point from 18: 00 to 08: 00 the next day, it is obvious that it is a home. Based on this information, Google can advertise specific products and services.
      However, if you consider this type of spying unacceptable, you can always prevent Google from tracking your device over Wi-Fi. Another thing is that you can only do this with the access point that belongs to you personally. But with public services, you can't do this, if only because you need to make some changes to the connection name so that your smartphone simply ignores it and does not send the data received from it to Google.
      How to change the Wi-Fi name
      Connect the router to your computer via the Ethernet connector (many modern laptops do not have this connector, so you will need to use an adapter); Run the command prompt on Mac, Linux, or Windows (via the start menu) and enter ipconfig (for Window) or ifconfig for Mac and Linux to get the default gateway; Enter the gateway in the browser address bar in the format and wait for the wireless access point control panel to open;
      Preventing Google from following you is easier than you think
      Open the section with the name of your access point SSID and add “_nomap” to the existing name without quotes; In other words, if your network is called 123456, then you should get 123456_nomap - save the changes and close the control panel; To check whether the new network name has been sent to Google, launch Google Maps on your smartphone and click on the "My location" icon. Despite the fact that Google carefully encourages operators to perceive the “_nomap” label as a user's refusal to transmit information to the server, the company cannot oblige its partners to do so. Therefore, there is no guarantee that changing the name of a wireless access point will prevent data about your Wi-Fi network and your location from being transmitted to remote servers when you connect to it. However, if you are concerned about your privacy, it is better to change the name of the network and check what will happen.
    • By Priyanka in Happiness is Free
      To move towards our goals and dreams, we need motivation, knowledge, support from our loved ones and an inner strong core, confidence, and readiness to fight. But we don't always find them in ourselves and the people around us. Then instructive, stimulating, and inspiring books and movies come to the rescue.
      Today we will look at the best films about success that have already earned the love of the audience. Among them are pictures about billionaires and those who are just starting their way in business or career, about sharks in the world of finance, who seem to have already lost any emotions and feelings, and about people with high moral principles trying to find their way to the dream.
      Many films very clearly show that financial success sometimes requires serious sacrifices, and not everyone is willing to pay this price. But everyone has their own road, and what it will depend on our choice in each specific situation. 
      The Social Network The Wolf of Wall Street Pirates Of Silicon Valley The Devil Wears Prada Wall Street Mr Selfridge The Billionaire The Pursuit of Happyness The Big Short Inside Job Dukhless Gold Jerry Maguire Moneyball Margin Call Fight club Pumping Iron Erin Brockovich Conclusion Read the description, choose the movies that best meet your current goals and mood, and don't forget to share your impressions in the comments.
      The Social Network
      The film is based on real events, and the characters of the main characters were written from the creators of the social network Facebook, known all over the world today.  Someone praises this film, someone criticizes it. It does not have entertainment, action, unexpected turns of events, at the same time, it can not be called a documentary. However, this movie shows the way to success, all its pros, and cons, as well as obsession with an idea and innovative thinking, which lead to an outstanding result.

      The Wolf of Wall Street
      Many people dream of big money, but in order to independently build a business that brings millions, you need to have a special mindset, arrogance, a very serious sense of determination, and many other qualities. In addition, this coin has a downside: alcohol, drugs, promiscuous sex, parties, risk, power. All this is present in this film, which has long been disassembled into frames and quotes and still continues to be quoted.
      Reviews of this film are so contradictory that it is safe to say that this is an unusual and interesting movie. Now you can watch "The Wolf of Wall Street" online in excellent 1080p quality and absolutely for free. Don't miss the opportunity to make up your mind about the story and the main characters and, perhaps, be inspired to succeed.

      Pirates Of Silicon Valley
      This is a film about the creators of two great companies: Apple and Microsoft. Many people want to build a business and earn millions, but few are able to go this way. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are not just brilliant guys who got to the right place at the right time. They had quite a lot of ambition and a willingness to go through the thorns to the stars.
      Yes, we may never be like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. For better or worse, the example of such people can give us an acceleration in the right direction to achieve our goals.

      The Devil Wears Prada
      This story is more for women than men. The main character dreams of becoming a journalist and starts working in a major New York fashion magazine. A provincial girl's dream came true – she got a well-paid interesting job, plunged into the world of fashion and art. But our ideas often do not coincide with reality, and working in a popular glossy magazine requires a girl to make serious changes.
      You have to pay for a beautiful life and success, no one can remain the same on this path.

      Wall Street
      Another movie about the stock market and big money that is worth watching. A dynamic live story, not overloaded with financial details, but well showing the work of traders on wall street. The main character graduated from a prestigious university and, like many young people, dreams of a dizzying career and a beautiful life. His mentor and teacher becomes a real master in the world of finance, without principles, pity, and emotions, but with an irrepressible desire for more money.

      Mr Selfridge
      This series consists of 4 seasons and is based on real events. Directors, writers, and actors show us the success story of Harry Gordon Selfridge. He was the first person to open supermarkets in the UK in the early twentieth century. When we look at successful people, it seems to us that their ideas are brilliant and could not lead to outstanding results. But when a new business is just beginning, it always faces a lot of obstacles.
      The series immerses us in the specifics of the era, gives an idea of the thinking of strategists, and building a big business with their own hands from idea to implementation.

      The Billionaire
      This is a motivational film about business and success from zero to a billion, and it was built not by a hardened master of financial operations from wall street, but by an ordinary guy who started earning his first money at 16 years old. He did not get an education, his family went bankrupt, and Top had to overcome non-child difficulties at the age of 19. He went his own way, despite problems, misunderstandings of relatives, criticism of the public, courageously overcame obstacles, and his startup became truly successful.
      The plot is based on real events, it charges and inspires to fight, because only in this way can success be achieved. 

      The Pursuit of Happyness
      Each of us has our own understanding of success. Someone dreams of wealth, and someone just needs to have a stable good income to provide themselves and their child with everything they need and become a little happier. This film has become a motivator for many people, it inspires and helps them overcome their difficulties, not give up and move towards what we consider success and what we really want.
      An additional value to this film about a man who was poor and only because of work and unbending will became rich, is given by the fact that it is based on real events. 

      The Big Short
      This is a film about millionaires who were able to make money at a time when the entire financial market was going to hell. The crisis for some becomes a cause of ruin, and for others - a period of new opportunities. It is important to recognize the impending changes in advance, not ignore them and act correctly in the current circumstances.
      The film not only charges with motivation but also makes you enjoy the plot and game of the actors. It is dynamic, interesting, moderately tense, moderately saturated with financial terminology, and even with humor.

      Inside Job
      This is a documentary about the 2008 crisis. If you are interested in the world economy and want to understand the processes that occur in it, this work will help clarify some points and give new food for thought.
      Great success is inseparable from knowledge of the economy of the world and the state. By increasing financial literacy, we are getting a little closer to understanding the market and how to become richer. 

      Well, it seems that man has achieved success, and he has everything: a prestigious job, a lot of money, cool cars, girls. But it turns out that this is not all you need, and you want something else. What? Love, of course.
      This is a Russian film about work and relationships, spiritual values, and other things that are not related to finance, about the meaning of the word “success”. To enjoy and live a full life, a person does not have to earn all the money in the world. What do you think?

      Everyone goes their own way to success: someone creates and produces computers and mobile phones, someone invents and implements social networks, and someone literally searches for and mines gold. This motivational film is about a gold digger, and also about the main component of success – self-belief.

      Jerry Maguire
      The main character of this film was a sports agent until he was fired. After that, he decided to open his own company and, like all novice businessmen, faced many obstacles and difficulties.
      Whether a person becomes successful or not, gets what he wants or gives up, depends mainly on him. It often happens that there is no support, and every step is accompanied by criticism, misunderstanding, and even those who want to destroy everything appear. And you need to stand up and move forward every day.
      This is an inspiring and interesting film. The main character is very positive, and perhaps someone will say that such people do not belong in business. But practice shows that everything is possible.

      This is a film about purposeful people who are looking for a way out of a difficult situation, not a reason that will justify inaction. This is the difference between someone who moves forward and someone who reflects, procrastinates, and shifts responsibility for their lives to other people and circumstances.
      The main character believes not only in himself, but also in his baseball team, and also does everything to make them win. This film is not about big money and financial pyramids, it is about sports, fortitude, leadership, and a willingness to fight for your ideas.

      Margin Call
      And again about the economic crisis, only this time through the eyes of financiers and analysts of a major bank. At stake is a lot of money and reputation, experts are working through tons of information and looking for solutions, although the situation seems hopeless.
      This film was appreciated by traders, economists, and those who do not understand anything about finance and the work of banks. There is an interesting plot, good acting, a very real situation, and the way of thinking of bankers, which is significantly different from how ordinary employees think firms.

      Fight club
      Sometimes one meeting is enough to change your whole life. This can be considered luck or vice versa, or maybe such acquaintances are natural when a person is looking for a way out and wants to change something. It often happens that way, and he who seeks finds. 
      This film has been analyzed for a long time on quotes, it has a lot of amazing dialogues and interesting thoughts, it is able to pull everyone out of the state of procrastination and self-doubt. Feel the spirit of a fighter, let the bright story captivate you, enjoy the types of heroes, and go to take a new peak.

      Pumping Iron
      This is a film about bodybuilding, as well as about strong and purposeful people. Even if you have never worked out in the gym and do not plan to do it, the example of such personality charges for success shows that nothing is impossible, and even from your own body through hard work you can make a masterpiece.
      The story centers on Arnold Schwarzenegger and his performance at the “Mr. Olympia " competition. The film contains documentary footage.

      Erin Brockovich
      This film reminds us that success is not just about money, and everyone can put something of their own into this word. If you have a goal that you are fighting for and do not intend to give up, overcome difficulties, and get what you wanted, then this is a success. For some it is millions, and for others - the victory of truth, justice, and law.

      I have selected for you various films about rich people and those who have just started on the path of financial well-being, about managers, sales, management, relationships between people, and many other burning topics. I hope that you have found something in this list that will inspire you, help you overcome difficulties, and achieve success.
      Share which of these works of cinema you have already seen and which you want to see in the near future, what else would you add to this list. I will wait for your comments.
      Additional energy can be found in the best motivating films, and you can get ideas for your business from successful films about business.
      I wish you good luck, and may there be more discoveries and fewer losses on the way to success.
    • By Priyanka in Read Write Learn
      Psychological bullying can be defined as any intentional and targeted mental violence.
      Sometimes people may feel that they have been mistreated because something happened that caused them emotional harm, but this would generally qualify as bullying only if it was done purposefully, especially with malicious intent.

      People have many reasons to bully others, including personal gain, revenge, and self-esteem issues. Those who suffer psychological intimidation often have emotional problems that can continue for many years after the violence occurs.
      One of the most common tactics used during psychological intimidation is to personally attack people. When this happens, the bully can joke about some weakness or physical deficiency in the person. This is often done in front of other people for Comedy purposes or as a way to raise a bully over his victim in the eyes of his peers.
      Another thing hooligans often do is target the issue of differences between people. For example, a bully can make fun of a person's religious beliefs or race. Usually, a bully will rely on this tactic only if he can find some obvious way to distinguish the victim from most of his peers.

      Some bullies choose a more indirect way of harming the victims. They can rely on rumors and hints, and can often even spread deliberate lies about someone. In some cases, this can be done without the knowledge of the victim, when the bully tries his best to keep his identity secret.
      Children are generally familiar with the problems of both physical and psychological abuse. In adults, physical bullying still occurs, but the psychological type is usually more common. This is partly due to the fact that the penalties for physical violence often become more severe for people as they grow older, and prison is possible.
      Physical and mental abuse

      These two types of violence often go hand in hand. In fact, physical violence can almost be seen as a kind of psychological abuse, because it also has a traumatic psychological effect.
      In addition, most physical bullies rely on the same tactics as psychological bullies to further torture their victims in addition to their physical attacks.
      What usually separates them is that while physical intimidation almost always includes a mental component, psychological intimidation can potentially occur at all without any physical component, and in many situations it does.
    • By Sophia in Creative Corners
      Recently, young people began to show a genuine interest in the old traditions of Slavic weddings. Original and largely unique customs of their ancestors often quite organically woven into the modern wedding.
      Wedding - an event incredibly important in the life of every person, requiring careful preparation and marks a new stage in the life and relationships of lovers. Ancestors with due respect and awe treated this event and therefore does not cause any surprise attraction of traditions of the Slavic wedding for the betrothed nowadays.
      Traditions, customs, and rites
      The ancient Slavs considered the creation of a family one of the most important stages of their lives, hoping at the same time for the mercy of fate and favor from above. The word "wedding" consisted of three parts, fully expressing the attitude of ancestors to this event: "SVA" meant the sky, "d" — the earthly act, and "BA" — blessed by the gods. This transcript could be formulated as "an earthly act blessed by the gods in heaven." The statement determined the character of all the rites of the ancient Slavic wedding.
      The Union of two people has always been traditionally associated with procreation, and the birth of children was strongly encouraged. The ancient Slavs in this regard gradually formed several restrictions and prohibitions for candidates for potential bride and groom. The age limit for newlyweds was very reasonable: a young man must be over 21 years old, and the girl must be 16 years old. For known reasons, the family of the groom and the bride's family should not have crossed too close.
      There is a popular misconception that young often combined in marriage against their will. In fact, the traditions of the Slavic wedding suggested the presence of a special, harmonious relationship between the newlyweds. It was thought that life itself and the gods had sent them to the arms of each other.
      If we talk about the old Slavic traditions and customs, to date, they have repeatedly undergone changes due to permanent resettlement and warfare. The birth of Christianity in Russia marked a change in wedding ceremonies, the wedding was held in the Church, and the blessing of the young gods on the temple was forgotten as one of the many pagan traditions.

      Style and symbolism
      The style of Slavic wedding was based on the idea of unity with nature and respect for traditions. Clothes and surroundings do not involve the excesses and extravagances of modern weddings, not exuded excessive pathos and formulaic style. The atmosphere, as a rule, is maintained in the old Russian key. Decoration of the festival place with as many natural elements as possible and the absence of synthetic and plastic parts are welcome. Usually, the color palette of costumes, decorations, and backgrounds is based on white and red colors, but blue shades are also acceptable.
      Ancient amulet called Bridal, denoting the creative and destructive beginning of the sun and therefore has a double force, can rightly be called the main symbol of the Slavic wedding. This talisman personified in a General sense the Union of the two clans protected the future family from the evil eye and all the troubles, and also brought prosperity, mutual understanding, and happiness to the house of the married. Give svadebnik traditionally the parents of the young at the conclusion of all ceremonies.

      The ancient Slavs believed that this talisman had magical properties that helped create the family climate, helped the early appearance of healthy offspring and protect spouses from the squabbles and quarrels. One of the rites of the Slavic wedding prescribed after the birth of the first child to hide the wedding with a veil, dress and other attributes of the celebration in the chest. However, some couples still left the symbol in the most prominent place in the house.
      Nowadays it has become popular to apply the image of this talisman in the form of the same tattoo to both spouses. It is worth noting that according to the old Slavic traditions such amulet is not considered real and does not have magical properties. According to the ancient customs, svadebnik produced by natural embroidery thread on the white piece of cloth. Then the mascot could hang on the wall like a picture. Preference was given to fabrics of linen origin. Some have opted for a wooden talisman made of beech, oak, ash or birch.
      Wedding scenarios
      The essence of any scenario of the wedding in the old Slavic style is the naturalness of the theme. From a variety of well-established wedding, templates should be immediately abandoned. The atmosphere of celebration, bright colors and unbridled fun — the Foundation for writing the script for the Slavic wedding. Already at this stage, it is time to decide who will get the lead role. Professional toastmaster is likely to cope with this task better, but it is necessary to warn in advance about the style of the celebration and discuss all the details.

      Photo: boho-weddings.com
      According to Slavic customs, the wedding is made up of a wedding train, which necessarily presents the bride and groom, parents on both sides, friends of the groom and bridesmaids, as well as professional musicians. The young man, accompanied by his retinue, goes first to his beloved, and then with her goes to the place of the wedding ceremony. At this time, guests are already waiting for the start of the celebration. Contrary to the established European traditions, the bride should not lead to the altar of her father, and the groom himself. Then begins the official part of the event, during which the couple swears to each other in love, exchange wedding rings, sign the consent to the marriage and kiss to the applause of the guests.
      In the scenario of the Slavic wedding will fit well the old folk entertainment and colorful competitions of those times. The audience will appreciate the tug of war, brook, tag, and competition in the towns. The degree of fun will increase the ancient Russian fun jumping over the fire. Of course, with full compliance with all security measures. Heroes of Slavic folklore and folk tales will only decorate the holiday. Charming mermaids, frightening goblins and mysterious brownies perfectly fit into the atmosphere of this Slavic wedding.
      For the delight of hearing guests can invite musical groups performing songs under Russian folk instruments like gusli, domra, wheel lyre or the well-known balalaika. Strings it is recommended to Supplement wind instruments: the pastoral pipe, zhaleika, kaluli, a pipe or horn. Keep the rhythm of cheerful Slavic dances and dances should be assigned to a group of drums, consisting of tambourines and bells, rattles and rattles. The size and composition of the Slavic orchestra will depend only on financial possibilities. Under the provocative music, guests will appreciate the flashy fisticuffs. Undoubtedly, it is best to use the services of professional artists for such fights.
      Wedding table decoration
      Banquet in the organization of the celebration in the old Russian traditions plays a special role. Making a table at a Slavic wedding should be done as diverse and rich. The inhabitants of Ancient Russia gathered for such events whole villages, and therefore the tables almost sagged under a huge number of treats for every taste. Dishes invariably included various pastries, meat and fish dishes, and at the head of the table, there was always a loaf, which was entrusted to bake married women from the bride's family. Of course, the organization of the Slavic wedding now allows the order loaf in the bakery. The most interesting thing is that a large loaf can fully replace the wedding cake and once again emphasize the Slavic flavor of the event.

      It is also necessary to determine the list of dishes to the table, which will be both delicious and relevant to the overall style of the celebration with a Slavic bias. Banquet menu, in this case, may consist of an impressive selection of treats:
      pies, pancakes, and fritters, baked fish and salted herring, game and skewered meat (rabbit, pork or beef), pickled mushrooms and various pickles, caviar and sauerkraut, suckling pig as an exquisite delicacy. The list of drinks includes compotes, fruit drinks, jelly, and compote. The latter are decoctions of boiled water with fruit and berry and wine additives to taste. In principle, traditional wedding drinks like champagne and any strong alcohol is quite acceptable to leave on the menu. If you pour strong alcohol in stylized Slavic life jugs and decanters, it will only benefit the atmosphere of the holiday.
      Wedding gifts
      The ancient Slavs strictly followed the established procedures and always knew who and how much had to be presented as a gift, so that all those present were satisfied. Give then all could, that could come in handy in everyday life and represented the viability and prosperity. In the course were poultry and animals: young gave geese, ducks, chickens, pigs, cows, bulls and calves. It was not forbidden to provide even food as a gift. From what to give for a wedding in the Slavic style now, we can mention towels without fringe, which were a symbol of unity and love of the married. By the way, the ancient Slavic customs prescribed to make gifts of something in large quantities and always a multiple of ten. For example, a hundred boxes of chicken eggs or ten geese.

      The oldest relative in the groom's family traditionally gave him a whip. The groom was supposed to place this whip on a prominent part of the wall in the house. The symbolism was, in this case, a demonstration of the husband's power over his wife. Other relatives were also supposed to present certain gifts according to the traditions and customs of the Slavic wedding. For example, future mother-in-law usually gave her daughter-in-law some valuable family heirloom. This gift mother-in-law bequeathed to keep the family tradition in the house of the future couple. As a relic was a ring or any other decoration.
      Of course, many will consider for a modern wedding gift like geese and whips slightly strange. However, in old Slavonic times, young people were often given fine furs and textiles, as well as beautiful jewelry as a gift. These gifts are unlikely to ever go out of fashion. Also, always relevant as a present will remain ordinary household items. It will not be difficult to find a useful gift from the kitchen and household appliances, sets and tableware, sports equipment and entertainment devices.
      An interesting tradition was the so-called "gifts". In the first six months of family life, the husband and wife evaluated the gifts of guests at the wedding. After that, they necessarily paid a personal visit to each guest and presented him with reciprocal gifts that cost more than the wedding gifts given to them earlier. The meaning of this custom was that the family showed the value of the gifts received and how these gifts increased their family well-being.
      Folk songs for wedding
      No wedding Banquet can not do without singing positive songs, and at the Slavic wedding even more so. At the same time, guests of the celebration and the newlyweds themselves can sing, as well as professional musicians performing songs to the accompaniment of old Slavonic instruments. The repertoire should be selected in the preparation of the wedding scenario or independently, or listen to the ideas of musicians who are planned to be hired.
      In Ancient Russia paid special attention to ritual chants. Slavic folklore singled out wedding songs as one of the four main genres. At the celebration, they served as a visual and expressive means with a number of literary techniques: personification, the presence of constant epithets, comparisons and diminutive suffixes to refer to the bride, groom and all members of the young family.
      In fact, the ritual songs of the Slavs were a unique combination of folk eloquence, Slavic mythology, elements of oral poetry and an encyclopedia of the life of ordinary peasant people of those times. Many songs use the method of idealization of the image and characters of the bride and groom, have an extraordinary brightness in the image of the plots. At the head are also the motives of wealth, happiness and well-being of the young. The groom is often compared to a Drake or a Falcon, and the bride - to a duck or a cuckoo. Interestingly, the image of the cuckoo symbolizes the funeral. The ancient Slavs associate this with the rite of initiation, according to which the future bride had to "bury" her past life and start a new, joint life with her husband from scratch. The symbol of the cuckoo is mentioned in the songs at the bachelorette party and during the departure of the girl to the crown for the wedding ceremony.

      The repertoire of Slavic songs for the wedding offers dozens of works that will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the holiday even today. A list of the most popular of them can be found below. Spelling and style of writing are preserved. For the most part, the titles are the first line of the lyrics, on which the relevant information resources can easily find the full text.
      Lyrical songs for the wedding in the Slavic style, performed directly at the Banquet, are as follows:
      "Bowed birch forest dark...". "At sea, Utica no kubalasa...". "That you are a birch beam, do not burn brightly...". Ritual and ritual songs for the wedding in the Slavic style:
      "Like a matchmaker in the yard..." - the song announced the beginning of the ceremony to congratulate the groom and sounded exactly at the moment when the bride's parents gave their consent to the wedding. "Plant Milenka like our girls..." - tells of a ceremony in the bride's home. "All the boyars moved into the yard..." - it was sung either at the bachelorette party or by the arrival of the groom. Allowed performance and at the wedding. "And sailed Utica..." - to sing the song relied on a bachelorette party when the bride unbraids his hair. "Cuckoo cuckoo in the garden..." - this song is sung at the celebration, symbolizes the symbol of the wedding process with the help of visual means of allegorical speech. "At the gate birch stood..." - is a calendar ritual song. Involves the joining of the bride in the new role of a mother and continuers of a sort man.
      Choice of the wedding dress: dresses for the groom and guests
      Without the characteristic costumes is simply impossible to fully convey the whole flavor of the celebration. In addition, made at the Slavic wedding photos of guests in the appropriate style of the event outfits will be a great memory for the newlyweds. Even more responsible to approach to the selection of wedding dresses for the bride and attire for the groom.
      Usually, the bride's attire suggests the presence of a white sundress with red ethnic patterns in the traditional style. As a little less authentic option suitable white and red dress, which is sure to be found in any wedding salon. If the combination of red and white is not satisfied, you can try a combination of white and blue shades. Many organizers insist that the design of the Slavic wedding was designed in the same colors as the bride's dress.
      From shoes is to look at the red shoes or fabric boots in the old Slavic style of the same color. For a winter wedding, the bride is well suited patterned white boots in combination with a fur coat, Muff and winter hat. In spring and autumn, it is permissible to cover the top with a colored shawl or scarf.

      One of the most suitable hairstyles for Slavic style experts believes loose curls and slightly careless styling. The custom in Ancient Russia ordered the girls to wear one braid before marriage, and after the braid unraveled, and then it was supposed to braid two braids. It is necessary to clarify that the veil at the wedding in the Slavic style is missing, instead, put on a kokoshnik or wreath. Modern girls prefer to leave their heads uncovered and decorate their hair with a barrette. If the wreath is still there, then after the official paintings at the wedding, the bride should give it to her mother.
      If the newlyweds have decided on a suitable dress for a Slavic wedding of the bride, it remains to choose the best authentic stylish suit to the groom. You can choose from two main styles of color dress: red and black colors with Golden patterns or a completely white outfit with an ornament of ethnic patterns. On his feet, the groom usually wears cloth boots. Mandatory elements regardless of the color palette are bloomers and a long shirt, tied up with a sash.
      It is necessary to accurately comply with the patterns on the suit of the groom and the bride's dress. Ornaments on Slavic ceremonial weddings usually denoted one of the ancient gods and were something like an offering for the protection and blessing of the Union by higher powers.
      The requirements for the color scheme for the dresses of the guests were not as strict as the heroes of the occasion. Costumes of all-natural colors, including green, blue or orange, were allowed. Girls are free to choose dresses of any length with the observance of authenticity and the General stylistics of the Slavic entourage. Men's suits mainly need to be made of trousers and long shirts with sashes.
      The choice of venue, design, and decoration of the hall
      Many newlyweds try to hold a wedding celebration in one of the summer months. However, the organization of the Slavic weddings allowed in the warm season and in winter. Holding the event during winter will only add to the entourage since the effect of most of the old Russian fairy tales unfolded in the icy time.
      When choosing a place, you can give preference to this Russian hut with a chimney, wooden shutters on the Windows and a well behind the threshold. A key role in the styling will play a wooden interior and exterior. The special charm of the celebration will give finding houses in a dense coniferous or birch forest in the autumn when everything around is covered with yellowed foliage.
      As for the summer wedding in the style of Ancient Russia, everything is much easier here. Such an event can be held directly in nature, for example, go to the wheat field. A nice and cozy place in the open air is allowed to conduct registration, photoshoot and the celebration with a Banquet. A less radical option is to rent a summer terrace in a restaurant with a suitable style of design. The interior is welcome the presence of this Russian stove, fireplace, towels, wicker fences and wooden furniture.
      The color palette can be composed of red, Burgundy, dark pink, blue and orange shades. The basis of the design of the hall for the Slavic wedding must also be white. Summer is more conducive to warm calm tones like pink, and in winter it will look the best red in combination with snow-white snowdrifts. In turn, it was the red color that occupied a special place in the old Slavic style. In addition, the above mentioned that the best option would be a combination of the color design of the hall with the colors of the wedding dress of the bride.
      It is recommended to select the common decor items for decorating the hall for a wedding in the Slavic style, which is listed below:
      Textiles like curtains made of calico, knitted rugs, towels, and patchwork tablecloths. Musical instruments according to the type of balalaika, gusli, rattles, harmonicas, tambourines, accordions and harmonicas. Gifts of nature like cones, bunches of Rowan and fir branches. Buckets and yoke. Sleds and carts. Dummy Russian oven. Samovars and onions. Small and large nesting dolls.
      Ideas for a photoshoot in Slavic style
      First of all, you need to make sure that the props for the decoration of the celebration itself are maximally involved in the photoshoot, which should initially be said to the hired photographer. The bride and groom can pose against the background of a wheat field or the River Bank. Beautiful thematic backgrounds for photos at the Slavic wedding will serve as old huts in the Russian style, haystacks, and horse corrals.
      For winter photography, there are also many different subjects, for example, young people sit down at the table, the bride pours tea from a samovar into cups. Winter sleigh will also be a great prop for photography. Some go even further and shoot voluminous wedding performances in the style of Russian fairy tales like "frost".

      Other features of the preparation for the wedding
      Taking into account all the traditions and rituals of Slavic weddings is an extremely difficult task. If the main points are more or less clear, it remains only to clarify some details. No wonder they say that the devil is in the details.
      Small themed gifts for guests will be a good gesture from the young. As such nice stuff can be sweet cocks on sticks, beautiful amulets and dolls and a stylized Slavic style painted plates and saucers. Towels and bath brooms are also suitable for the role of symbolic gifts.
      The organization of banquets with an impressive number of guests does not always go smoothly. One of the useful little things can be called special cards with the names of people invited to the wedding. These cards are made of plain cardboard and placed in places that are designed for specific guests at the Banquet. For the authenticity of the allowed cards in small barrels made of wood or tree stumps. Dried grass is scattered around the card.
      Certainly worth mentioning about wedding invitations, which also should not stand out from the General old Slavic style. The front side of the invitations is usually decorated with the image of two roosters, a loaf and photos of lovers in themed outfits. In the hands of the couple holding wooden wine glasses. Red and white embroidery can decorate the edges of invitations. Some prefer to change the form of standard invitations and perform them in the form of nesting dolls or rooster with proper color design.
      In conclusion, it should be added that the traditions and rituals of the Slavic wedding are truly fascinating and original. This style is perfect for the most important event in the life of young people. A qualitative approach to the organization of the celebration will allow the newlyweds and guests to plunge into the real atmosphere of the old Slavic holidays and visit the fairy tale.
    • By Sophia in Creative Corners
      Beautiful and well-groomed hair is the dream of any woman. Proper care of them takes a lot of time. Many experts offer various methods in the fight for beautiful and manageable curls. Botox is one of the most common procedures. Reviews about it are mostly laudatory. To maintain the positive effect, you need proper hair care after Botox. For hair, you need to organize the necessary restoration procedures.
      How to care for curls in the first days
      For the first 2-3 days, it is not recommended to wash your hair, so that the active substances of the drug are absorbed into the curls and scalp. This will allow you to maintain a positive effect for a long time. It is best to wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo 2 days after the procedure.

      An inexpensive product that includes plant extracts is suitable. It can be included in comprehensive care and conditioner. It is best to use the tools of the same manufacturer:
      The use of therapeutic masks. This is not necessary, because a vitamin complex is present in the composition of the product. Be sure to use balm. It is not recommended to be applied to the roots in order to preserve the volume of the hairstyle. Curls should not be pinned with elastic bands and collected in a tail. This can damage the strands. Hair care after Botox for hair does not cause special difficulties for women but requires careful compliance with individual recommendations. This will help to maintain a positive effect for a long time.
      Important Tips
      After the Botox hair treatment, care should consist of the following points:
      A great positive effect can be obtained if you take a course of taking vitamins. This will benefit not only the hair, but the whole body. If you need to color your curls, it is best to do it 2 weeks before the Botox procedure. To do this, use unstable dyes that do not penetrate deep into the structure of the strands. Hair after Botox is best not to expose to moisture and other negative effects. This will negatively affect their condition. If the street is snow, rain or just wet weather, it is best to use a hat. In the first 2 weeks after Botox, you need to make oil masks for hair. This will affect the curls positively. Experts advise you to continue using nutritional masks. They should be performed 1-2 times a week. Styling products have a negative effect on Botox. Therefore, you need to give up all this. Trichologists also advise women to eat properly. It is best for them to exclude fried, fatty and other harmful foods from their diet. The menu should be balanced, and it must include fresh vegetables, fruits, and legumes.
      How to wash your hair
      It is very important to properly care for your hair after the Botox procedure. Otherwise, the positive effect may come to naught. It is important to wash your hair correctly:
      When the procedure can be performed. Due to the fact that Botox contains a lot of useful and active components, hair nutrition continues for several days after it. In order not to reduce the positive effect, the curls are not washed for 3 days. Beauticians recommend using cool and boiled water for the procedure. It is best to wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoos. The product should be chosen for normal and healthy hair. A small amount of shampoo is applied to the root zone and then distributed over the entire length of the strands. It is recommended to use the shampoo 2 times. Be sure to massage the scalp in the process to stimulate the growth of curls. Dry your hair with a hair dryer is allowed but in cold air mode. You must use the towel correctly. You need to start from the ends of the hair and move to the roots. It is best to comb your hair only after it is completely dry. The comb should be made of natural materials. It is important to comb the curls correctly. You need to start from the bottom up. Women who are used to washing their hair daily, it is best to get rid of this habit. Botox has the ability to rinse off quickly. It is necessary to wash the curls as they become dirty. Do this with the use of special hair care products.
      Sulfate-free shampoos
      Honma Botox hair care includes the use of shampoos that do not contain harmful substances. These include sulfates. Until recently, curls could not be produced without this substance, and therefore their cost could be several times overstated.
      After the appearance of sulfate-free shampoos, many women use them constantly, because their effect on curls is only favorable. After all, they have a sparing effect on the strands.
      The list of shampoos after Botox for hair includes:
      “Recovery with Cashmere” from Vitex. Shampoo made in Belarus. It will allow hair to remain healthy after Botox. Kapous Professional. It has an average price but belongs to the professional. It provides an excellent effect even for problematic hair. Paul Mitchell. A professional tool that is used in the best beauty salons. It consists of proteins and panthenol. The shampoo has a gentle and restorative effect.
      It is necessary to apply the product along the entire length. It is recommended to use shampoo for care after the Botox hair treatment twice. The first time they simply wash off the fat, and then dust and dirt are removed. Wash off the soap solution with boiled and slightly cool water.
      No need to comb wet strands. They can only be slightly dried with a hairdryer. Hairbrushes should be carried out carefully.
      Aroma combing
      Honma Tokyo Botox hair care includes aroma combing. Thanks to this procedure, the curls become soft and silky, acquire a pleasant aroma and shine.
      If there is no allergy to the components that are part of essential oils, then the aroma combing can be performed twice a week.

      The procedure consists of the following steps:
      a few drops of essential oil, which has a special aroma, are applied to the wooden comb; the curls are thoroughly combed. Aroma combing does not take much time, and it is quite simple to perform.
      Use of oils
      Home Botox Hair Care uses essential oils. The most useful of them include:
      Almond oil. Despite the high cost, its use is justified. The composition of the oil includes a unique set of nutrients. Burr oil. It is considered the most effective treatment for hair. The oil has a moisturizing and softening effect. Jojoba. A well-known oil that has a softening effect on the skin and hair. You can use the product daily before going to bed.
      In addition to these oils, you can use others, such as olive oil. A useful mask is prepared from it.
      A small amount of oil is heated over low heat. Then the warm product is applied along the entire length of the hair. Wash off the mask after 40 minutes. The product fills the curls with shine and vitality.
      Nourishing Hair Masks After Botox
      To maintain a positive effect for a long time, it is necessary to properly care for curls. Of particular benefit are masks, here are the most popular ones:
      Kefir mask. To prepare it, you need to take a little dairy product. Then it is heated over low heat. Kefir should not curl. You can just put it in a warm place for 2-3 hours. Then kefir is evenly applied to the strands. Leave for 15 minutes. Wrap hair is not recommended. As a result, the hair becomes soft and docile. Glycerine mask. It restores hair. To prepare it, you need to take: 5 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of glycerol. Mix all components of the product. Apply to curls for 25 minutes. Ginseng mask. The product strengthens the hair structure, fights dryness. Ginseng tincture is bought at a pharmacy. Combine 15 ml of the product with 10 g of cream. Mix thoroughly and add the yolk. Apply to the entire length of the hair and hold for 15 minutes. Wash the curls with water. Mask of egg yolk. In addition to the main component, the product includes 100 ml of white yogurt, 10 ml of coconut oil and aloe juice. The last ingredient can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepared yourself. Coconut oil is heated in a water bath. Add yogurt and crushed yolk. Last of all, aloe juice. The mask is applied to the hair and kept on the hair for 30 minutes.
      Masks can be done no more than 2 times a week. More frequent procedures are prohibited.
      Can I use a hairdryer
      Leaving wet curls is not recommended, so the use of a hair dryer is a mandatory part of the care after the Botox procedure for hair.

      To do this, it is recommended to use warm or cool air, but in no case hot. Blowing power should be either medium or low.
      Is it allowed to curl?
      The use of forceps or Curling irons is highly undesirable. Heating elements that are in direct contact with the hair, can have a negative impact on them. As a result, the outer layer of hair is damaged and nutrients are "evaporated".
      It is best to stop using these devices after Botox in order to preserve the positive effect of the procedure for a long time.
      What is not recommended
      Hair care after keratin and Botox should be carried out correctly. The following is not recommended:
      After Botox, do not use styling products and hair dye. They include substances that have a detrimental effect on Botox. They destroy the resulting smoothness of curls, harm the structure and negatively affect their health. The use of such tools should be reduced to a minimum. Moisture also should not affect curls for a long time. If the contact with water is minimal, it will prolong the positive effect for a long time. Combing wet strands are also not recommended, so as not to stretch and injure them. Hair should be washed as it becomes dirty. Thanks to these simple rules, you can keep the structure of curls for a long time. It is important to follow the rules of hair care after Botox for hair.
      Women's opinions
      Reviews about hair care after Botox are largely positive. Women are satisfied with the result of the procedure.
      One group of girls has hair that has a fine structure and curls from nature. Because of this, they are difficult to put in a hairstyle, and the appearance of the curls is not very beautiful. Thanks to Botox, the hair became smooth, shiny and manageable. The right move, including a sulfate-free shampoo and nourishing masks, allowed it to last on the hair for 1.5 months.

      The second group of women has problematic hair with split ends, as well as early gray hair. To hide these defects, they constantly dyed their curls. This negatively affected the appearance of the hair. After the procedure, the curls became beautiful and shiny. Proper care in the form of nourishing oils, aromatherapy and the use of sulfate-free shampoos allowed to maintain a positive effect for a long time.
      Hair care after Botox for hair gives an excellent result. The strands remain beautiful and healthy. To maintain a positive result, it is important to constantly look after curls. To do this, use sulfate-free shampoos, nourishing masks, and oils. This will help maintain an excellent hair appearance for a long time.
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